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Keiffer Mitchell pondering run for House of Delegates


The website keiffermitchell.com greets visitors with a farewell message from the affable former Baltimore City Councilman who left politics after losing his bid for mayor two years ago: “The time for politics is over.”

The time for a new message, however, is now. Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr. may be getting back into politics: state politics.

Don’t worry, Gov. Martin O’Malley, Mitchell jokes. He is not eyeing that state office. Mitchell tells The Brew that he is considering a run in the city’s 44th legislative district, where Verna Jones has been senator for six years.

If he decides to campaign for delegate in the Sept. 14, 2010 Democratic primary Mitchell will have to oust Ruth M. Kirk, Keith Haynes, or his former council colleague Melvin Stukes.

He’ll have a long time to contemplate a run. The filing period to declare candidacy starts July 6 and ends a year later.

“I do miss public life,” says Mitchell, who has been working for Wachovia Bank. “I’m exploring all my options.”

None of which include an attempt to return to the city council.
Councilman Nicholas D’Adamo Jr. is also not planning to return to the city council after his sixth term expires in 2011. But, the Northeast councilman tells The Brew he would run for city comptroller if, and only if, the incumbent, Joan M. Pratt, decides to seek another office.

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