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The Dripby Brew Editors9:55 pmJan 4, 20110

Standing up to Denise Whiting, Bruce Goldfarb selling a mug that says HON

As the Brew predicted, Catonsville writer Bruce Goldfarb, who runs the website “Welcome to Baltimore, Hon,” plans to challenge Denise Whiting about commercial ownership of the word “HON”

In what form will the Catonsville writer’s challenge arrive? Mugs.

The Sun reports that Goldfarb plans to sell “HON” coffee mugs on his website in an attempt to prove that the word belongs to the entire city and shouldn’t be trademarked to a single person.

Goldfarb has even posted a Manifesto on his website, breaking down his argument point by point.

Meanwhile, as the HON debate continues to keep Baltimore crabby and steamed, it has also gone national.  It was reported yesterday by  NPR correspondence Jamie Tarabay, whose experience as Baghdad Bureau Chief should have prepared her well for the Baltimore branding wars, not to mention the streets of Hampden.

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