• A total of 16 Rat Rubout technicians will work in the nine police districts. Alleys and burrows will be marked after being treated with poison. Vacant houses and lots will be addressed if they are cited by other agencies.

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  • srb campaign hq

    The mayor’s reelection campaign headquarters will be located at this building in Remington.

    Photo by: Mark Reutter

    Sheila Dixon is framing her campaign as a populist fight by a street-savvy outsider. Thus contributions from fat-cat developers won’t do. SRB is searching for deep pockets – but is offering cut-rate tickets to her September 24 fundraiser at the Hippodrome.

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  • Middle Branch meeting

    A meeting on Monday where plans for the Middle Branch were discussed by city officials and waterfront planners.

    Photo by: Ed Gunts

    Neither the CEO of Under Armour nor his real estate company has any intention of buying West Covington Park from the National Aquarium – or helping the Baltimore Rowing Club relocate to that site. So says a spokesman for Kevin Plank’s Sagamore Development.

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  • UDARP closed meeting

    The media was barred from a 10 a.m. meeting today of UDARP in the city’s Benton Building.

    Photo by: Ed Gunts

    UPDATED: “It wasn’t a UDARP meeting. It was a departmental meeting” claims a city official about this morning’s closed session with UDARP members in the Charles Benton Building that was closed to the public and the press.

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Booze News

In Partnership With

Pressed by liquor lawyers, the rules rewrite committee drops a key provision. In other news, the liquor board gets its third commissioner appointed by Gov. Larry Hogan.

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