USW chief quietly agrees to terminate Sparrows Point contract, benefits

Supplemental benefits to end retroactively August 10 and labor contract terminates August 31 under an agreement filed late on Friday.


David McCall signed an agreement to end the current USW contract for 1,600 union members at Sparrows Point and 2,400 in the Midwest.

Photo by: AFL-CIO of Ohio

In an unexpectedly swift and unpublicized move, United Steelworkers (USW) chief negotiator David McCall signed an agreement Thursday to terminate the union’s “pattern” collective bargaining agreement with RG Steel, effective August 31.

The five-page agreement will leave 1,600 unionized workers at Sparrows Point – and another 2,400 workers in Ohio and West Virginia – without health benefits, SUB (supplemental unemployment benefits), insurance or an active pension plan.

Nearly all of the workers have been laid off since RG Steel filed for bankruptcy protection in May and suspended production at Sparrows Point in June.

Last week, the Steelworkers lost all rights to represent employees for the new owners of Sparrows Point at a bankruptcy court hearing.

McCall, who has handled all contract matters with present owner RG Steel, has been criticized for not keeping workers informed of the bankruptcy proceedings.

As recently as 10 days ago, McCall suggested to his inner circle that steelworkers would be paid SUB and health benefits for the next six months and “everything would work out fine,” informed sources told The Brew. Earlier, McCall implied that Sparrows Point would return to active steel production following the sale of its assets.

The agreement signed by McCall on Thursday is set to be presented this week to U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kevin Carey, who will almost certainly sign the order.

SUB pay to stop retroactively

The agreement calls on SUB and pension payments to be terminated August 10, while health benefits will continue to August 31.

After August 31, a very small contingent of workers – approximately 100, according to the document – will assist RG Steel in “asset protection” of the Sparrows Point and Warren mills in anticipation of the sale of the properties to liquidating and redevelopment firms.

In this AFL-CIO video clip from a Labor Day 2011 event, Dave McCall speaks about the importance of unions to prevent “some of the greed and the exploitation that some employers live by every day.”

RG Steel expects to wind up its affairs and dissolve as a company after the closing date of the sales, now expected in mid-to-late September.

Buyers Have No Obligations to Union

As The Brew disclosed last week, the new Sparrows Point buyers – liquidator Hilco Industrial and brownfield re-developer Environmental Liability Transfer Inc. – are free from obligations to the USW and are not required to hire anyone from the current Sparrows Point workforce.

For the few workers to be employed after August 31, the new wage at Sparrows Point will be $20 an hour with no benefits or premiums. (Downloaded from USW-RG Steel agreement)

Dave McCall signed off on this supplemental agreement that sets the new wage at Sparrows Point at $20 an hour with no benefits or premiums. (Downloaded from U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington)

Hilco-ELT are expected to bring their their own workforce to the 2,400-acre property.

After a period of environmental remediation, the group is expected to scrap most or all of the mill and sell parcels to investors and perhaps the state of Maryland.

The Maryland Port Administration has expressed interest in purchasing a site called Coke Point to dump harbor dredging.

Sparrows Point’s deep-water port has also been eyed by the MPA in anticipation of larger ships docking in Baltimore following the widening of the Panama Canal.

Agreement Filed Late Friday

While termination of the current labor agreement was expected, Local 9477 USW officials were led to believe that the termination would not be reached until this week.

Rumor also had it that SUB pay would continue at least through August 15, the date that Judge Carey approved the sale to the Hilco-ELT group.

Instead, an agreement was signed by McCall and RG Steel’s David Pryzbylski on Thursday – and filed after the close of business on Friday at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington.

Modification of a labor agreement is allowed under Section 1113 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This can happen either through a ruling by the bankruptcy judge or through voluntary settlement talks between the company and union. A final option is for the union to litigate against any proposed change in the contract.

Here are the major terms of the agreement:

• SUB pay for all of RG  Steel employees “shall be deemed terminated as of August 10, 2012.”

• All obligations with respect to the Steelworkers’ Pension Trust “shall be deemed terminated as of August 10, 2012, thereby halting all required contributions to the Steelworkers’ Pension Plans.”

