Some good news: Sparrows Point will restart an operation next month

Amid an otherwise dismal week in which steelworkers learned that the sprawling tinplate mill will be idled, RG Steel announced last night that it will reopen an operation at Sparrows Point that makes rust-resistant steel for the building trades.

The company is counting on a rebirth of sales of Galvalume, one of the most successful products ever produced by Sparrows Point, to make its sheet-coating facilities profitable.

Specifically, the company will reopen next month the No. 2 galvanizing line that was shut by Severstal, the previous owner, two years ago. The opening will allow Sparrows Point to use the more modern No. 4 line to run primarily Galvalume.

Well-placed sources told The Brew that the company’s present plan is to run 15 turns a week at the No. 2 line, resulting in about 40 jobs.

While a far cry from the number of jobs that will be lost with the closing of the tinplate mill, the expanded line will mark Sparrows Point’s return to supplying customers with a broad range of galvanized products.

Huge Commercial Success

Galvalume is an aluminum-zinc, alloy-coated sheet developed by Bethlehem Steel and first produced at Sparrows Point in 1972. The product became a huge commercial success because of its superior corrosion resistance.

Used for roofing, windows and doors, the material can be roll-formed into a variety of panels and stamped into shingle facsimiles as well as painted for extra durability.

Bethlehem Steel licensed the product and sold its patents and technology to steel companies around the world.

The deep recession of the building trades led Severstal to close the No. 2 line in July 2010, limiting production to the No. 4 line.

Using the cash recently supplied by Cerberus Capital Management, RG Steel decided to reopen the No. 2 line.

Because the line was not placed in “asset protection mode,” RG Steel has been forced to spend more than $2 million to repair the motors and overhead cranes to make the facility serviceable, well-informed sources told The Brew.


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  • fed up

    Sp hasn’t made money since the 80’s .Once the navy contracts were gone that was the end of your profit.WE hear you are losing between 8 and 10 mil a month and the company had to borrow money just to make payroll.Mr T (Goodwin) sold us down the road when he was with ESmark.He told to build a house and buy a new truck ,they were here for the long haul.Well they foreclosed on the house and repoed the truck.Open MIngo maybe we’ll only loose 5 mil a month

    • Outside Looking In

      fed up that isnt true.SP made a profit in the lat 90’s,and again when ISG ran us.Mittal ran us as a swing plant but still managed to break even.Severstal was making money until the crash in 2008.Then just like in the Ohio Valley Plants they shifted our orders to Columbus and Dearborn to justify their investments in those plants.I dont know what you “hear”but if the company has cut its loses to 8-10 million that is going in the right direction.The inept management has put all these plants in jeopardy.

  • Friend of Steel

    Everyone here should be cheering SP on because if they don’t do well then there is no chance at all for the OhioValley mills and you  really don’t need a PHD to figure this out!

    • Dr Raymond Boothe

      SP is the one dragging the rest of the company into ruin-THAT is  the no brainer. If you used that $100 million dollars to balance out the entire company you might be making a profit by now. Warren, your most profitable plant needs investment while Mingo, your most modern plant sits there unused-now how stupid is that.

      Severstal had the most modern steel plant in the country at Columbus, Mississippi and the newest blast furnace in the country at Dearborn. That put the other plants way down the ladder-literally.They had no reason at all to start up Mingo. The USW at Mingo was nuts supporting Severstal over Essar. But thats another story of USW stupidity.

      Putting $100 million into one plant (SP) is by far the worst reason ever to save a steel plant. If RG Steel is not able to cut SP down to size then they should just close or sell it and invest in Warren and Mingo and create a company that can make money and sustain itself. In this situation sustainability is impossible with SP in its current condition. Too old, Too big, low sales, customer and vendor complaints all apply to SP and it continually drags down all of RG Steel. 

      • Outside Looking In

        Dr Boothe ,still cant find much from you on the struggle that the Ohio Valley Plants have been going through the last ten years.Can find alot of photo credits,and alot of model stuff.Just seems strange to me that there isnt anything remotely close to your crusade since 12/23/2011.Can you tell me what the operating rate for blast furnaces was in February?Yes Severstal had the most modern mill but they didnt have the orders for it.They had to pull orders from Warren and SP to enable them to fill their order books.Then they pulled out the market conditions line. I wont go into how they refused to sell raw materials at cost like they promised to when they bought us.You would be better served organizing the members of 1190 and 1375 that you have been tirelessly crusading for the last ten…….oops i mean 2 and a half months to come together and demand action.I’m sure your leadership would tip the scale in resolving the seniority and other issues at MSC .Oh thats  right  you dont have any skin in the game.So if your not putting as much effort there as you do on the Brew then it makes me wonder…….so as i still search for evidence of your crusade before 12/23/2011 i await your next post.

        • Dr Raymond Boothe

          The reason you can’t find any previous posts by myself is because of two reasons 1. I only started to post on the Baltimore Brew after Jan. 1 (for reasons I have already stated before and 2. The Wheeling Newspapers and internet do not keep posts going back that far. My posting code was acmecoke1 and the majority of those posts are considered old news and no longer posted. These posts were about Severstal, Essar, the Boobie Brothers and the like. Nothing concerning RG Steel and Baltimore presently. But now, the problem makers originate and live at SP.

          In my humble opinion, the Brew is primarily NOT to discuss personnel issues with the USW (or other) unions.There are some major problems with the unions and I feel that you pay to belong to the USW to solve these problems, or get out. So far the USW only wants to protect RP/SP in order to set up a 3rd barganizing chip. They feel that if they can consolidate the workers at SP they can use them as a ploy against the other steel companies.They have tried this before, but you and the USW tend to forget you are not part of Bethlehem Steel anymore. You are just an overbuilt and worn out minor part of the American Steel Industry.

          Better leadership would long serve SP and the top management at RG Steel. Any steel plant can survive as long as you keep injecting $100 million dollars in it to keep it running. If you were dependent on your own profits you would be long gone.
          All of the other operating RG companies work to support your cash hungry projects
          and all SP does is NOT support their plants and unions.Again, lowest of the low.

          The reasons Severstal had to pull orders is rather simple 1. The market for specialty steel was flat at the time and 2. The steel produced at SP was not the quality that Severstal required, They could make better and smaller batches of automotive and similar steel at Columbus. This was another situation that the “least of the east”
          was too big, the BOF and caster were too small and the entire operation just did not work together. 

          I am sorry you have to make excuses for RG/SP but its former and current history
          is just that bad. Stop making excuses, support your other plants and union members. Finally make quality products that people will eventually gain trust and get rid of you current, Mickey Mouse management.  

        • Anonymous

          Dr Boothe posted locally here in the Wheeling and Steubenville newspapers under the name AcmeCoke. His crusade for our local steelworkers is not something that materialized out of thin air in the last two months. Also, contrary to what you SP birds might think, the good Dr. is not laying forth a plan to shutter your mill. What he has been saying all along is that all of these facilities are woefully mismanaged and doomed to failure as a result of the complicit incompetence of the USW and the top tier of RG Steel. I recall some of his previous posts from a few years back when he advocated a sale of Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel to Essar as opposed to Severstal. You fellas over that way have never taken a hit like we have here ! George and Walter were ready to jump off the ore pier in December when you were down for a couple of weeks. Try three years and see how you feel ??? On top of that we have to deal with the undeniably corrupt USW at local and international levels ! We would just like to see somebody run our mills that actually cares about manufacturing a quality product and is interested in putting our people back to work. The USW is in place as an insulating medium between the working men and women of these mills, and the greedy corporate interests that own them. Unfortunately from our vantage point, there is no longer any difference between the two. Dave McCall hand picked every buyer for Whg Pitt and every time he chose the wrong one. Esmark = Two losers dumber than a box of rocks and both walked away millionaires(also gave us Gold Chain Goodwin, thanks losers). Severstal = Showed McCall the real meaning of pattern bargaining by perfecting our order book to Mississippi, way to go Dime. RG Steel = We’ve seen this movie twice before and already know how it ends. Why??? Why is he always conspicuously absent, when he should be front and center explaining to the membership why his poor decisions cost us our livlihoods ?? This is not about Dr. Boothe. It is about rampant corruption and destroying the lives of working men and women !

