Cyclist may be at fault, Baltimore police spokesman says: “He did run into her car.”

Stressing that  no decision has yet been made about whether to file charges in the case of a Saturday crash that left a Baltimore bicyclist comatose, a Baltimore police spokesman nevertheless pointed to evidence that he said suggests the cyclist may have been to blame.

“He did run into her car. Whether or not she took his right of way is unclear,” said Det.  Donny Moses, in a phone interview with The Brew late yesterday.

According to Moses, a departmental spokesman, police so far have no eyewitnesses to the Saturday collision between a motorist and 20-year-old Nathan Krasnopoler but they do have significant evidence from the damage to the car that crushed him.

“There was damage toward the rear of the right passenger door,” Moses said. “Apparently he continued forward and she was unable to stop and ran over  him.”

Meanwhile, with the investigation still pending and no police report released on the incident, Krasnopoler’s father, Mitchell Krasnopoler, continues to offer updates on his son’s  condition on Nathan’s Facebook page.

“Nathan has made some progress. Although Nathan is still unconscious, he is now responding to his nurse fussing with him: he is moving his legs and head, and even opening one eye,” Krasnopoler wrote.

“The doctors removed his sedation. Nathan is initiating his breathing on his own. Although his movements are not purposeful, he is r…responding to some stimuli. We hope that Nathan will soon respond to requests (“squeeze my hand,” etc.),” he reported.

An update this morning said not much had changed.

For those who would like to learn more about the injured cyclist, here’s a recent story about Nathan Krasnopoler from The Jewish Times.

For their part, cyclists generally incensed over the fact that no charges have been filed in the cases, are planning a gathering, and bike ride, in support of Krasnopoler on Wednesday at the spot on University Parkway where the crash occurred.

The meet-up is scheduled at 5:30 p.m. in front of the Broadview Apartments near the intersection of University Parkway and 39th St.

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  • Walker9048

    This is classic Baltimore Police back-pedaling. Yea the guy hit her car after she swung into his right-of-way. I bet this Detective runs red lights and does’nt use his turn signals like everyone else in this city. I”ve never witnessed a more incompetent and misguided enforcement agency at any level. I’m not even sure what this Det. Moses is talking about. Is he saying the rider intentionally pinned himself under a car? Det. Moses should be suspended for representing those in power instead of the victim. His comments should be publicly apologized for.

  • Michael

    “He did run into her car.” Right, on a bike that weighed less than one-hundredth of the car, he purposefully smashed right into it, thereby injuring himself. That makes sense. It’s like that bug on your windshield. Ran right into it.

  • Anonymous

    Somewhere, somehow, Baltimore police traffic collision training tells investigators that in the case of a right hook, if the rear vehicle collides with either the rear door or rear panel, the fault lies with the rear driving vehicle.


  • guest

    Dear Colleagues,
    Thank you for your inquiry and concern about this tragic accident. In response, Bicycle Coordinator Nate Evans, representatives of the Mayor’s Bicycle Task Force and I met on Thursday, March 3, with Traffic Division Police to determine the status of the investigation. The police investigation is ongoing. Any witnesses should immediately contact the Baltimore Police Public Relations Office at 410-396-2012 so that their testimony can be incorporated into the report. Once complete, the police report is forwarded to the States Attorney’s Office where decisions will be made and made known to all parties. Below is the Police Department status summary coming out of the March 3 meeting.

    Mary Pat

    Thank you for your concern for the welfare of bicyclists within the city of Baltimore. As the largest law enforcement agency in Maryland, and one that is truly committed to serving professionally, we too share your desire for increased awareness on bicycle safety.

    As it pertains to the accident investigation of Nathan Krasnopoler, a second-year Johns Hopkins student who was involved in a tragic vehicular collision this past Saturday, Baltimore Police crash team investigators are still conducting an extensive investigation into the incident.

    At this point in time, no charges have been filed and it is premature to speculate on potential next steps as the case is still very much open.

    Once the police investigation and incident reconstruction is completed, crash team investigators will confer with city prosecutors to determine if any criminal charges are to be filed. Charging decisions are based completely on the facts of the incident, physical evidence from the scene and whether any laws were violated during the collision. Depending on the results of the investigation, additional steps may be taken with the state Motor Vehicle Administration.