• All active and retiree benefit programs, including medical coverage, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and prescription drug care, shall be terminated on August 31, 2012.

• RG Steel will deposit $6.5 million from the sale of its properties into an escrow account for the purpose of paying medical and prescription drug claims incurred on or before the August 31 termination date.

• RG Steel will deposit $210,000 to address unsettled arbitration awards and other employment claims, and thereafter is released from such claims.

• The workers assisting RG Steel in asset protection will be paid $20-an-hour, with none of the cherished incentive and differential pay that have been hallmarks of USW labor agreements for the last 50 years.

• Six union contract coordinators will be employed “for purposes of providing asset protection and/or overseeing administration” of the interim contract with RG Steel. The contract coordinators will be paid the $20-an-hour wage.

• RG Steel agrees that the “successorship clause” of their 2011  labor contract “shall continue for one year from the effective date of the MLA (Modified Labor Agreement).”

The successorship clause gives the USW the right to negotiate a contract with a company that wants to restart steel operations.

But since the Hilco-ELT group has been released from all obligations to the USW – and has expressed only lukewarm interest in trying to reactivate Sparrows Point as an ongoing operation – it is unlikely that the successorship clause will result in the return of a unionized workforce.

The USW has represented employees at Sparrows Point since 1941, when its predecessor, the Steel Workers’ Organizing Committee (SWOC), won a government-supervised election following a bitter struggle with owner Bethlehem Steel Corp.

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  • RUKingin

    ” Six union contract coordinators will be employed “for purposes of
    providing asset protection and/or overseeing administration” of the
    interim contract with RG Steel.” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!

    • Steel Clerk

      This whole country is AFU. All of the financial laws benefit the rich. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Certain Maryland government officials, Ira, RG Steel Management and the USWA have all committed criminal acts and need to pay for their actions. McCall is absolutely the biggest bag of BS I have ever seen. I only hope I am somewhere close when Karma kicks his ass! The fact that all of these despicable people will get away with this is why we see more and more stories in the news about people losing it. 

  • Millwright_2

    . . . good work. Union you sure do look out for us. 


    Yeah, CIRRI still has a job “coordinating” a contract that we never used in OUR favor, for people who aren’t working under any contract. LOL..WHAT A JOKE…McCall should be jailed, just like IRA and the JUDGE….sickening…!

  • Readerx

    I was going to post………….at a loss for words…….but, I will remember this Bozo and who he and his “kind” support at election time.

  • Bigpapapump

    this makes me sick,he needs his ass kicked,what a slap in the face for us,someday he will get his

  • Jason

    Why is McCall and our local President Joe Rosel refusing to sell the union halls to benefit the steelworkers who lost everything. They are both thieves who only care for themselves.  

    • Walter

      Jason I agree, those union halls are almost as big as Mr. Ira’s mansion. When they built those halls, I could never understand why they had to be the same size and shitty green color as the DMV in Glen Burnie!  I do not even like the Fascist “Stainless” Steel artwork on the front of the building, looks like something Mussolini would dream up.  

      I could understand them hanging on to those Dundalk Avenue Palaces when they had a steelmill down the road to look after, but it looks like they forgot about the Point and 2,000 union paying local members. I am not giving up on starting back the mill and I hope no one else is giving up!

      • Bry64

        what do you think of mccall now.sneaks in the back door. just like a theif in the night and robs you blind.

    • RAVENS 55


  • Mikraycar

    I truly appreciate the efforts of the local leaders of USW 9477. That being said, Dave McCall should have our collective feet shoved up his a$$.



  • RealSteelworker

    of 1190 unite! Everyone left out in the cold when the “Chosen 200” were picked
    for Mountain State Carbon, should ask how they were picked. They didn’t use seniority,
    but the 1190 President & Chief Shop Steward were picked. Everyone not “chosen”
    should ask themselves, why would the company pick a man who burned the contract
    on TV and why would they pick the Chief Shop Steward that has been fighting for
    the USW 1190 members seniority since 2009 when the Ohio side mill was shut down
    and some union members with 30 years of service were displaced while with
    people with less than 10 years of service worked? This is a blow to union steelworkers
    everywhere. The USW made a deal so that the officials have jobs and everyone
    else is thrown away like garbage, including our retirees. The main responsibility
    of a union is to make the company treats everyone fairly by going by seniority.
    A nonunion company would have been fairer with its employees than the deal that
    was made with the union at Mountain State Carbon that benefits local and
    international union officials. If you were laid off or working at Mountain
    State Carbon and were not given a form for employment you must go to the union
    hall and ask to file a discriministation lawsuit because you were discriminated
    against for reemployment. Don’t be afraid of repercussions, it’s your right.