          • Outside Looking In

            Thats why i said that until you can mobilize all the members of 1190 and 1375 your just spinning your wheels.As to Dr Boothe with one breath he says he’s not bashing the men and women of the Point and in the other he lowers the boom.We all can agree that RG management is inept.The only thing that i can do about that is go to work each day and do the best that i can with what i am giving.All of our plants have been fed a line of BS over and over again.Until we stand as one and demand change we will continue in the same direction.I keep hearing that the media in the Valley wont publish or report on whats going on there.Then you need to gather the people who have been out for three plus years and demand to be heard.As much as the Good Dr post on this site,he is only replying to a handful of people.Let him become the face of the movement in the Valley.His invovlement should bring media attenetion to get the message out.

          • TACO

            You guys can do it on your own you do not need Doc Ray as your mouthpiece. Here is Baltimore they have big press conferences media events with the local TV and news outlets. The Baltimore area union leaders know how to get the word out to the media and government high ups, maybe this is why Baltimore gets the millions and you do not?  Get organized and work good with everyone on all sides, show respect to them on the other side, no yelling and work together and then you will see results.  Follow Baltimore’s lead and everything will turn out good for you too.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    Actually BS Walter, Dr. Goebbles (although a Nazi) was a total genius. However I am quite different from that Nazi of lore. I do not write silly non-factual stories like you and Georgie and that is what makes me so different. Mine is based on factual information based on material gleaned from your own engineers, workers and other insiders at RG Steel that really makes a writer like me feel good inside.

    People, vendors and customers can count on ME to bring them the facts about what is hidden behind RG/SP’s public relations fantasy factory.They know that Yorkville, Warren, Mingo, Wheeling Corrugating, Ohio Coatings, Martins Ferry and Beech Botton are the core of the best steel workers in the USA.They work for ALL concerned and support ALL USW members, not just those at RG/SP. And they are dedicated to constant quality of their products, not like SP.

    All of the steelworkers up and down the Ohio and Mon Valleys (along with their customers) know that it is SP that is dragging down RG Steel. You RG leadership is probably the least effective in the history of steelmaking bar none.

    The facts compared to your fantasy information do not add up. Especially when you were operating at 65% last month, closing down the tin mill, trying to start up the old No. 4 galvanizing line to find money, running an old hot mill that is smaller than Mingo’s and screwing your ventors and customers. Heck, you even screw your own USW brethern with you low quality substrate steel. As they say how low can you go.

    You might as well scrap your own tin mill instead of North Plant and Martins Ferry. It is closer and its right there on your property to save money.Besides the customers stopped buying and the vendors might take it soon for non-payment.

    The Rustbelt Warriors are on the march to better days ahead, watching a worn-out
    SP sinking into Baltimore Harbor. Soon those African bulk carriers will start to ship the scrap of the “least of the east” to be used in those Polish Steel Mills-LOL!

  • ready 4 action

    anyone that tells george and walter to keep up the good work has to be a goof ball!!  like i said before, i schrol right past all of george and walters posts. everyone should pretend they don’t exist.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    When I was writing as AcmeCoke (at that time I was trying to save the former Acme Steel blast firnace and coke plant in Chicago), I was quite familiar with the Bouchard Brothers in Chicago and their “dirty” take-over tactics against smaller steel processing centers. They managed to take over Wheeling Pittsburgh by lying to the stockholders through a leveraged buyout. Then they proceeded to rob WPSC of 70 million dollars by selling their shares of Wheeling Nisshin and not investing a penny back into the company, and later stripping Martins Ferry of processing equipment. They closed Allenport and promised to build a new cold mill at Steubenville that never saw the light of day. The brothers of steel were just  stupid twins who lost control over WPSC. These Boobie Brothers hired the SAME PEOPLE who are now operating RG Steel. They were failures then and they are failures now.

    Ira and the current management are exactly the same way, except the rest of the RG Steel companies have seen the truth, the results and what is happening now.WE have been jerked around for way too long. SP does not not know what jerked around means!

    I supported Essar over Severstal because Essar was a far better deal for the company and the employees. What happened? At the last minute, the Bouchard Brothers screwed Essar for a lousy .25 cents on the dollar. $19.25 a share over $19.00. Essar already had a letter of acceptance from the USW but the Boobie Brothers still screwed Essar. It shows what super dimwhitts still operate at SP. I am a German-American and I generally hate Russians anyway.

    If you remember SP boys, the Bouchard Brothers were the ones who tried to engineer a take over of ArcelorMittal SP. The E2 Acquisitions Group, comprised of Franklin Templeton Investments, Vale (a Brazilian iron ore mining company) Esmark and the Industrial Union of Donbass (a Ukrainian steel company) bid $1.35 billion dollars for SP. At the last minute,
    the Industrial Union of Donbass pulled out in fear of the Bouchard Brother’s creaky financial arrangements. The only other buyer who was interested was the Russians who bought the whole nine-yards for $810 million dollars. Nobody else in the United States wanted it, because they knew (US Steel, AK Steel and others) that SP was not a profit generator and a bad investment. The Russians, who were basically ignorant of the American steel market, thought it was a wonderful investment until they started losing money operating it. Finally they got smarter and realized that a rebuilt Dearborn (near the northern automobile steel markets) and a brand new Columbus (near the southern steel markets and right-to-work-states) would be profit generators.

    All of RG, including SP can still be a strong steel company. But the USW needs to co-operate, stop spending millions on one plant, hire better managers and salesmen and FIRE the current management and leadership. Also the employees at SP need to look across the
    mountains to their Ohio and West Virginian steel brethern who together are trying to keep the company afloat.

    You can do it, but time is running out.

  • Jr

    The only reason you dont read Walter and George’s post is because the are not saying what you want to hear. I know some of what they say is tongue in cheek but the only thing Dr evil has to say is how bad one part of this company is and its not going to change the FACT that RG made SP the flagship plant and that they plan to run this plant. Is it the right thing to do? I dont know I dont get payed to make thoses decisions, I get payed to make iron. Did they hire the best people to run this company? Again that has yet to be seen. But Mr. Ira thinks he has and it is his plants. But getting on here and constantly putting down one plant over all the others is not good.

    What I do know is that RG put their eggs in the SP basket and the company will probilty sink or swim the way SP goes. I’m all for SWIMMING.

    If saying nothing but negitive comments about SP is your thing and constomer read these pages and are scared off your just hurting the ENTIRE company not just SP. Like I said before the way things look to me is if SP fails we all fail and will either be back on the chopping block with the union wanting to keep us all together or in the unemployment lines.

    So here’s to ALL of RG-Steel making money and ALL of us back to work!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fellow steelworkers of 1190 and the Ohio Valley, I do believe that the period of inaction on our part must come to a screeching halt ! We have blindly entrusted our livlihoods and well being to Dave McCall and the USW and they have failed  us    miserably. Not once or twice, but three times over ! In my book, this dictates that somebody else should be in the drivers seat. Additionally, I feel that we are all owed an explanation from him or Gerard as to why we are still on the street with benefits set to expire at the end of this month, when it is their sole purpose of existence to ensure that the membership is protected, (especially  since the USW  created the problem in the first place.) The steel  industry overall is doing fairly well and poised for a comeback. So  why are we still being kept down by the old time tested McCallism ” when market conditions improve”? Hell, that one is applicable most anywhere. Can’t pay your electric bill, just pull a Dime and tell ’em you’ll send it in “when market conditions improve”. Doctor Jones needs a few bones cause you no longer have insurance, tell him you’ll pay “when market conditions improve” ! I am all for a serious steelworker rally at Rennert Group Steal HQ in downtown Wheeling. Of course, we would need to organize it grassroots style on here since 1190 would never endorse or sanction something so egregious without prior approval from the Dime. Which, of course, they  would never get. If there is one thing McCall knows, it is what side his bread is buttered on. Enough is enough people ! The time has come for all of us collectively to demand answers either from RG or the USW? So what say you Dimebag? Put a few local sheriff ‘s deputies on the USW payroll for a day or two and come to Wheeling and explain to our homegrown group of  enthusiastic  steelworkers why you do the things you do ?? How about you Ira ?How much more money do you need?  What is your nefarious gameplan ? I have a simple,common sense answer for you regarding Mingo. Run it or sell it ! Stop sitting on it like an egg and waiting for it to hatch !

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    Here we go again, Georgie is in the bathtub again playing with mystery boats that people don’t care about. The only reason Baltimore gets millions is because of your inept management begging for cash with Iras blessing. You better get ready because all the bills to feed the “least of the east” are coming due, and all sources confirm that you are running out of money. Listen carefully Georgie, tick, tick, tick if you don’t hear that you need to get a hearing aid. The clock of gifted and unearned cash is running out for you. If the “SS SP” sinks then finally the remaining companies can get away from this loser and form a more profitable company.

