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The Dripby Brew Editors2:14 pmDec 14, 20100

Whiting: HON is “unchallengeable.” Young hipsters: It was never cool.

Above: Products on the Cafe Hon website include “Hon-derwear.”

“Bring it on,” Cafe Hon owner Denise Whiting says, in The Baltimore Messenger, to those who want to mount a legal challenge to her trademarking of the local term of endearment, “hon.”

Meanwhile, J.M. Girodano, presumably speaking for Baltimore’s young hipsters, thanks Whiting for putting a stake in the heart of what he regards as an old-hipster image.

“Words like ‘Hon’ and ‘Balwmer’ are old words for old people and with her move to copyright the word ‘hon’ Whiting is thankfully keeping it that way,” he writes, in Gutter Magazine.

“The ‘Hon’ is a boomer symbol from the boomer era and we could care less. They had Barry Levinson, we have Matt Porterfield. They had do-wop bullshit, we have Future Islands,” Giordano writes. “This is our time now.”

Other stray Hon items:

* WTMD‘s general Manager Stephen Yasko: “A little collective guilt is playing into our reactions.”

* The Sun’s Dan Rodricks: “I say boo, hiss, and give her the hook.”

* The ‘zine Smile Hon, You’re in Baltimore is asking people to send in stories, poems, photos etc. “for an upcoming issue focusing on the term’s roots, its celebration and exploitation, and its past, present and future roles in Baltimore’s identity.”

* On this Fox45 clip, you can hear Whiting explain her need to protect “honnish things.

(Spoiler alert: for those who have an aversion to people “doing” a Baltimore accent, there’s some of that at the end.)

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