• liquor board 7 10 14 ward jones kodenski

    “So outrageous it’s almost blinding,” new Liquor Board Chairman Thomas Ward (left) said about one of attorney Melvin Kodenski’s arguments.

    Photo by: Fern Shen

    More swift slicing up of licensees’ arguments, the Liquor Board – under new chairman Tom Ward, with extra input by new commissioner Dana Moore – dealt harshly with gambling violations and moribund licenses, killing several licenses outright. Some suppliants came away satisfied, but several stormed out red-faced.

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  • spt RG Steel sign

    Time for a New Sign: In late 2012, the RG Steel sign still greeted visitors to the closed steel mill. In the background, the abandoned 68-inch hot strip mill.

    Photo by: Mark Reutter

    Nothing is official yet, but no one is denying that Redwood Capital Investments is the party seeking to buy a large chunk of Sparrows Point. The group is headed by James C. (Jim) Davis, a longtime business partner of Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

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  • sparrows pt mill in 70′s, mark reutter

    Coke ovens and blast furnace stacks fill the sky with smoke in this 1976 photo of Sparrows Point.

    Photo by: Mark Reutter

    A “local investment group” has agreed to buy a large chunk of the Sparrows Point peninsula south of Dundalk. A sale could breathe new life into plans for redeveloping the site of the world’s once-biggest steel mill. But who are the investors?

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  • schools thornton kirstaetter

    City Schools CEO Gregory Thornton with Dawn Kirstaetter, the mayor’s new deputy for Health, Human Services, Education and Youth.

    Photo by: Fern Shen

    New CEO Gregory Thornton, at his first board meeting since taking charge of Baltimore public schools, got a lively introduction to the critics and to critical issues on his agenda. Among the trickiest of all to address before the packed house – the rising number of suspensions ordered for four- and five-year-olds.

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At its first meeting under a new chairman, the much-criticized board will be under the spotlight tomorrow. A new day? Or business-as-usual? The transfer request for El Palacio Latino in Southeast Baltimore will serve as a good test case.

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