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Orioles’ Adam Jones ‘just wants to give back?’ Eh, not really . . .

Above: Adam Jones: says tax dollars “go to lazy people.”

In the April 4 issue of ESPN The Magazine, there is a feature called “Scale of 1 to 10” that asks this question:

“If 1 equals ‘It’s crushing’ and 10 equals ‘Glad to do my civic duty!’ How do you feel when you pay your taxes?”

Centerfielder Adam Jones, who just signed a $3.2 million one-year contract with the Baltimore Orioles, is one of eight athletes who answer. His reply:

“Three. If it went to a good cause, I’d be happy. But our tax money goes to lazy people who don’t want to work.

Other millionaire athletes chose to answer differently. Zach Randolph, forward for the Grizzlies (NBA) said, by comparison:

“Ten. I feel up and down about it, but ultimately it feels good to give back to the country.”

Here’s David Ortiz, of the Boston Red Sox:

“Seven. At least here I see what they do with my millions. In the DR (Dominican Republic), you don’t know where the money goes.”

Meanwhile,  in a glowing magazine profile in this Sunday’s Baltimore Sun, Jones does boast about at least one charitable gesture toward the needy.

Mingled in with details of his dining at Sabatino’s and jetting off to Paris to film Nike commercials is his recollection of  a day in 2008  in Baltimore (he was a Seattle Mariner at the time) when he turned 21 and could for the first time legally drink alcohol.

“I bought a homeless person a six-pack at one in the morning.”

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