Inside City Hall: Gallagher to return as senior advisor

edward gallagher harry black

Edward Gallagher pictured in City Hall on January 30 when he appeared with Harry E. Black (right), his successor.

Photo by: Fern Shen

Retired Baltimore finance directors, unlike old soldiers, do not fade away – they simple return as senior advisors.

Tomorrow the city Board of Estimates is expected to approve a request by the mayor’s office to appoint Edward Gallagher as senior advisor to the mayor and the director of finance.

Gallagher’s new job will start March 1 and pay $54,480 (at an hourly rate of $45.50).

Gallagher retired two weeks ago after serving seven years as director of finance and nearly 30 years at City Hall, including as budget director and deputy finance director.

Gallagher was nicknamed “Dr. No” for his tough stance on budget and fiscal issues. He also presided over an accounting error by his department that recently cost the city $667,300.

He earned $181,472 last year as director of finance.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is requesting a waiver to the rule that city employees must be retired at least 90 calendar days before taking a position in city government.

Gallagher’s new duties will involve “providing advice and assistance to the Director of Finance with regard to communications with and presentations to the bond rating agencies and providing general advice and assistance to the mayor and mayor’s office,” according to the  board’s agenda.

His advisory position will be in effect through February 28, 2012.


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  • Tom Kiefaber

    Bravo for the latest raised eyebrow coverage  re: City Hall and the finance department from Mark Reutter . It’s worthy to note that The Brew’s startling recent expose’ of improprieties regarding our new Finance Director, Harry Black, and his false resume’ claims and  questionable corporate role involving stimulus funds in the past few years was to date never mentioned by our other media outlets including our joke of a daily paper, The Sun. 

    Typical local media behavior when a news outlet like The Brew does not follow a pattern of complicity in looking the other way over the serious improprieties of our one party city government. They simply pretend it does not exist and hope the public does not pick up on it. Don’t cover a scandal and it does not exist. 

    It’s an outrage, and it’s up to us to laterally disseminate this damning information to each other, and then demand accountability from our  dismal elected officials. Occupy their inboxes and switchboards to force change, or our corrupt government and complicit slacker media  behaviors will simply continue, unabated

  • Unellu

    Return of the Native–a classic by Thomas Hardy
    now also the title of a poem by Usha Nellore
    The man who wouldn’t leave–Gallagher–USA–Baltimore–2012

    When a man retires from govt.
    and he is brought back
    by his cronies– as an adviser,
    faster than you can say, “Cheese”
    or faster than the wink of an eye–
    or faster than
    the sound of thunder exploding–
    after a slash of lightning tears the sky–
    then we’ve got a problem
    with what is called a decent lapse of time–
    before the advent of the shenanigans–

    it is like an upper class widow
    refusing to wear black–
    in the antebellum South–

    it is like a complete stranger
    in a bathrobe and bedroom slippers–
    snooping around another person’s house–

    it is like Larry King of CNN fame–
    with one too many television lives,
    hankering after cryopreservation–
    because he’s too important to die–

    it is like princes and presidents–
    who lie when they are caught–
    entangled in the underwear
    of women other than their wives–

    it is like a dinner of prime rib,
    filet mignon and chilled champagne
    served to a teetotaler vegetarian–
    an utter idiotic waste–

    it is like Senator Currie–
    and Sheila Dixon–
    too stupid to scheme the former–
    too scheming and stupid the latter–
    questionable and unethical–

    not exact analogies the preceding–
    but should suffice–
    because when a man retires–
    from a city’s payroll–
    and he returns to the same city’s payroll–
    before weepy eyes are dry–
    still fresh in memory his good-byes–
    shouldn’t the taxpayers be asking why–
    this isn’t an improper–
    questionable– unethical–
    utter, idiotic waste?

    Usha Nellore


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