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The Dripby Fern Shen5:17 pmJan 31, 20120

Baltimore artist strikes back at speed traps

Above: Strategy to prevent unsafe driving AND annoying, expensive tickets!

After one too many unpleasant experiences with local speed cameras, Baltimore conceptual artist Julia Kim Smith decided to fight back with the main tool she has at hand: Art with a capital ARRRRRGH!

She calls the piece, “Speed Trap Sign, an installation by you,” and it’s basically a warning you can set up for other motorists once you discover one of these pernicious things.


If you click on the above link, you get a picture of how the art-piece (i.e., warning sign) might look in a median strip or shoulder of a road. Click the tiny text below where it says “Speed Trap Sign pdf” and you get a printer-friendly version of the text and instructions on how to make the “installation” yourself.

(Basically, she suggests you tape the two pieces of paper to a pizza box.)

We asked her if the idea was: Hey, just in case the point of these speed traps is to actually slow people down and not just collect dollar$ for the city and the speed camera companies, here’s a way to do it?

She replied, via email: “Yes and it’s a form of protest. I am tired of being busted for driving 35 in a 25 zone–c’mon give us citizens a break.”

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