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"Before any misinformation gets out about #TentCity, are a few facts"


(From Kenneth Gwee, posted on Facebook, 8/24/17)

1) The residents agreed to move to a central location for assessments and housing placement
2) Job and workforce development is available to the residents there
3) Unlike anything else in the city, residents have control and decision power over how things at the location is ran.
4) Community oversight will be put in place to make sure no one falls through the gap. Everyone gets housing.
5) This is an unprecedented pilot program that can seriously transform homelessness in Baltimore City, not just for the current residents, but for future people facing homelessness.
6) It took a few days, but the Mayor and agencies engaged and no trauma was ever caused to the residents of #TentCity
7) Members of the homeless community spoke for themselves and led discussions on what they wanted from the Mayor.
8)The fight for economic and social justice is not over. There is much more work to be done.