  • HS

    It’s official: Everything is a scam. Every goddamned entity involved in this deal is only interested in furthering the interests of the wealthy. Everything else about this deal makes perfect sense, but how they got the international to sell 4000 members down the river is beyond me. I can’t see how any investment bank, developer, or captured regulatory agency could possibly offer the international anything worth losing 4000 members and not saying a thing. Christ, with the right lawyers the USWA could have subpoenaed CSN and Optima and forced them to describe all interactions that occurred between them and MDE and EPA, prior to the auction. I imagine the exposure of that information would send the MPA, MDE, and the rest of the captured agencies running for cover while screaming that they’d never heard of Sparrows Point.

    BTW, I think the phrase environmental remediation should be in quotes. The harebrained concept of covering thoroughly contaminated soil and groundwater with contaminated dredging sludge and calling it remediation might be a stretch (pg ES-4 of )

  • Fordtrkfan

    Not surprised at all that another back door, after hours, kick them while they are down deal was made. McCall is just putting another nail in his own coffin! Once he is voted out as Big Cheese within the Union,(which I am sure is the next step for him) I’m sure someone within this entire fiasco is going to hire him, make him CEO,  and  keep on screwing workers for years to come. Heck if he ends up getting this big bonus, who knows he may just retire. Then he will care even less about the workers that he is supposed to be “helping”. I would not want enemies as bad as this guy!

  • WATERGATE 2012

    The lies, betrayals, greed and all the modified  & local agreements made behind closed doors t/o the years. To think that at the bankrupcy hearing last week NO one from USW was present.
    Joe Rossel shame on you …you had to be a part of this deception. We all know who will fill the majority of the (6) contract coordinator jobs & the 100 so call non-union jobs. I can bet most will be filled by the our elected officials who are still presently working. The coordinator jobs will most likely go to the ones that Local 9477 let it be known back in April that we wanted them out for good Cirri, Blackburn, Polinowski yourself.etc.
    Rossel, just what are the intentions of the USW concerning our halls (real estate) and the money in our treasury? Hope they don’t intend to take the money to the International…our money should remain here in Baltimore for our workers..its OUR money
    It is time we speak up and protect what we have left and fight this at every level.
    Not to forget to mention the polititians that had vowed to help us…ended up selling us down the Chesapeake.



  • moe moe

    the   city…state  and  balto  county  is  all  behind  the  sale  ..they  dont  want  steel  there…no  polution…it  aint  the  unions  falt…i  am  sure  they  did  all  they  could…it  all  called  progress  and..up gradeing  the  land  for  better  uses..this  is  only  one  af  many   US  owmed  steel  compancys  that  will  go  under  in  the  nx   few  years….i  dont  like  it  either..i  lose  my  health  care..ect  as  a  retireie…the  goverment  and  big  buniness  that  run  this  country  are  all  behind  it…more  profit  from  overseas   steel….
    moe  moe

    • Walter

      Moe Moe thanks for coming back, we all missed you. The Port and Pols are using what you say about most of the steel production going overseas with their argument that while a mill can be shipped overseas – the Port of Baltimore cannot be sold off and packed up. The real reason they want a marine terminal at the Point is more money to spread around to all of the political supporters.

      The Bay Pilots and Propeller Club Membership is pissed that they are losing cruise ship passengers to BAYONNE, New Jersey.  Bayonne is paying $200.00 to every cruise ship passenger from Maryland to entice them to drive up to Bayonne instead of using the Locust Point passenger terminal. Same goes with the container ship operators. Big ships would rather not navigate past the narrow Key Bridge into narrow berths when they could simply dock at the harbor entrance in SP.  We must all speak as loudly as those eyeing up our 2,500 acres for their own greedy dreams and putting iron & steel on the back burner.

