STREET ART: For Trayvon, by Nether


What unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin was wearing when he was shot, a hoodie. Baltimore street art by “Nether.”

Photo by: Nether

Nether, a Baltimore street artist, sent us these photos of a tribute to Trayvon Martin that he made on a boarded-up building at Baltimore and Caroline streets in East Baltimore.

Note the Skittles wrapper.

Martin, an unarmed Florida teenager, was wearing a hoodie and carrying a bag of Skittles and can of iced tea when he was shot on Feb. 26.

Amid charges that racism motivated the shooting and the later handling of the case, Martin’s death has re-ignited the national debate about race and sparked massive demonstrations in cities across the country, including Baltimore.

Closer view. (Photo by nether)

Closer view. (Photo by Nether)

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  • Nether Street art

    To see recent street work by NETHER click:

  • Dojani30

    Because the 200+ people that were killed in Baltimore last year weren’t what…black enough? Young enough? Not innocent enough? Not killed by a non-black? What about these 200+ didn’t quite stir the emotions enough to get a march of hoodie wearers or a street art project or constant news mentions?

  • Anonymous

    The murder of Trayvon Martin is as much a race issue as the murders of 200+ black men in Baltimore. 

  • Nether Street art

    Video of NETHER putting up another Trayvon Martin piece:

  • justbrowsin

    NETHER should stop using “vector magic” to make his art.

  • Bmoreneedsmoreattention

    A simple fact about the 200+ murders in Baltimore last year is this… those who perished weren’t headliners due to one thing: social status… the poor, and uneducated are not news-worthy in this crazy media driven world… if you take Trayvon and put him in Baltimore, or any place for that fact, you get racially driven headlines… its a sad truth

  • dt

    Chill folks. The 200+ murders that occur in Baltimore are a big issue too, but they are fundamentally different and haven’t captured national attention for one simple reason: Those crimes occurred to victims who were black. The implication in the Trayvon Martin case is that he was targeted and killed because he was black. Big difference.

  • Unellu

    Race–Forever raw–2012

    This should not be framed as a racial issue? 
    Why not? 
    You ask, “Did the Blacks march?
    For Black men murdered in Baltimore
    did they march?
    For the 200 plus who shed their blood did they march?
    Why not?”
    You ask, “Aren’t they being killed, Black by Black,
    In Chicago, in Cleveland–
    sometimes thirty in a week–
    sometimes babies–the innocents–
    the gentle and the meek–
    Did they march?
    Why not?”

    If a white man has done the killing–
    of the black man–
    then they march–shoulder to shoulder Black–
    then they sing–shoulder to shoulder Black–
    then they raise their fists in the air–
    call for justice–
    call for punishment for the white man–

    Why not shoulder to shoulder Black–
    against black man killing black man?
    Why not?
    You’re white and you ask, “Why not?”
    You’re fed up,
    You say, “Enough is enough–
    This is not about race–
    one man killed another man–
    It’s just a crime–
    Etched in a time–
    of black power-a black president,
    Let it go, why not?”

    You say, “You’re always playing the victim–
    You’re a black man–
    You’re always blaming someone–
    You’re a black man–
    Do you see white people marching–
    when black man kills white man–
    that’s just the way it is for white man–
    no one pities white man–
    no one sheds a tear for him–
    for how many years guilt for white man?
    for slavery, for lynching–
    for black men in prison–
    for black men dropping out of school–
    out of life–out of existence–
    how long will you blame white man–
    for the woes and plight of black man?”

    The hoodie,it was that clinched it,
    Not the color black–
    Not the misconstrued furtive look–
    That never was furtive-
    but fear meeting fear–

    One young man Black–
    one older man– part Hispanic,
    the young Black man saw Hispanic–
    probably thought gang–
    the Hispanic man saw Black–
    probably thought chitty-chitty-bang-bang–
    gang bang–what have got here?
    anything goes, man,
    this guy is up to no good–
    I have no proof,
    But my gut tells me I can’t be wrong,
    he fits the part–
    he’s all alone,
    he’s looking around,
    I should stand my ground,
    will be over– in just one round–
    I’ll hold the nasty vagrant down–

    Cornered– the black man–
    cornered– any man–will run–
    will pant–will panic–will fight–
    cornered– Martin fought for his life–
    and died fighting–

    And you ask, “Did the Blacks march?
    For other Blacks,
    murdered in Baltimore-
    in Detroit–in Camden– in Chicago–
    did the Blacks march?”

    And you feel sympathy for Zimmerman–
    a man with the 9mm in his hand–
    a man who didn’t sit in his car,
    didn’t stand–
    didn’t wait–
    such patience for him–
    a total waste —
    keyed up–
    for the community
    behind the gate–
    he jumped the gun–
    and pumped the gun–

    Martin a dead man–
    Live man–Zimmerman–
    free man-Zimmerman–

    If dead man–Zimmerman–
    live man– black man–
    surely black man–
    would be a jailed man–
    for ever in the can man–
    forty years to life man–
    and this is the problem–
    this is the precedent–

    Why Zimmerman at large?
    Why Zimmerman not charged?
    Zimmerman armed.
    Martin unarmed.
    Zimmerman– stood his ground– free–
    Martin stood his ground– dead–
    Zimmerman’s gun discharged–
    Martin had no gun–no knife–no sword–no stone–
    Zimmerman free–Martin dead–
    and you say just another crime?
    just like the thousands of other crimes–
    weak versus strong–
    armed versus unarmed–big deal–
    tough luck–
    why the march?

    You ask “Did the Blacks march?
    For the Black men murdered in Baltimore
    did they march?
    Against the bloodshed did they march?”
    Ask the right questions–
    White men too marched for Martin–
    white women too have marched–
    They didn’t ask “How about
    the 200 black men dead–
    where the violence was Black on Black–
    did the Blacks march–why not?”

    Why not?
    Because they weep at night–
    that’s why not-
    the Black mothers weep at night–
    they don’t sleep at night–
    they march their prayers
    to their God at night–
    in a single file–
    they kneel and beg–
    for their sons to cease at night–
    for the killing to cease–
    they march when the world sleeps–
    their worries march–
    and you don’t see this march–
    you don’t hear this march–

    Usha Nellore



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