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Contract talks at Hopkins Hospital stalemated, union reports

A weekend strike by service workers looms as “cooling-off” period requested by Gov. O’Malley expires on Friday

With a “cooling-off” period set to expire on Friday, contract talks between service workers and management at Johns Hopkins Hospital ended last night without any agreement, a union spokesman reported this morning.

“Hopkins management continues to offer an across-the-board raise of just 1.5% in the first year of its proposed contract,” said Jim McNeill of 1199SEIU.

The union, which represents 2,000 non-medical workers at Baltimore’s largest private hospital, made “a number of compromises” that would reduce the overall cost of their proposed contract, McNeill said, but Hopkins has not budged from its position.

The two groups have been negotiating since March – with the union striking for three days in April.

Hopkins has not commented on the substance of the talks, saying it will not negotiate through the media.

No New Bargaining Scheduled

Although neither side has indicated it will suspend negotiations, no new bargaining date has been scheduled.

A cooling-off period requested by Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will end on Friday, July 4.

The caregivers union had been set to start a four-day strike when O’Malley made the request. The governor’s office has not taken an active part in the talks.

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