Gerald Neily

Baltimore is unique, but we need to fit in. There's the right way, and the Baltimore way.

Neily was a transportation planner for the Baltimore City Department of Planning from 1977 to 1996, and a consultant before and since. He was born in Chicago, but his family moved to Baltimore when he was a seven-year-old transportation geek, so he got to see the Beltway being built in the early 1960s and got to ride the streetcars during their final creaky years. He also wondered why the Baltimore waterfront was so deserted, when Chicago’s was a showplace. After many years of developing alternative plans in sandboxes, chalked-up sidewalks and the basement floor, he graduated from Penn State (BS) and Northwestern University (MS), where he majored in (you guessed it) Transportation Planning. Since 2005, he has written Baltimore InnerSpace which was named “Best Urban Planning Blog” of 2008 by Baltimore City Paper.

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