Earthquake rattles Baltimore

Reports are coming in that an earthquake – felt just minutes ago at the North Baltimore office of The Brew – also hit the rest of Maryland as well as Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York, Boston and even far-away Cleveland.

(UPDATE: Besides the East Coast, tremor felt in Detroit and Indianapolis and in the Carolinas, Facebook accounts say.)

The U.S. Geological Survey said an earthquake of a 5.9 5.8 magnitude was centered near the town of Mineral, VA.

Here’s what it was like on North Calvert St., Baltimore (from M. Reutter):

“Tremor lasted at least 4 seconds, shook house (I was on second floor) and let out an odd pitched rumbling sound.

Here’s what it was like downtown (from F. Shen):

“I was at corner of Pratt and Light. Ground shook sharply for several seconds and there was a muffled boom.”

There’s no visible damage around here and, so far, no reports of damage elsewhere.

Cellphones aren’t working, and neighbors came out on the street, stunned at what happened.

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  • Dor

    We felt it here – it was strong at the intersection of Greenmount & 39th

  • Tt_and_rere

    Wow. I’m in Greenville nc. We just felt it. The whole house shook for about 5 seconds

  • Tbonderenko

    Up on Milton Ave, we are right against the Amtrak train tracks and bridge. 

    First thought a train fell off the bridge. Our entire building rattled and shook for about 5 seconds… pretty frightening.

    • Drewmanning

      Hey Tom.  Good thing we reinforced that building for you!!  Hope all is well.  Drew

  • Keelty

    it felt longer than 4 seconds, but maybe that is just because it was so scary.  My animals were freaked out and my 105 year old house was shaking and groaning – rumbling and shaking..  the pot racks and chandeliers were swaying and a couple of pictures were left askew.  At first I didn’t know what was happening – it seemed like there was an underground metro directly under my feet – then it sounded like elephants stampeding or huge chunks of icy snow falling from the slate roof – I couldn’t square the noises and movement – then it hit me like a hammer – it was an earthquake and I ran outside as fast as I could!  All of my Roland Park neighbors were out there too and we were all shaking.

  • Guest

    This from India — I was chatting on Google talk to a Johns Hopkins student … suddenly she wasnt reachable though google showed she’s available. got a msg from her Indian phone about the quake. They are asked to stay out of the building. But US mobile phone with her is not working.

  • Wpalmerel

    There is no telling what’s next. The quake shook up more than the ground. People have to on point and stop taking things for granted. If you never felt a quake before just think a 9.8 hit Japan. Count your blessing, it’s not a game.

  • Walter

    I was at the Sparrows Point Inn on North Point Road and the building was shaking like you see in those Japanese newsreels of earthquakes.  The Coke icebox almost fell over and the ceiling fans were swinging from side to side.  Everyone was in disbelief and disoriented. My liver and onions almost flew off of the table!!!

    I am close to 70 years old and never have we have anything like this in Baltimore – some mid shakes years ago – but nothing that caused the building move in all directions.


  • Francinehalvorsen


    • Walter

      Yes Francine, I agree that The Brew reported the earthquake stories first and accurately.  NPR, the National Emergency Broadcasting System said nothing, and most radio stations were playing songs and commercials instead of reporting on the earthquake.

      Within minutes The Brew let us know what was happening in Baltimore – Good Reporting Brew – Shame on Public and Commercial Radio for being asleep at the switch!!


  • Brad Stanley

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