      Moe Moe come out to the rally – hope to see you there!!!!

  • Harleyman

     There’s your union hard at work.

  • Finallyfair

    The poor drunks, junkies, theives, time stealers, and family leave clowns, good luck finding a job with a union to save your sorry as$ now.

  • Scottrerun

    McCall needs his ass kick

  • Maryland Esquire

    This is absolutely shameful.

    Since 2,000 of you are laid off, you should join together and do what you should know how to do – organize.  You need to pick a leader to draft a press release (or a series of press releases) to send to every national or union-focused news outlet (print, television, radio, and online) about the shenanigans that have occurred, including what appears to be a conspiracy among the State of Maryland, your national union, politicians, and developers in this situation.  The only Maryland outlet that is providing any sort of real coverage is this one.  For the most part, every other State and local publication is ignoring this issue.  You need your voices heard beyond Maryland.

    Don’t forget the impact of social media.  Facebook and Twitter posts (including posts to news site pages) are the easiest and fastest way to get your message out to a huge audience.


      This is a good position for Chris OUR VICE PRESIDENT of 9477
      He has been trained & schooled in Labor Studies
      He should be the one to lead and open this BIG can of worms…….or is he also one who is taking a BACK DOOR DEAL and  was a part in destroying & tearing apart our lives with all this turmoil
      Come on CHRIS…today we will truely see and know what you are made of.
      The latest rumor is Joe Rossell is the official chauffeur for Dutch Ruppersberger or is it Klamentz, or  O’Malley…..You dirty rooten dog….

  • Jason

    Dave McCall makes nearly $180,000 a year to go on Vegas trips while looking down at the membership. He is known to party with the company’s CEOs on a regular basis. Dave McCall should be brought on criminal charges for his crimes. Lets just hope the Department Of Labor investigates his backroom deals with RG Steel’s company execs. If the jury were made up of steelworkers. He would be in jail for life.

  • Harleyman

    Welcome to Maryland, “What’s in your Wallet”

  • Steelwife

    Don’t know what happened to my previous comment about showing up at 4:00 at the hall in Dundalk – !!!!  We need to show up in force (wives, friends, children) to protest this travesty.  8/20 today at 4:00 pm we need to show our support for our families who have been backroomed yet once again.  Where are our legislators, I’ve contacted them all and heard nothing…we don’t even know what benefits (or lack thereof) that we have…Hopefully this will be printed and someone will show up at 4:00 to support our men!!!  Dundalk Avenue!!  Please be there!!!



  • Steelwife

    Husband went down to HR at SP at no one is around – he also stopped by Union Hall and no one there either????  WTF is going on???  Hopefully he’ll get some answers at 4:00 today and the Union Hall in Dundalk – hope everyone shows up in force!  ALL IS WAY TOO QUIET!!!!

  • Fordtrkfan

    Saying that there is a 95% chance that the hotside is going to be started up after the closing is definitely a longshot. I don’t believe the Furnace is still warm. Nor do I think they are pumping money into it to keep it warm. Like others have said, the plan to stop making steel at SP was already decided behind closed doors. The group that is taking over is in it for the money, not who’s job they can save. Nothing is running 100% in the U.S. right now. If the furnace were to start up again, and that’s a big if, it would just be another short period of time that it will falter and lose money again for whoever may be running it at the time. It used to be a money maker, now it is a money eater! Burning through money faster than it burns through ORE. The facts are there.

  • Jason

    Rosel is as dirty as McCall for standing so silent. He is still getting paid by the company a huge salary. Rosel hasn’t worked in a steel mill in 20 years. He has been busy sucking up to the corrupt usw leaders for too long. Rosel will have a huge salary from the money the union halls generate while his membership lost all.

