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The Dripby Fern Shen9:53 amMar 4, 20110

Cyclist may be at fault, Baltimore police spokesman says: “He did run into her car.”

Stressing that  no decision has yet been made about whether to file charges in the case of a Saturday crash that left a Baltimore bicyclist comatose, a Baltimore police spokesman nevertheless pointed to evidence that he said suggests the cyclist may have been to blame.

“He did run into her car. Whether or not she took his right of way is unclear,” said Det.  Donny Moses, in a phone interview with The Brew late yesterday.

According to Moses, a departmental spokesman, police so far have no eyewitnesses to the Saturday collision between a motorist and 20-year-old Nathan Krasnopoler but they do have significant evidence from the damage to the car that crushed him.

“There was damage toward the rear of the right passenger door,” Moses said. “Apparently he continued forward and she was unable to stop and ran over  him.”

Meanwhile, with the investigation still pending and no police report released on the incident, Krasnopoler’s father, Mitchell Krasnopoler, continues to offer updates on his son’s  condition on Nathan’s Facebook page.

“Nathan has made some progress. Although Nathan is still unconscious, he is now responding to his nurse fussing with him: he is moving his legs and head, and even opening one eye,” Krasnopoler wrote.

“The doctors removed his sedation. Nathan is initiating his breathing on his own. Although his movements are not purposeful, he is r…responding to some stimuli. We hope that Nathan will soon respond to requests (“squeeze my hand,” etc.),” he reported.

An update this morning said not much had changed.

For those who would like to learn more about the injured cyclist, here’s a recent story about Nathan Krasnopoler from The Jewish Times.

For their part, cyclists generally incensed over the fact that no charges have been filed in the cases, are planning a gathering, and bike ride, in support of Krasnopoler on Wednesday at the spot on University Parkway where the crash occurred.

The meet-up is scheduled at 5:30 p.m. in front of the Broadview Apartments near the intersection of University Parkway and 39th St.

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