• srb campaign hq

    The mayor’s reelection campaign headquarters will be located at this building in Remington.

    Photo by: Mark Reutter

    Sheila Dixon is framing her campaign as a populist fight by a street-savvy outsider. Thus contributions from fat-cat developers won’t do. SRB is searching for deep pockets – but is offering cut-rate tickets to her September 24 fundraiser at the Hippodrome.

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  • Middle Branch meeting

    A meeting on Monday where plans for the Middle Branch were discussed by city officials and waterfront planners.

    Photo by: Ed Gunts

    Neither the CEO of Under Armour nor his real estate company has any intention of buying West Covington Park from the National Aquarium – or helping the Baltimore Rowing Club relocate to that site. So says a spokesman for Kevin Plank’s Sagamore Development.

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  • UDARP closed meeting

    The media was barred from a 10 a.m. meeting today of UDARP in the city’s Benton Building.

    Photo by: Ed Gunts

    UPDATED: “It wasn’t a UDARP meeting. It was a departmental meeting” claims a city official about this morning’s closed session with UDARP members in the Charles Benton Building that was closed to the public and the press.

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  • sagamore boat house

    Rendering by Kevin Plank’s architects of a boat house complex that could replace West Covington Park.

    Photo by: Sagamore Development

    BREW EXCLUSIVE: The drawings provide the first tangible evidence that the development arm of Under Armour’s CEO has its eye on the South Baltimore park that remains closed to the public.

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Booze News

In Partnership With

Pressed by liquor lawyers, the rules rewrite committee drops a key provision. In other news, the liquor board gets its third commissioner appointed by Gov. Larry Hogan.

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