    If you follow Baltimore’s lead, as TACO BREATH suggests then the rest of the RG Steel companies will certainly go under. All SP wants is for the other companies to support THEM. Well the other steelmakers are smarter than that. Up and down the Ohio and Mon Valley they are hearing the tragic story of SP and their attempt to use the other companies to support SP. They are angry, and for good reason.

    You don’t read history. I wrote some extensive history on the Boobie Brothers and Severstal at SP. You could not find an American company willing to take a chance on SP. Not only is it too big and unprofitable, the equipment is too old to bring it up to modern specs. This is not imagination, it is documented FACT. The items that need to be done to make SP profitable are being blocked by the USW, McCall and Goodwin. SP employees need to be worried  because you lack creative management
    These are not creative “doomsday” reports. They are based on the facts that add up to zero-zero profit equals out of business.

    Georgies bathtub boats are not getting paid again and are waiting in the harbor to scrap the “least of the east.” Soon that scraped blast furnace will go back to Poland to feed Polish blast furnaces. There they will use that fab Polish coke to make steel.

    One last thing, I am getting more information on the tug of war between RG Steel, MSC and Severstal. Looks like RG is up to no good again and Severstal has caught up with them-OOPS! Less stolen coke for “the least.”

    • BOF Boy

      I though RG owns half of the coke plant so they are entitled to use their share of the Coke to run the SP furnace.  Same goes with the scrap, it belongs to the company and they can use it as they see fit.  The Russians are not little angels either, business is business and you only have BS that you can not prove and even if you could it is only between Mr. Alexie and Mr. Ira  and no skin off your of false teeth.  And SP could be sold to the South American mine and steelmakers in a heartbeat. When SP was up for sale the all the shoppers liked the potential of the place and maybe USS or now that we are out of the Tin line for now Mittal can buy SP back.  Mittal has it own ore ships and mines.  Mr. Ira is smart about the Tin side, if Mittal would have been as smart as RG they would still own SP! Now the door is open for them to buy SP again if the company ever decides the price is right.

  • George

    EVEN MORE GOODS NEWS FOR SP!!  The biggest bulk carrier I ever saw just docked at Sparrows Point.  The ship is the GRAND CHALLENGER ex Clipper Suffolk, not one of Dr. Crackpot’s little toy models.  But a another real live ship  – go Google the ship’s name and IMO:9331397 boys, then you will see that Dr. Crackpot is blowing smoke.  No bathtubs at SP boys, and I like that!

    Capt. Georgie

    • Friend of Steel

      Thanks for the update George and yes there must be a lot of ore on that super carrier for the Point!

      • Dr Raymond Boothe

        Fiend of Steel-Georgie does not do updates-he just reports on his phantom bathtub boats. No steel mill in the entire world could absorb that much iron ore in the time period he states. Bethlehem in its heyday at Burns Harbor was only receiving an ore boat once every couple of weeks and they were operating two large blast furnaces that equaled the “least of the east.” Something is rotten in Georgies bathtub (beside Georgie).

        As far as a sale, the local unions need to demand a separation and let Georgie and his bathtub bandits swim on their own in the bay.This event is going to happen soon because the figures and projected customers just do not add up. I am sure that all the Western Plants will be content to stop holding up SP and their $100 million dollar circus. A much better investment would be to give the Western Plants the $100 million dollars and let THEM run with it. They would make steel that sells and products that have a reputation for good quality and value. SP has long lost that reputations and the customers and vendors have not forgotten.

        Thanks for the update on your bathtub Georgie, through most people hardly believe that it is true.

      • BOF Boy

        Hey Friend of STEEL just to make sure George was not pulling Doc Ray’s leg I drove over past the ore pier. Another really big ship is in but it is in the inner basin where they unload coke and stuff and not out on the ore end. So George is right and Boothe wrong again

    • Wci8757

      well george it’s good to know that your getting that much ore up there. down here there digging so far down in the ore pile that there putting mud in the blast furnace causing problems. must be hard up for ore.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    The MSC Plant was originally built for WPSC. As long as they take coke from MSC and steal scrap from Steubenville and Martins Ferry I consider SP thieves and the lowest type of American steelworkers. There is enough scrap (including the tin plant) lying around at SP to take care of all their needs. In addition, the half portion of coke should go to WPSC and Warren. Baltimore can still receive all their coke from Poland. Meanwhile with all the problems at MSC, you may loose all of your stolen coke anyway.

    When SP was up for sale NOBODY was interested. How do you think a country like Russia bought it for a measley $810 million. USS and smart steel companies won’t touch SP with a ten foot pole. ArcelorMittal has a balanced network worldwide and really does not need SP
    at all. In the United States they have balanced plants at Indiana Harbor, Burns Harbor, Cleveland and a modern tin plant at Weirton. They have no interest in the “least of the east”
    because they already own the largest blast furnace in North America. Why bother shipping ore to SP when all their plants are served by great lakes ore with their own ships. Every serious steel operator knows that SP is old, over productive and non-balanced. It would take millions to bring SP up to the standards set by USS, ArcelorMittal, Nucor or even Mingo for that matter.

    So, with RG Steel losing millions trying to prop up an old and non-effective plant the clock just continues to tick to the end. Nobody will come to the rescue. Old Mittal in India is just sitting with his modern plants ready to raise hell on the American sheet market. Indiana
    Harbor with it 5 large blast furnaces and 5 BOF Vessels with EAF’s for bars.Riverdale with its 2 BOF vessel’s, Cleveland with 4 BOF Vessels and two large blast furnaces, Burns Harbor with 3 BOF vessels and two medium-large blast furnaces. All of these plants have their own captive ore sources, captive coke sources and their own transporting ships.
    And you think Mittal might be interested in SP. Yes, maybe, for SCRAP. 

    • IceCube

      For someone with such expertise you sure have a LOT of free time. How about you get a job/hobby instead of rambling on and on about SP.

      • Dr Raymond Boothe

        Actually, I am retired, so I can spend as much time as I want defending those good Ohio and West Virgina Steelworkers against the lies and misinformation spread by
        RG/SP lackies and employees. Its too bad that you believe the BS spread by nitwits like Georgie, Walter, Fiend of Steel and others. At least they will find jobs as clowns in the local circus after SP sinks in the harbor. And as they say, that makes me feel good.

        The reason the Ohio and Mon Valley steelworkers disrespect RG/SP is the fact that they know you are only operating because of the efforts of the western mills and a gift of $100 million dollar loan. You put RG Steel in the dead meat hall in December. Yep you! Not Mingo, Warren, Yorkville, Martins Ferry, Beech Bottom or Wheeling Corrugating-it was Sparrows Point!!

        Nobody has not made a consistant profit at SP since the last days of Bethlehem,
        and even Bethlehem struggled. Mittal, ArcelorMittal and Severstal all found out the SP was a loser. You are overbuilt, with too large a blast furnace, only two BOF vessels, a worn caster, a small hot strip mill, a closed tin mill and a partially operating galvanizing mill that is scheduled for an outage in April. You cannot find new parts for your old Mesta Equipment.You are way too costly to operate with imported ore and no coke plant. 

        Yep Ice Cube, the money trail is freezing up all around Baltimore Harbor and soon all that borrowed money will freeze up for SP. Soon, Georgie’s bathtub harbor will
        freeze up and all these phantom boats will sail away.

    • George

      Dr. Crackpot hit on Google, then enter Baltimore as the Port – the Jasmine just pulled out, but the Grand Challenger is still in port.   These are real ships and they are coming to SP in great numbers.  You are not doing anyone a service making up stories to try to put the good people and mill at SP down.  I like to have fun in my postings too, but I try real hard to never say anything against the steelworkers, company, or leadership, as everyone is doing their best during these difficult times. If I do go too far, I am sorry.  I just do not understand why you have this crusade against the L Furnace, the products, the equipment, and the good bunch of workers at the Point. You cannot say ONE good thing about SP, but you drum on and on about how wonderful every other mill in the USA is compared to SP. I think that you are somehow afraid of SP, what did it and its good people ever do to you?  Yes we are happy that the ships are bringing in the mill’s lifeblood and that the Beast is operating and the lines are running. Could they be running harder? Sure, but it is not the 1960’s and the Point is adapting to 2012, and it is not closed down, nor will it sink into the river just because you wish it so.  Doc, go find another steel mill and community to try to trash, you are just wasting your time trying to put 21219 under, its just not going to happen and I like that!

      Capt. Georgie

      • Dr Raymond Boothe

        I can say one good thing about SP and RG Steel-they closed down their tin plant and sent the business to the one plant they can make quality products-Yorkville. 

