A blazing prelude to Easter

1 sherwood gardens

No painter’s brush could replicate the kaleidoscope of colors.

Photo by: Mark Reutter

What better place than Sherwood Gardens to enjoy the resurrection of spring. The six-acre park has been the go-to place for nature lovers since the 1930s when John W. Sherwood allowed the public to visit the gardens near his Guilford home.

Usually peaking at the end of April or early May, the gardens were ablaze this afternoon in a mass of color that seemed to encompass the rainbow, the spectroscope and the Fabergé Easter egg – loud oranges and yellows, bleeding reds, imperial purples, oriental ivories, wild Irish emeralds and blushing pinks – all framed against a cloudless blue sky.

Sherwood is famous for the 80,000 or so tulips that are planted under the supervision of the Guilford Association, which acquired the park following Sherwood’s death in 1965.

Here are a few of the sights we saw today, joined by a legion of strollers and picnickers:

All photos by Mark Reutter.

All photos by Mark Reutter.

By the way, after the tulips finish their seasonal performance, the bulbs are dug up and new ones planted to keep the following year’s blooms looking top-notch.

The gardens are located at Stratford Road and Greenway, one block east of St. Paul Street. They are open year-around and cost nothing to enjoy.

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  • Curioussheridan

    Cylburn, though more subtle, was beautiful today

    • Anonymous

      From B Brew: Yes, another Baltimore gem hopefully to be nurtured (not sold off) by the city.

  • Ktrueheart

    Simply beautiful!

  • Tom Kiefaber

    Went on Friday afternoon to experience Sherwood Gardens gardens in all its psychedelic splendor. While there we ran into an OB offshoot scouting crew who were enjoying the day and excited at the choice of Sherwood Gardens as an optimal “sporing” site listed among the  upcoming Occupy North Baltimore (ONB) locations. It seems the North Baltimore sites are to be all within walking and biking distances from each other to peacefully bring the expanded fledgeling non-violent OB protest movement directly to the 1%’ers.     

  • Unellu

    To Sherwood Gardens

    Tell me the names of all the flowers
    in the valleys of Maryland,
    before their petals crisply curl
    and dangle dead on curved stems
    genuflecting to winter–

    Before the Queen Anne’s lace is lifted down
    to shroud a hard and wintry ground–

    Before Black Eyed Susans
    shed their charcoal eyeballs
    without a sound–

    Before the tulips bottle up
    their resurrection–

    Before the insects retreat
    from their noisy insurrection-

    Before the wild geraniums
    cease their fiery frolic in the mud–
    and the roses mingle dust to dust
    like the azaleas, the marigold–
    the daisies–

    Before the divinely dressy dandelions
    strutting in the viridescent grass
    are laid to rest
    in winter’s cold casket–

    Before the water lilies faint
    on the mossy bosoms of ponds
    and fronds of ferns
    and filaments of swinging vines
    pallidly pause to petrify–

    Before I have to look upon a deflowered world–
    tell me the names of all the flowers
    in the valleys of Maryland….

    Usha Nellore

    To Sherwood gardens–
    Many times have I walked there-with talkative friends who  grew silent
    Acknowledgement to Tom Kiefaber and KTrueheart for my last verse

    You– the talkative ones–
    are silent before the riotous splendor
    of the flowers.

    The nectar in their innards bubbling–
    the flowers speak
    to the flying creatures
    who come to brush against their lips
    and dip into their throats–

    The sun god splashes them with colors
    from his chariot he licks them
    with his flares and opens them
    to the philanderers–

    the air is abuzz with invitations-
    the gardens are alive–
    with the theater of the flowers–
    all humans are mesmerized–

    Even you– the talkative ones–
    are silenced–
    by the performance–
    of the simply beautiful–
    O so psychedelic flowers!

    Usha Nellore

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