How Baltimore celebrated 2010 (PARK)ing Day


Floura Teeter Landscape Architects PARK(ing) Day site: Jeff Stump watches Aaron Teeter and Joan Floura play bocce. Shannon Early tests out the bubbles.

Photo by: Nicole Reedy

The finest of Baltimore’s greenest came out on Friday in creative and sustainable solidarity for international (PARK)ing Day, transforming various city parking strips into actual parks.

Meghan Hazer from the Maryland Chapter of the ASLA said the exercise was intended to get people thinking about the way less dependency on cars could improve quality of life in Baltimore.

“We’ve taken a parking space and, just for a day, transformed it into a park,” she said, relaxing on a bench surrounded by potted yellow black-eyed susans and pink rudbeckia. “Just think if you didn’t have to store cars, what you could do with that space.”

Another group, Floura Teeter Landscape Architects, created a parking site on Franklin Street. Around “50 people stopped by to play Bacci ball, enjoy refreshments and learn how a green roof works,” said Robin Yasinow, a spokesperson for Floura Teeter. “The firm created a green roof exhibit on top of the structure,” said Teeter (images below).

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