        Other than that- L furnace needs to be banked and the company needs to let Mingo send coils to Baltimore to be rolled at the cold mill.Their coils are much bigger and fit better in todays market. 

  • Jr

    What you are all forgetting is the fact that our union will never allow any of these plants to be bought with out the other plants. We had buyers for SP and the union kept us in the boat with the western plants. So to think that if SP sinks the rest will float is just CRAZY TALK

  • msc#1operator

    is that u boulder?   yocke?   the msc#1operator will always have a job at severstal 100% owned msc, and i like that!!

    • forurinfo

      you sir are a total friends and family idiot!

  • John

    Boothe can you please shut up! Sparrows does not get MSC coke nor does it get scrap from Ohio. You are not as informed as you think and you certainly do not have any business knowledge or sense with your idiotic rhetoric.

    • Dr Raymond Boothe

      They manipulate their coke supplies so it does not look like it comes from MSC but actually coke does goes to SP by rail from MSC. Also your scrap taken from the North Plant and Martins Ferry (as processed by Strauss) is hauled by truck and rail to Baltimore.

      How do I know this Johnie? It come from the truck drivers who move it and the railroad people who route it. 

      The only person that is idiotic is you Johnie. Go find out the facts before you open your big mouth. You are not going to get coke from MSC for much longer anyway because with the trouble going on with RG Steel and Severstal, SP will lose their half of it anyway. You will have to buy it eventually from Severstal or buy it from Poland from one of Georgie’s bathtub liners. OOO-GAHHH

      In the meantime get to work and scrap your OWN darn plant. Ohio and West Virginia are tired of supplying raw materials for your losing and cash eating plant.
      You guys really don’t get it and you never will.You have enough junk lying around to keep you busy until at least April (or sooner when your $100 million dollar gift
      runs out). Then your (so called) flagship will sink under the waves.BLUB, BLUB

      • Steveiez

        I agree. SP has run out of steam and money. I hauled out of there years ago when it was a place too admire.

        It’s time too get a good labor agreement and restart Mingo. I have hauled coiler pinch roles from there and those people know how too work. There is none of this East Coast crap in the Valley.

    • Pastsprep

      yes they do get msc coke and scrap! seems you need to take a walk at sp and look around, if i were you i wouldnt call anyone a idiot.

  • msc#1operator

      look behind ur old soul and the person that u see just might remind u of me…i laugh, i love, i hope, i try… i hurt, i need, i fear, i cry, and i know u do the same things too….so we’re really not that different dr. boothe and walter….

  • Jr

    John is correct and YES Dr. the Point does get all the ships that George has been reporting. At first I didnt believe him but then I started going by the ore pier and seeing the ships he was reporting. So his reports are accurate.

    • pastsprep

      i never realized that i worked with so many sp idiots, i would like to apologize to the people thats been layed off for three years at the 1190 plant for there scabby behavior. sounds like alot of sp so called union people does not care, but i been around long enough to know that what goes around comes around, these young kiddies dont have a clue, so i am truely sorry for the way they are acting.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    You folks at SP just do not have brain one. As I told you before I have been at many Bethlehem plants before and they had thousands of tons of coke and ore on the ground but were totally closed down. Even their flagship plant at Bethlehem had a huge pile of iron ore long after the plant went down. All five of their blast furnaces were as cold as ice and the plant was abandoned. It is now a museum with a casino and a theatre. LOL, maybe Georgie, Walter and the rest of you SP boys can drive your Rolls and go up and see the future of SP. As I said before, it is an anticipation tatic (buying extra ore), but in this case selling your products is the real problem. Buyers are just too afraid (and rightly so) that the money clock is ticking so loudly and that might be out of business soon. IF RG Steel was a little more open to the public they might encourage sales. But again, they sit behind their little desks in Baltimore making their usual inept decisions.

    Now another stupid move by RG Steel. Where is the $6 million dollars they got from selling off Allenport? That $6 million should have been kept within the scope of RG Wheeling to repair the EAF and purchase raw materials. Again, the Baltimore Pirates took the money and added it to their SP cash trove. RG/SP are no better than scabs and worse yet – act like the Russian thieves that owned SP before. And you wonder why Ohio Valley and Mon Valley people hate SP. But again it only extends the death sentence only a few more days. You better get your ticket to ride on Georgie’s bathtub mystery ships by the end of the month-while they are available. For tickets please write:

    Georgie’s Big Boat Mystery-SP Escape Tours
    c/0 BS Walter, by the sea.
    1 Sparrows Point Ore Dock Drive
    Baltimore, Maryland    LOL

    Note: All fees are done by credit-SP has no money
    Boat will float only so long before it sinks
    Boat only goes to Africa or Poland

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    You are only famous in your dreams. SP is the broken down remains of a once powerful steel company. Bethlehem is long, long gone. They mis-built SP, but they did not live to see the final slide

    Actually the only clown in this situation is you. If you believe the BS your friends spew out you have to be dreaming.

    Facts are: You are running out of that $100 million dollars and that $6 million you 
    stole from Allenport.

    L furnaces produces too much iron to make a profit. In this cases pigging means you are not making enough steel, and pig iron is a terrible market.

    Your only have two BOF vessels matched up with a huge blast furnace
    the overproduces.

    Everybody is afraid to buy from you-It doesn’t look like you will be there much longer. Problems with salesmen,quality and vendor payments abound.Reputation for poor quality is now well known.

    You have NO capitive ore source and no captive coke source. You are at the mercy of
    World Wide market prices.

    The tin mill is dead.

    The hot strip mill is too small for most customers.

    The galvanizing mill is old and produces a product that has not sturred much interest on the steel market (why do you think it was closed down in the first place).

    In general ALL of your equipment is old and difficult to repair.

    Think about it-DUH

    • Outside Looking In

      Dr Boothe if you spent half the time you do on here doing something productive like taking your message to The Ohio Valley press Mingo would be up by now.You have over a thousand people on the street.Get them organised .Bombard the local media.While RG is headquartered in Maryland it is in the Valley where the battle will be fought.With enough noise their voices will be heard.They must stand up at demand that their local an RG be accountable.All your doing with your crusade on the Brew is tilting at windmills………You reply to every little post on here.For better or we are where were are.You can either keep jousting with George and Walter on here or you can organise in the Valley.

  • Friend of Steel

    The bottom line is this, if RG was out of money, all of these ships would NOT and I mean NOT be unloading all of these raw materials! No one here really has any idea what their credit situation is because they keep that info close to the vest due to them being a  private company. All you doom sayers all seem to be wishing/hoping that they were broke but really all it is just guessing!

  • imnew

    typical coke plant scab your day will come you can count on it my freind

    • msc#1operator

      is that u boulder down at the shadyside library too broke to get ur own computer?     yocke?   dont worry bout me  i’ll be retiring in a few years from msc…and i like that!!!

  • Friend of Steel

    Anyone else here getting real tired of the good Doctors negitive posts or it just me?

    • Palkie2

      Yes,I`m also growing tired of the same old rhetoric day after day after day, from Dr Ray,give us all something refreshing Dr Ray,or give us a break.

    • pastsprep

      getting tired, you kidding hes the only one here that knows anything its just you.

      • Friend of Steel

        Don’t be so sure that he knows everything even though he may think so. The good Doctor has the same Long answer to every pro SP posting. I think everyone here knows that Warren keeps the whole company in business and RG is bad. So yes, I’ m tired of his posts!

    • imnew

      just you

  • Jr

    Dr Boothe who set the North American production record in 95 – 96 It was L furance and we had 2 strands on the BOF at that time and was able to keep up so you dont know what you are talking about….SHUT UP

    • BOF Boy

      You are right Jr, the Big “L”, BOF and Caster was matched perfectly.  The engineers at Beth Steel knew what they were doing, NO WAY would they have mismatched the L with the downstream processing like Dr. Boothe claims.  The Valley boys should keep Doc from sniffing all that MSC coke oven gas, and limit him to drinking only one quart of benzene per week, Doc is becoming wackier than Jerry Lewis in the Nutty Professor!

  • pastsprep

    you can call names all you want but the facts are what they are, you just proved it. again ohio valley union men im sorry for the way the sp people are acting.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    RG Steel is in Baltimore and thats where the mismanagement lives. Writing on the Brew is only one part of our efforts to bring justice to the Ohio and West Virginia plants. The unions and employees at SP do that realize that it is Ohio and West Virginia who is holding up the entire company. The union is working to gain support in the valley, but as long as you have stupid managers in Baltimore and $100 million loans to keep operating nothing ever positive come of it. In fact it might be a good thing if SP bankrupts the entire company. then the other companies can form a new and productive company that can learn from RG/SP stupid mistakes.