    We will be sure to communicate the results of this investigation once investigators and prosecutors have completed their review. Should you have any questions or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Baltimore Police Public Affairs Office at 410-396-2012.

    Again, thank you for your concern and enthusiasm.

    Anthony J. Guglielmi
    Director, Public Affairs Section
    Office of the Police Commissioner
    Baltimore Police Department
    242 W. 29th Street
    Baltimore, MD 21211

    Telephone: 410-396-2012

  • Halsaxby00

    Let me get this straight, local bicyclists are having rally to protest the fact that the driver has not been charged while the police investigation is still open? As there were no witnesses, it would appear that the protesters want the motorist to be punished, regardless of fault. Perhaps the driver was ahead of him the whole time, signaled the turn, but the rider was fiddling with his ipod. Or his brakes weren’t maintained. Or he simply misjudged her turning speed. That’s idiocy-bicyclists should not be absolved of their responsibilities simply because they choose to put themselves in harm’s way.

    Now, if we’re going to start locking people up, let’s start with those who are criminally negligent. Knowing that there are no fender benders between bikes and cars and that humans are fallible, it stands to reason that any time the two are required to operate together, bicyclists are going to get killed. No amount of legislation will change the previous statement, therefore any municipality that allows bicycles to be ridden on the same pavement as cars is negligent. Any bicyclist who thinks the laws of traffic are going to supersede the laws of physics is equally negligent. The bottom line is that parceling off a portion of an existing roadway and pronouncing it a safe haven for bikes is no solution at all.

    If the city is truly dedicated to appeasing this tiny, yet vocal minority, I propose that Calvert St. and every 5th cross street be deemed bicycle only. All other streets in the central district are to be bicycle-free. Intersections of car only and bike only streets will be controlled by traffic lights in the traditional manner. This will allow bikers to get close enough to their downtown/midtown destinations intact. Of course, there are other solutions, but the key is that bicycle and car traffic must be physically isolated from one another. (And I don’t mean via a silly white line.) Anything else will guarantee that we’ll be back here debating the details of future senseless tragedies.

    • Dsthomas4007

      You hit the nail on the head.

    • Focus503

      It’s to propose all you want but we used to have a ‘separate but equal’ system in this country until a 50 years ago. Seems like a few folks thought that was fundamentally un-american.

    • Anonymous

      she told police that she passed the cyclist, seeing him, before she turned right AFTER passing him. The law is explicit as to what such an action is. It is a right turn hook.

      Regardless, this was not protest ride. It was a support ride for the victim.

  • devil’s advocate

    At the risk of being perceived as a a**hole I would like to point that out that none of our fine citizens commenting witnessed the accident. In fact, it seems that no one has come forward as a witness. Therefore, let us not rush to conclusion. Yes, it is a tragic situation and I feel as badly for family as anyone. As we have no witnesses all we have is the police to investigate. Let them do their job and allow rational thought and not emotion rule.

    • Focus503

      Straw man argument. Let’s sit back and let wait until the police decide whether to prosecute before we form an opinion.

      If right of way was violated, then fault is determined. We do not have to witness an action to come to this conclusion.

      • devil’s advocate

        Really? For all we know the driver was driving slowly and the rider was riding like a bat out of hell. The spot of the accident is on a down hill grade. I find this group mentality eerily similar to the “Oxbow Incident” . Hope there isn’t a hanging tree anywhere close by.

        • Anonymous

          She told police she passed the cyclist, saw him, and then turned right after passing him. That indicates that she failed to yield right of way. The proper action for a motorist that passes a cyclist and turns right is to either merge into the bicycle lane before turning right, making sure she is fully in front of him, or stopping and waiting for him to pass. She saw him. Or so she told police.

  • Focus503

    How can you fail to yield right of way and not be responsible for resultant accidents?

  • Jenn Lit

    I don’t wish to jump to conclusions regarding this accident. It is a tragedy that we are all praying for a good outcome for Mr. Kranspoler. However, I recall seeing images of the aftermath of the accident on the news. The fire department had used devices the inflated under the car presumably to lift the car off Mr. Kranspoler. If Mr. Kranspoler struck the back of the vehicle causing damage to the right passenger door….how did he end up under the car? I don’t wish to add fuel to the fire….but some things here don’t add up.

    • Anonymous

      The media reports indicate he hit the rear side door, flipped over the moving car, landed in front of it, and she ran over him.

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