  • Walter

    1. HS you might not be so far off -STARBUCKS & Casinos in a “mixed use” Sparrows Point Marine Terminal Empowerment Center. The area planners already have it on their Apple Computers!  How about Outlet Shops too?  Fat Lady Singing needs another Kenneth Cole or Gucci handbag and now she does not have to drive to Perryville or Easton, its all here in 21219!
    2. Las Vegas has the Luxor pyramid as a casino, at Sparrows the casino can be located in the recycled L Furnace shell. Do not laugh, we went up to Bethlehem, PA and they turned part of the old iron works into a high class shopping mall. I thought about all the guys who died in that sweatshop, they could never imagine sexy pretty girls drinking $7.00 per cup Starbucks coffee in their old open hearth. 3. It does not take much imagination to see where the land use at the Point is heading.4. Look in Canton on Boston Street, they took the old National Can Company where my mother worked slaved at $3.45 per hour and they turned it into expensive coffee shops and restaurants, same goes for the old Tide soap factory and the National Brewery – all blue-collar factories now made into Yuppie playgrounds. What about Under Armor, pure Gold for the Harbor and well-paying jobs too!5. Sparrows Point sits high up and has commanding views all the way down the Chesapeake Bay, over to the Eastern Shore and the down to the Bay Bridge, as well as of all of Baltimore City’s Gold Coast. No wonder the yuppies want to “recycle” thousands of acres of prime (and polluted) waterfront. They did it around the old Allied chrome plant in town and the Yuppies are drinking their Lattes and eating Ben & Jerry ice cream next to the chrome dump and loving it.  6. Big money talks and today’s big money now controls Sparrow Point. It is not the old steel money of yesterday, it is the money of today and the future, that will transform this toxic dump into something beyond your wildest imagination.8. Just like in Canton, you can even expect to see Johns Hopkins to have an office with great views (Hopkins employees love great views) of the Chesapeake at one of its new Sparrows Point Campus Medical Centers. Its over boys, time to go take the free courses on repairing BWM & Lexus, or Latte & Espresso machines? 7. I do not mean to upset you, but please take every retraining course Baltimore County and Maryland offers you, you must help yourself, read the Brew, the union appears to be self-destructing in front of you and leaving all of you on your own. 8. Take control of your life because someone else already has, think for yourself! Look at the mess your leadership has gotten you into! Its time for you to be your own “Leadership”. Stop blaming the union and look in the mirror, the free ride your dues bought you is OVER, go back to school and get a trade not locked into an obsolete rusty old blast furnace and a 1917 era tin mill.


    O Great & Almighty
    We thank and praise YOU for the freedom we enjoy in our country and hope & pray that our LIBERTIES as Steelworkers will continue to be PROTECTED under the FEDERAL laws of OUR GREAT NATION.
    May all its citizens and leaders work for the common goal of ALL and not just a few.
    We hold these truths to be self-evident that ALL are created equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with the unalienable rights of LIFE, RELIGION, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Happiness.
    Saying that now let’s go forward and expose this travesty bestowed upon us from the chosen FEW!

  • HS

     Walter, the math the local politicians are falling likely involves the multiplication of  of campaign contributions by developers and real estate types. That’s why Kamenetz couldn’t contain himself and made an early announcement in May about redeveloping SP. That was his way of telling the developers of the world, the auction has opened and I’m accepting all bids. 

  • spaz

    Sorry to see Walter lost faith so soon…What a turnaround!!!

  • Furnace

    Glory Halleluiah!  Can it really be that Mr. 100-Percent-Wrong-All-Along has finally seen the light?

    FatLady Singing’s pumpkin garden is coming along nicely.  She’ll be baking those tossin’ pies real soon.

    I’m not much of a farmer, but my cows and chickens are gonna help me make some special “organically recycled” pies just for your pie tossin’ debut!

    I’m settin’ up a booth by the Main Office stairs. A dollar a throw.

    I was going to suggest that there was now no need to wait until Halloween for this gala event, but it’ll probably take that long for you to get all that egg off your face.    |:0)>

    • Chowchow

      Furnace take it easy on the old SOB. when they can break their number one card carrying company man it confirms why the Point is about to go piece by piece to the scrapyard. Got a text message that the big meeting was a big flop = as in nothing about nothing, same old bull. The only excitement was Chicken Little running up and down Dundalk Ave saying the sky was falling. But we have all known that was going to happen for years now. Sure hope the economy picks up soon or I will be in the same unemployment line as you are Furnace, looks like your Chicken Little boys Georgie and Walter are the first in line? Coordinators are always first in line for the handouts. Reserve me two pies.