    I always love comedy and Walter, Georgie, Fiend of Steel and other SP lackies make perfect clowns. They do not have clue one. I have been in two many steel plants over the last 50 years, and I know that their statements are just pure BS. 

    Please tell me Fiend of steel, where were you in December. Totally broke, just because of the operations at SP. You were saved by a huge unearned loan (remember GE would not even touch you) and the stolen $6 million dollars you took from Allenport. Now you can’t even operate with that. It is really pathetic.

    I will continue to let the SP employees swing at windmills because SP soon will drag down the entire company without new and focused leadership. I really think Ira should have an election throughout the ENTIRE company to hire a whole new slate of operators. Goodwin, McCall and others would be thrown out in a second. There should be a separation of operations were all the Western plants operate as one unit and Baltimore as one unit. Then we will see who holds up who.

    But remember, if RG Steel operates as it is you can go to Georgie’s Big Boat Mystery-SP Escape Tours to get a big boat ticket to Africa or Poland.

    • Outside Looking In

      Tell me what justice it is bringing you,McCall,Goodwin Ira dont read this.The only ones who do are the ones who are going back and forth here.The only way that anything will change is if the men and women of 1190 and 1375 stand up and demand change.Again point me in the direction where i can see the effort going on in the Valleys.Oh thats right “Big Steel” has a blackout in affect.Heres the only truth i know.You have no skin in the game.Whichever way this turns out you’ll be sitting in your recliner while the thousand of Valley workers you championed for so long…….oops for the last 3 months are still out on the street.So why dont you put your plan together and present it to Ira………oh thats right your to busy playing here with Walter and his freinds. The inept RG management must go.Hoping to hear that you were successful with your presentation to Ira.

  • pastsprep

    no walter, but when you took off your hat i seen the word scab imprinted on the back of your head, again ohio valley union people you can see what most of us at sp have to deal with, again i apologize to the layed off people.

    • Outside Looking In

      Is this the same Ohio Valley union thats not going by seniority?Just saying people in glass houses shoudnt throw stones.None of these locals have much to be proud of the last 10  years.If by some bit of luck we survive this.We must demand more from our locals and more from the company.We must stand as one . 

      • Warrensteelman

        yes you are right, i agree with you, and yes the 1190 reps will not use seniority, i cant believe theres not a lawsuit on these people, this is plain discrimination against the older people, you can read these comments from when this first started and a blind person can see it. as i have said before if they dont want to use seniority they should drop out of the uswa there giving us good union people a very bad name. i heard they got another president there but will he get off his ass and get these people back to work, we will see i guess if he got union blood in him.

        • imnew

                  i know one thing about union people you brothers and sisters have one hell of a chaire man of the greiv committe little john  from warren has been trying for sometime now trying to get us from 1190 some work in warren he stays in contact with our chairman and pres 2 or 3 times a week when we tried to call your president 6 months ago he was out to lunch well we are still waiting on hes call must have been a good lunch so if you can keep little john as your union rep i think the guys in warren is in good hands  and another thing our current pres and chairman are trying hard to get guys back to work

          • warrensteelman

            after three years of no seniority at 1190 there trying to get guys back to work, your reps been out to lunch for three years. we believe in seniority and use it here. like i said start using seniority at 1190 and things might work out better for all, dont use it then drop out your giving the good union people a bad name.

  • pastsprep

    again you can see what good sp union people have to deal with, im sorry good 1190 union people.

  • Walter

    We are driving up to Bethlehem, PA tomorrow morning, thanks Dr. Boothe for the tip on spare parts for our Mesta equipment. We are taking the  company’s new Rolls Royce and I will rent a U-Haul trailer to bring back the replacement parts.  George is welding a Reese Trailer hitch on the back bumper of the Rolls.

    Dr. Walter  Phd. BS

    • Wci8757

      walter. please don’t bring disgrace to a roll’s royce by welding a trailer hitch to it and going down the highway pulling a U+HAUL trailer with a bunch of greesey parts hanging out the back and dripping oil all over the highway. you would look like the beverly hill-billys

  • Jr

    Hey Doc even if your right that pouring money down a rathole is something that RG is going to do… they are going to do it and its their company they can do with it what they want. Your the one beating a dead horse saying the same thing over and over. Do you REALLY thing that if RG fails Ohio and WV are going to stand……but as SP goes so does the WHOLE COMPANY and thats a sad but TRUE fact. So why not get behide the company and work for the best so that ALL the mills can get up and run.

    • Friend of Steel

      Jr, I’m sorry to say that you’re spitting into the wind.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    Lots of rumors for sure.But if Severstal is smart (and able) they should buy back the Mingo plant and the rest of Wheeling if they get back all of the coke plant. At this point it looks like they are, because again RG Steel is running out of money and cannot pay their bills. Selling back the Wheeling Plants would be one more way of producing extra cash to continue the survival of RG Steel at SP. But if Severstal buys back Mingo and the like, Warren will follow and SP will sink for sure.

    Securing the coke plant would be a great deal for Severstal. The EAF, 80-inch mill and the northern downstream plants can cover a number of markets that Severstal are familiar with. The ability to produce pig iron for Columbus and Mingo would be a great extra value and the low cost of upgrading the plant is quite attractive. These are matters that the stupid management at RG/SP do not understand. If the management at RG/SP are determined to be stupid, let them be that way and sell of Wheeling for cash to help save SP. Severstal has a concept where to invest the money, where RG Steel does not.

    In this situation Jr. the Ohio plants will surely stand WHEN SP goes under. There is more interest in them than SP. 

    Hey Walter, really there are really lots of great old parts left at the Bethlehem plant. Most of them are stored in the old machine shop building, one of the largest brick buildings standing in the world. Lots of rolls, BF parts, and the like. Check with the museum (no joke). The only thing I know you can’t use are the old coke oven doors and pusher.


    Hay Doc heard today that S.P. LOST  SEVEN MILLION last month any TRUTH to this.

  • Walter

    Your Dr. Boothe ignores the fact that Pig is needed and has value, true, Pig iron is not as sexy as semi or finished product going out the door, but it is the base material for much manufacturing and is in much demand.  I suggest Dr. Doom read about the owners of large and modern Maryland Pig operation located in 21219.   He will find that our Pigging owner is one of the world’s largest and most respected metal service center suppliers, in addition to operating many successful domestic and global manufacturing companies.  While we are on the subject of First Class – Blue Ribbon companies depending on one of the world’s largest blast furnaces, Dr. Boothe please do not forget that Austrian-German Voest-Alpine -Siemens serve SP caster needs with a beautiful (Park-like Campus) and large modern caster service complex in 21219, as well as the French Company Lafarge uses  the “L’s” byproducts to make the finest cement available, again they are in 21219!!!  So please bite your tongue when you make unfounded and nasty comments about “Roach Motels” and other babbling nonsense about 21219.  These international Blue Ribbon companies are checked-in to the grand “Sparrows Point Five Star Hotel”, please do not confuse the SP zip code with your Deer Hunter -Petticoat – Junction, bedbug infested, hourly rate Motor Lodges. Remember boys, your Dr. Doom started the motel thread about the innocent Beast, so do not get huffed-up when we set the record straight – cannot take the heat Dr. Boothe? Then get out of the blast furnace and go Deer Hunting where you can be the real “center” of attention!

    Dr. Walter   Phd. BS

    • observer

      “Finest cement available” ???  Who are you kidding? With slag??? I DONT THINK SO !!!!

    • Dr Raymond Boothe

      Walter, in all seriousness the primary supplier of pig iron to the United States currently is Brazil. Eastern European nations and China follow suit. All this pig iron is far more inexpensive than is what is produced  by Maryland Pig. The only reason Maryland Pig even exists is the fact that the L furnace overproduces and has no place to put all that extra iron. Very few companies in the United States (I acually believe none) produce pig iron anymore because it just a poor seller and not really worth it. ArcelorMittal, USS, AK and other integrated producers don’t even mess with it. The market for pig iron died in the United States in 1960.

      Blue Ribbon companies buy, sell and trade with good companies that deliver quality service, have dependable shipping, produce quality products, do not ship damaged products, pay their bills on time and are not subject to the constrant threat of closing down. All of these qualities define RP/SP. This is whu nobody is buying from them. Why would any company even buy pig iron from a company like this. SP nothing but a campus of poorly arranged and old equipment managed by nitwits. It is the “roach motel” of the steel industry, where everything is discounted just to get a sale.

