Help glean food in farmers’ fields to feed hungry

cauliflower waverly halloween IMG_4218

Volunteers plan to glean veggies like this cauliflower for distribution to city free food programs.

Photo by: Fern Shen

The group “Gather Baltimore” is holding a Saturday event in Essex to harvest the remaining crops in farmed fields – veggies that will be distributed to local free food programs run by faith communities and others in Baltimore City.

They are inviting volunteers to join them as they glean turnips, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, celery, carrots and other vegetables at Zahradka Farm (2300 Golupski Road, starting at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 5).

There’s actually a more GPS-friendly address offered on the Gather Baltimore Facebook page. The group’s founder, Open Society Institute fellow Arthur Gray Morgan, recommends plugging in 2285 Phillips Road.

Whatever is picked will be delivered to their partners, The Franciscan Center of Baltimore and Moveable Feast, the group’s Facebook says.

Here’s how Gather Baltimore describes themselves on their website.

Gather Baltimore is a volunteer-based program, created by OSI fellow Arthur Gray Morgan, that collects unsold vegetables, fruit and bread from the Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar in downtown Baltimore and other sources for redistribution to local meal programs, faith communities, and others in need.

The baked goods, fruit and seasonal produce collected would otherwise be thrown away as it will not stay fresh until the next market. Gather Baltimore insures that this food does not become waste but instead is made available to financially challenged families in communities where fresh healthy food is not readily accessibl

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  • cwals99

    We want to remember, people are hungry because they are not finding jobs, being paid enough, and/or are seeing their social benefits cuts.  This is all a product of the failure to hold banks accountable for fraud and the trillions stolen from fraud these few decades.  Maryland has billions yet to come back from fraud and yet, Doug Gansler has yet to bring any meaningful charges regarding corporate fraud.  Billions would eliminate government budget shortfalls and allow the public sector to step in to take the place of private sector hiring.  These policies are what make people impoverished and unable to survive.

    Rule of Law is a basic democratic tenet and the complete suspension has allowed trillions in corporate fraud to empty government coffers.  So as the public tries to keep faith with the poor, please take the time to protect all of us from an institutionalized system of corruption.  It is your incumbent allowing this to happen….vote for labor and justice candidates in next elections!!

  • ushanellore

    I love the yellow cauliflowers–they are ravishing. 

    cwals99, you are right on the money.  Did you see that AIG, the juggernaut that drowned us with its credit default swaps, the very one we saved with billions in taxpayer dollars (which they did pay back)  that very giant is now going to sue the federal govt. because it claims–and get this–it claims that the govt bailout shortchanged its shareholders.  The absolute audacity and mendacity of that charge not only boggles my mind, it makes me sorrowful for this nation.  I left India years back because I could not bear the overwhelming corruption and violence against women there.  And now, this kind of outrage in my adopted land!  I am truly heart broken.  For those who have kept running there is no place to hide.  

  • ushanellore

    The cauliflowers glow and AIG backs off.  All’s well that ends well for now.  Tomorrow our soil may be so depleted we may not have a place to grow our cauliflower or our cabbage and AIG may rise again like Atlas who held the sky.  As one of my friends put it, “I am glad I am on my way out and not on my way in, now!”   

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