      I heard this morning from various steel customers that huge discounts are coming out at SP. This means that SP is desperate for money any way that they can get it. The ship is leaking badly. Better look into that offer from Severstal to take over the coke plant and buy RG Wheeling while you can.Those huge ore ships of Georgie’s are waiting in his Baltimore Bathtub just wanting to return that ore back to Africa and Canada-they also have a few tickets left for SP employees to immigrate to Poland and Africa.

      I always can take the heat Walter, however the only thing you are producing at SP is COLD BLAST!.

  • Walter

    Good Morning Wci8757, we just returned the U-Haul trailer after unloading all of our Mesta spare parts.  The museum director was very nice and told us Dr. Boothe was incorrect about Mesta parts nonavailability, Whemco and others can supply whatever we need.  George’s weld job on the Roll’s bumper held the trailer hitch even with the trailer overloaded with all of the spare parts. George did a good job grinding off all of the chrome from the bumper so that the weld would stick good. The duct tape came off of the brake light wiring, but we did not get a ticket!

    We did have a small accident with the U-Haul, Dr Boothe was changing lanes and he side-swiped the U-Haul with his partially restored Mazda RX-7.  The insurance adjuster said that it is easier to get Mesta replacement parts then to find a replacement fender of Doc’s old junker.  George suggested Doc go to Crazy Ray’s, but again Doc does not know much about Baltimore and did not know what George was talking about.

    I am sure glad that we spent an extra $14.37 for the U-Haul damage wavier!  Sorry Wci8757, we parked the Rolls with the other fleet of company Rolls Royces in the garage under the Main Office and I had to give back to Mr. Ira the only garage door opener.  So the Glove-Box is out of reach for you and Dr. Doom. Sorry!  

    Dr. Walter  Phd. BS

    • observer

      WOW!!!  Yet another FAIRY TALE from Walter!!!!!

  • imnew

    im from 1190 and from what i hear ciiri is no good i know one thing your pres jeff makula and your chairman tyrone are real deal union men for the past 2 years they are still trying to get some 1190 brothers and sisters work at sp these 2 guys dont no us never meant us before but are trying to help us that to me is a real union man cirri dont even answer any of are calls what does that tell you

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    Fiend of Steel-RG Steel leaks information like the sinking ship it is.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    A number of things running aroung around-Looks like SP will loose their arrangement with Severstal at MSC, repairs are costing millions at RG/SP and
    RG/SP is running way behind on its bills.

    One thing for sure is RG/SP is heavily discounting all their products to raise cash. Everyone including their vendors are screaming for their money. Too many unpaid bills. Might see some layoffs soon.

  • Walter

    Wci8757, we left early in the morning, our local U-Haul opens at 6:00AM.  Then we had an Egg McMuffin and two senior coffees and took the toll road to save time.

    • Dr Raymond Boothe

      Walter-I hope you and Georgie are heading up to Bethlehem to look for new jobs because things at Baltimore do not look so good right now. I read a posting on the internet yesterday that they are looking for clowns to entertain at the Bethlehem Casino noon buffet. While you are at the employment office you can see what stupid management (like SP has) can do to a steel mill.

      Please hurry, but be safe-they are holding a place for both of you. I told them that there was one of you that had experience with large boats to possibly operate the boat rides.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    A production shutdown of L Furnace, either long or short term, would not necessitate a bottom tap. The only reason to consider a bottom tap would be a major or significant repair to the hearth or carbon hearth.These two reasons would result in a significant production outage of months (instead of weeks). This would put RG/SP out of business due to their cash problems. Right now, RG/SP is having
    difficulty paying their bills again and all the employees at SP will pay the price of not backing up the plant with theMingo operations.


  • Walter

    Looks like more good news that they will be spending money to clean her tummy up. This is the fastest and safest way to do it. Someone said that they saw a Graycor guy at the lunch wagon. I hope that Tony’s Five Alarm Chili does not kill him before he gives the big boss an estimate?

    Dr. Walter  Phd. BS

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    Taco-This is a good possibly. The company that you really need to look at is CSN from Brazil. They have very deep pockets and very deep iron ore reserves. This is the company the USW turned down at WPSC over the Brochard Brothers (BIG MISTAKE). They can undercut ANY iron ore company and they can feed RG/SP with ease. I also believe they can also deliver coke to SP right out of their own ovens. For a plant like SP which depends on importing raw materials CSN is a no brainer. They can compete. They also have a processing plants in Fort Wayne and others in the US and Canada. Another solid outlet for SP.

    In this case, Ira should sell off RG/SP to CSN. Take the money and invest in Mingo and Warren and the other downstreaming companies. This would reate a new version of RG Steel. Hiring new leadership for this company is a must. In this case RG Steel would be better balanced and could turn itself around. This would make a steel company with a capacity close to 4 million tons.

    CSN is a highly successful company and they would certainly require new leadership and management at SP. All in all this would help all steelworkers on both sides and put everybody in an excellent position.

    Good question indeed!

  • Walter

    Dr. Doom, Before I get my first choice of a free clown suit, I better hold off because you may be needing it. Why, well you read WarPig’s thoughtful and fact-filled post, and we all trust him and he says that things are getting better at our L- little by little- but better.   Today we started the south side of the Sinter Plant (the north side has been running since Mr. Ira bought us and ordered we make Sinter)  Where did the money go?  Well Mittal spent close to a million bucks and could not get it right, from what we see tonight, Mr. Ira has it running without a red cloud choking everybody out.  So WarPig can see where money is going (the BOF has a shopping spree that would make Paris Hilton look like a coupon clipper), the BOF is running better than when it was brand new ,we all see improvements at the Point, so this is where the money is going.  So for now, I will not be fitted for my new clown suit, George just saw some more ore and coke bulkers on the horizon.

    Dr. Walter Phd. BS

    • Dr Raymond Boothe

      Walter, you are BS as usual. All indications, financial and otherwise, show that bankruptcy is soon and you are being inspected for sale. Why the sintering is “operating” is that some perspective buyers are coming to see how much money need to invest to keep your scrap heap alive. Rumors persist, but my best sources reveal that your money is about gone, your customers and vendors are really pissed, you are pigging iron rapidly to supply Maryland Pig before a tap out and the clock is down to about zero. 

      In an earlier post I suggested that CSN might be interested in RG/SP. But I have heard today that might be in reverse. They tried to buy SP years ago but were stopped by the union and the fact Mittal had to buy all of Bethlehem from ISG. They really liked the fact that Mingo was compact, had a modern EAF, 80-inch mill, and blast furnace and produced a great product. Only the USW blocked them there as well.

  • Tired Of It All

    Yorkville employee here. We were set to ramp up production for next week but had to pull the plug on that because once again we cannot get the hot bands from SP in a timely fashion. This seems to be an ongoing problem. It wasn’t a problem when we were getting our steel from Warren. How can you logically run a mill like this and expect to make money? I’m not on the production end of things but I do hear of lots of complaints with SP quality also.

    • Dr Raymond Boothe

      Warren, which use to provide the majority of quality substrate hot bands to Yorkville and Martins Ferry, has not been producing up to its potential since the tuyere explosion and the closing of No. 4 stove. So Sparrows Point has to ship out more of its substrate to Yorkville and these hot bands are not to the quality of Warren and certainly not to the standards that Yorkville and Martins Ferry are accustomed to putting out on the market. Like I told you earlier there is a major quality issue about SP and I have heard this from many Yorkville and Martins Ferry employees.

      The delivery and quality problems plus delayed sales hurts the impression of RG Steel. It is a sales killer. And in this situation it is coming directly from the hot strip mill at SP. With this situation, Mingo needs to be restarted and take the pressure off Warren’s hot end. But RG/SP is deaf, dumb and blind.

      There is a lot of hustle right now to unload parts of RG Steel. It will be interesting what happens. But for sure, whoever gets ahold of RG/SP better have a huge bag of money.

      • Steubenville 1190

        Dr Boothe , Do you think CSN would ever get back in if Mingo were to go up for sale , since they were highly interested before. They even drilled holes in the 80″ parking lot to show where they were going to build a walking beem furnace and supply us with a 10 year slab deal for 250 dollars a ton . Can you imagine the profits we would have made at this when hot bands were going for 700 to 800 dollars a ton. THe union shot this down and made poor choices because they didn’t want to loose a few jobs . WELL , LOOK AT US NOW USW AND MCCALL .I just wondered with  your resources , if CSN would ever consider getting back into the US market and MINGO be a possibilty ? You said it would be good for sparrows , but I hope they would get Mingo and put the money needed to modernize and make it run for years to come . The valley needs something like this to happen . Maybe they are waiting until the bottom falls out and they can get back in and buy us at a low end bargain price . I think in the next few months something has to give and it doesn’t look good for RG STEEL , even though I wish the best for everyone.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    Warpig’s is making some really fine points. But I am concerned  that I am hearing more and more from customers and vendors alike the SP in its current state is likely to fold soon and buying from them is almost out out of the question.They have to be running out of money soon and something really has to give-either a shutdown or a full blown sale. There is a number of contractors looking around the plant and checking out equipment. This most likely means that Ira is looking for a sale or a company is inspecting the equipment to see how much investmentment it will take to bring everything up to international par. SP is an international plant that requires raw materials to be shipped in.

    In an earlier statement I suggested CSN as a great match for SP. They have endless captive raw materials and building a coke plant at SP would be nothing to their deep pockets. However they did bid on SP when ISG had them up for sale. At that time the USW struck back and demanded that the remains of Bethlehem be purchased as a whole. This is when Mittal came in and purchased all of Bethlehem, Weirton Steel, the rest of LTV and the like.

    However CSN is a private Brazilian company and they just did not want all of those plants
    in the deal. They really wanted WPSC but the Bobbie Brothers along with the USW killed that. STUPID

    But now, after talking to a few people tonight, SP still might want to investigate Mingo, Warren and the downstreaming plants as one package. This would mean a complete separation from RG Steel where the new company would supply coils to Wheeling’s and CSN’s North American plants in Fort Wayne, Indiana and in Canada. They had wanted to barge their primary raw material, iron ore, up the Mississippi to the Ohio and onward to Mingo. Warren’s ore would still come from the great lakes.

    But if CSN is not interested, then who? Most likely another South American steelmaker,
    Severstal or even Mittal. Mittal would probably have the ability bid on it now considering
    they have closed the tin mill at SP. They have about the right tin production capability at Weirton. In addition their iron ore and coke reserves are almost endless and growing and they have the money to improve the operation. Severstal was not successful at SP but they could if they really wanted to put the money into it. Raw materials like ore and coke would not be a problem, but rebuilding the tin and coating lines, upgrading the caster and updating the hot strip mill would be a big plus. But am afraid that with the production problems and issues with the USW, Severstal might think more than twice to look at
    SP again.

    If I had to bet, I would say CSN or another South American steelmaker, with Mittal seriously looking again at it. But again who knows? I know for sure that  by the end of April
    we will see movement one way or another, and I hope it will best for all the employees concerned. 

  • Wci8757

    walter. i will post some pictures of the girl from Ipanema for you as that is as close as your going to get to her. them girls go for high rollers not street car riders. look at it from a women’s perspective, would you want an idiot that is dumb enough to grind the chrome off the bumper of a rolls royce and weld a U-HAUL hitch to it and pulling a trailer behind it full of junk parts leaking greese and oil all over the road as your going down HIGHWAY 51. now if you had one how are you going to impress her. by taking her to breakfest for an egg mcmuffin and presenting to the counter person your two for one coupon. now that would really impress her, she would think i must have one of the last big time spenders here. now with a person of your status and class  if you want to hook up with a lady you would have a better chance with a homeless one at the bus shelter than the girl from Ipanema.

  • wciheycraneman

    Warpig, I agree we have no choice but hope RG management and the USWA have a plan but I’m not too confident in either one.  Yes, RG is very tight lipped about what they do.  At a recent plant meeting Warren management scoffed at people quoting things from the Brew.  But although I’m sure much info on the Brew is b. s. not all of it is.  Our company must realize with their secrecy, where else can we go to try and get information?  What do we know? RG got a loan for 100 million and supposedly spent 25 million to vendors that they owed money to start doing business with us again.  At that time reportedly the Point was losing 20 to 30 million a month.  That was before they lost their tin order.  Also at that time, WCI was making 8 to 10 million a month.  That was before number 4 stove blew and the Blast furnace accident.  I’m not a CPA or a MBA but looking at these numbers my conclusions are that something will have to give by about the end of April.  Our union brothers and sisters, plus a couple company plants and learned experts have given us a lot of scenarios.  Again, all we ever got from our secretive management was that the major investment is at Sparrows Point and if the Point doesn’t make a go of it, we all go down.  Unfortunately, it appears to me, we are in real trouble.

    • Outside Looking In

      SP cut the loss in half for February and March.They are projecting to narrow the gap further in April and May with a projected profit by June.While no loss is good at least we are headed in tthe right direction.If the banks wouldnt of changed the terms of the credit line we would be further along than we are.I find it hard to believe that when the Bank syndicate was put together that RG projected making a profit in the first year.

      • I’m UR Puppet

        Doun’t U worry boys, when cirri gets reelected he will fire Michaeloff and hire  Russo to run that plant. so then he will be able to  hire the rest of his relatives!!!!  I can’t believe that people aren’t excited about the upcoming election.  The Department of Labor is oiverseeing this election because of all the corruption….

      • Dr Raymond Boothe

        You are still losing money and buy April-May the banks are going to start considering what to do with SP. Close or sell. It can only break even at best.

  • Anonymous

     Nobody to blame but Dave McCall and the “look the other way” leadership above and below him at the USW !! Jim Bradley had a game plan in place with CSN and it was basically a done deal until McCall decided to start meddling and sticking his nose where it didn’t belong.He praised the nitwit snake oil salesmen Bouchards up one side and down the other in all the local media.( That was back when the local media had McCall’s permission to report on WPSC )  CSN would have been an ideal fit for Mingo and all of WPSC and everyone would be working and making money right now ! McCall doesn’t even have the decency as a human being to admit what he has done ! He was right across the river meddling at Arcelor Mittal in Weirton a month ago but never bothered drive to Steubenville  to talk to 1190 members whose lives he has destroyed. Worse yet, he is still calling the shots. Not one person at the local or international levels ever bothered to question him when he showed Jim Bradley the door. Not one. That is entirely too much power for one inept, reckless  individual to yield. Something has to happen soon one way or the other so that our people can reclaim their lives again from these idiotic bandits. It is no wonder anti union sentiment is at an all time high right now. When the very entity that is entrusted to protect the working man is the same one that is responsible for destroying his way of life, it is time for them to go the way of the dinosaur. And I say this as a once proud union advocate.

    • Wci8757

      i couldn’t agree with you more. it seems to me that mccall owns all these steel mills himself.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    CSN has looked over Mingo in detail and it had a positive impact on their plans to start a foothold in North America. They like it, and if Ira is determined to hold on RG/SP
    and is hard pressed for cash a deal for it might be presented before the end of April. 1190 must support this action and get the coke plant and Mingo working together again.

    CSN would be a great operation with Mingo and its downstreaming plants. CSN has an excellent processing center at Fort Wayne, Indiana and others in the United States and Canada. The need wide hot bands and Mingo can produce them on their large 80-inch mill
    from steel manufactured there, or imported slabs from CSN. Mingo’s blast furnace is ready to produce iron and the repairs to the EAF crane and other items could be made form 30-60 days after purchase. 

    Mingo’s central location is a major plus because it will be closer to CSN’s finishing units.
    It is also a major bargain and CSN would get far more bang for the buck than if they purchased Sparrows Point.

    Another positive point is that CSN has very deep pockets, and they are very interested in putting their money where their mouth is. They can and would invest to improve the physical properties at Mingo. Repairs at the EAF, BOF shop, improve the caster, etc. For less money they could amost increase the capacity of Mingo to 5 million tons and be more flexible than RG/SP.

    We will find out soon. If it is CSN, they have very professional operators and careful planning. Mingo must be prepared to vote positive if change happens. Any change now will improve the situation, but it is important that you have supportive and flexible leadership in 1190. Vote for new leadership NOW because you might never have another chance.Change is coming soon, but which way the wind blows now is anybody’s guess.

    • Anonymous

       Dr. Boothe, do you have any valid information that either a buyer, or buyer’s are interested in our operations in the Ohio Valley, or whether or not RG is interested in selling? Specifically, regarding CSN looking over Mingo in detail, are you referring to recently, or back when Jim Bradley was CEO ?  Any input would be greatly appreciated !

      • Dr Raymond Boothe

        The information is currently accurate that CSN is still interested in Mingo if a separation offer is made. This all depends on Ira and how much he dearly wants to keep RG/SP. Everybody in the steel busness knows that SP is losing money and everybody is doing their best to cover it up. Again the office at RG Steel tries to hide its problems, especially their PR Guru Betty K. However, information leaks out of SP so fast it is hard to correctly assertain it all. And if RG Steel offers CSN a decent offer on their part of the coke plant, Mingo, Yorkville, Martins Ferry and Ohio Coatings, there is no question that CSN would seriously consider the offer. 

        April-May will be a busy time for RG Steel. There has to be some bending because the money is running out. They have lost a lot of money and major things have to happen if the company will stay in business.

        • Steubenville 1190

            This is great news if your sources are accurate that CSN is still interested in Mingo . I know that US STEEL is still very much interested in MINGO and the 80″ mill. I would count my blessings if either end up with Mingo before it is to late . I hope and pray that we all have something positive happen soon . I wish good luck for all the plants and hope Ira and the USW finally make some good decisions . I heard that the steubenville plant is still going to be sold it just whether the EPA will let it happen sooner or later .

        • Anonymous

           She has to be the most verbally silent communications director I have ever been afforded the pleasure of not listening to, Dr. Boothe. Hell, Ira could have grabbed anybody off the street and threw a piece of duct tape over their mouth for that job ! Has she been at SP for a long time Walter? Did McCall and Goodwin put the mums the word spell on her, or what? That leads me back to the reason for this response Doc. If RG would choose to be more forthcoming with their employees, as opposed to treating us like we were working at Los Alamos on the Manhattan Project, rumours and speculation would not be anywhere near as rampant. Never quite could grasp the reason for all of the secrecy? I mean, it’s not as though RG has a proprietary grade of steel that is still in the Patent Applied For stage? Perhaps some of this directive could be traced back to the USW, as it would be much more difficult for them to work their nefarious magic under the spotlight of media disclosure? Last year I spoke with a reporter from WTOV9 after the USW- Jefferson County Sheriff sponsored pep rally celebrating the fire sale of Severstal to Rennert Group Steel. I asked her point blank why there had not been more local media coverage regarding our 1190 people being laid off for more than two years? She told me that they were very reluctant to even mention the mill unless prior approval was given first by the USW. Her logic for this rationale was that they were told they would be left out in the cold if and when the big mill story ever came. Can you believe that ? True story Doc.

          • Walter

            Good Post HotMetalGuru!!!   You are correct HotMetal, your post tops the cake and we love it!! -Yes, Miss Betty was trained by the KGB, CIA, Stasi, and Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes. They were hired to conduct the Public Relations training class up at the old Beth Steel Martin Tower Headquarters in PA. George, Miss Betty, Dr Boothe, and I took the old orange Beth Steel company Econo Van (in the olden days before Mr. Ira, we did not have comfy company Rolls Royces) and drove up.  Our PR instructors quickly realized that Georgie, Dr. Boothe, and I were Big Mouths and sent us home later that day.  Miss Betty was chosen as the new PR spokes-lady because Schultz was satisfied that media requests for information about the company would always be “I KNOW NOTHING!!!!”   The instructors gave her a nicely golden-framed PR diploma and a large case of silver duct tape.

            Dr. Walter  Phd. BS

          • Anonymous

             Walter, did she ever make it through that first case of duct tape or was she such an adept pupil that she did not even finish one roll?

          • Wci8757

            speaking of george, how is col. klink doing.

  • Iron Man

    No one has ever said where this April dead line has come from and I know that none that I have talked to ever mentioned it. The Company never issued any info on the April date either. SP continues to take orders beyond the end of April so I’m sure they know more than the experts here. Also, to help George out, the ship Topeka just docked at SP with more ore. I guess RG must be paying some of their vendors because raw materials aren’t cheap!

    • George

      Thank you Capt. Iron Man, I was just going to do my Sparrows Point Ship Report and you beat me to it – Great Work!!!    Now watch Dr. Doom say that we are smoking too much Kish or hallucinating that the TOPEKA just docked full of “PAID FOR IN FULL” raw materials for our big BEAST of the EAST.

      Capt. Iron Man, your question about the April “deadline” is something Dr. Doom and his Valley of the Dolls dreamed-up to upset the good folks at SP.  Doc is just trying to drum up business in the Valley at the expense of SP Like you say Capt., the vendors are not giving boat loads of free samples away to SP.  Strange that Doc gets so upset when company money is being spent of the company’s SP mill to make it better – Hello Dr. Doom!!!!

      Capt. Georgie

      • Dr Raymond Boothe

        Georgie-All we all know ore contracts are paid up in full before delivery. After SP’s December debacle do you really think that any company would give SP credit toward the shipment of raw materials? This has alreadt been paid with your 100 million dollar gift to back it up.

        And saying that, knowing that these contracts are paid up front, a lot of that money has already been thrown down the rat hole. You money is running out because your sales are slowing down because nobody believes that you are capable of going beyond April or into May.The pigging of iron and the deep discounts coming out of SP’s sales department are prime indicators. Also ArcelorMittal and US Steel are starting to gobble up long term-contracts but not SP. You have also announced a shutdown of the galvanizing mill in April anyway.

        People like the products coming out of Yorkville and Martins Ferry but not SP. This is why the employees at Yorkville and Martins prefer their hot bands delivered from
        Warren to keep their sales and quality high.They do not like the trash that SP tries to send them and they have to send it back. Now, they have more orders than they can process because they lack quality hot coils from Warren. Warren is still not performing up to par due to the recent explosion and No. 4 stove being out. Ira has already said he will not repair Warren.

        You would think Georgie that RG Steel would restart Mingo to help solve this situation, or solve the quality problems at SP. Yorkville and Martins Ferry have something that RG Steel can actually sell.  There is something very wrong at SP that ore boats frankly can’t solve. As I told you earlier, none of your boat stories really makes any difference. Its the money clock-Tick, Tick, Tick

      • Wci8757

        george. it’s about time for another bulk ore carrier report. it’s been at least 24 hrs. since the last one.

        • George

          The GIOVANNI DELLA GATTA and ALAM PADU just docked at SP. This makes 4 large bulk carriers at SP.   Dr. Boothe must be right about these long term contracts. On the other hand, lots of coils going out by sea. Very confusing.

          Capt. Georgie

          • Wci8757

            your confused. a bulk ore carrier guru like you confused. now that really confuses me.

    • Dr Raymond Boothe

      A number of engineers and perspective buyers are looking over SP as we speak. As I said earlier ore boats do not mean anything because ore is sold on contract. They will come anyway.  Most buyers would want to see the plant operating. If the plant is sold, the buyer would want the ore on the ground anyway. A perspective buyer would have to deal with previous ore and coke contracts. 

      RG/SP will run as their money holds out. But as long as vendors and customers are not sure of how long you will operate the sales will decrease. Besides Mingo is a better buy than SP and if Ira wantsto keep RG/SP he will looking at a sale sometime in April.Even if he does sell Mingo, the odds are 50/50 the RG/SP will continue to operate.

  • Wci8757

    doe’s mccall own these mills by himself. you would think so.

  • msc#3operator

    is that u boulder? yocke? down at the shadyside library again i see?     ur pretty funny with the scab remark considering u both are working now under the 1190 friends and family plan….

  • Wci8757

    hell, down here we pay union due’s for them to give away everthing  that are union brothers fought and died for to. now you try and figure that one out because i will never  be able to. here’s another good one to go with that. they even vote to eliminate there own union brothers jobs along with there’s to. try to figure that one out to becaus that is another one i will never be able to figure out as long as i live. i saved the best one for last. if a plant could be running and if it doesn’t fit the internationals cup of tea they even starve the members out.

  • Dr Raymond Boothe

    There is hope for the former WPSC if they can get away from the claws of Ira and his clowns at RG Steel. This idea that was promoted by the USW that all the plants to be sold together was only for the benefit of the USW and their head honchos.Now Ira, who by now is getting vindictive about the whole situation may just might let all the workers in the Ohio Valley hang out to dry. This is seen by his constant efforts to throw millions in a plant that lacks the capability of making a profit under his ownership and management. He is not used to not making profits or running a large steel company to boot. He caused this situation by bringing back the failed retreads of the steel industry, Goodwin and McCall. The money clock is ticking faster and the end of many jobs and bad days ahead could be had for many families not only in the Ohio Valley but in Baltimore as well.NOBODY needs this.

    And when the dust is settled, and when many employees are out of work and their lives are destroyed, Ira will still be a billionaire-waiting for another company and their employees to play with. Tick-tock. 

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