      Take is easy on McCall, you guys aged him 20 years since RG bought you. He looks like he has been sleeping under the Bear Creek Bridge, lighten up Furnace.

      • Bry64

        mccall looks like he just came off an all night bender. i would like to play pin the tail on the donkey with that picture of him.

        • WPSC

           I was thinking that he looks more like an old fish eating lesbian ! He definitely has more female characteristics than male. Like the male is fighting the female inside of him for control and the girly man is winning. I would surmise that his mouth has been used for a lot more than lying to steelworkers and union dues funded dinners with company execs.

          • Bry64

            if mccall told me christmas day was december 25th i would still not believe him.

  • Walter

    I have had it boys, this corruption of our leadership is the finial straw. Joe, Dave, and Leo are making money while we are all going on be on the street! George was the only one with the guts and brains to get the heck out of Sparrows Point when they declared the last bank-ripoff.  Now its crystal clear why O’Malley and the Senator have gone over to the Port – they understand that the union has finished itself off, steel labor is in disarray and of no more value to them, and iron & steel making at Sparrows Point – DONE  DEAD  ADIOS 

    Go find yourself another cheerleader, as I want no more to do with these wicked yellow- belly traitors. It has sunk in that the Point is finished  (J H said the L lining is cold and shot), and he too is DISGUSTED!  I am not going to the rally today and listen to more lies, I am done and tired of being hurt and used. You go to the rally, I am driving down to Indian River Campground and fish at the jetty.

    I am going to take one of those free re-training courses, something in the medical tech field because they can charge folks whatever they want too and I can work next to pretty girls that are nice to look at and smell better than old steelworkers!

    Good bye Boys, I am going to enjoy my forced retirement and maybe a new career working at Hopkins – if you cannot beat them- join them!  Every steelworker is going to need a colonoscopy after the union is finished with you, too bad you will not have health insurance!  Maybe I will go into eye care or radiology, I spent most of my life in that big smelly colon at Sparrows Point!  Hilco can have all the colonoscopies they want dealing with the mess the union and greed created. 

    Old Walter is “FREE at LAST” goodbye boys – Stop by the senior table at North Point McDonalds and I will share my dollar meal with you!  

    • Disgusted-in-Ohio

      Although I have had to grit my teeth at some of your posts……….go in peace brother.  If ever in North Point, breakfast in on me.

    • Bry64

      walter. wasn’t you the one who said isn’t it wonderful to see labor and managment working together. well you just seen how wondeful it really is again.

      • Walter

        Bey64 in the old days it worked beautifully. Working together management and union could play good cop, bad cop, play the politicians, vendors, customers, and community groups like a fiddle. It was all a wink and a nod and worked well since the late 1960’s until things (the Beth Sale) started to slowly grow sour after the billionaires wooed the leadership into their devilish ways. It all went to hell in a hand basket so slowly the decline was not noticed, or in my case selectively ignored as long as the Point was making iron and sending out product. I did not care where the trains, barges, ships, and trucks were taking the product. As long as the Blast Furnace was hot the world was just dandy. Like a parent, I tried my small part to keep our family together for as long as I could. The forces destroying SP from outside I could understand and accept. But just as Dr. Boothe warned us, the biggest force leading to our downfall came from within – be it incompetent Beth Steel managers or as Dr. Ray told us, even certain members in to leadership did not have the best interest of steel making at the Point. I find it an impossible task to try too keep a positive attitude and smiling face when whatever we build up someone tears down. Given the current state of the depressed world steel market, failing global economies, and by my own estimates 250 to 350 million dollars in capital improvements just for the Point to try to compete (maybe break even) in an impossible market from our East Coast location, it is financial suicide for any investor, no matter how wealthy to entertain such certain folly. Did I know this all along? Yes, but like a parent with a terminal cancer, I kept it both from you and myself as well. Now none of us can any longer pretend that under current market and equipment conditions Sparrows Point is capable of making money again as a steel producer, to do so is not fair to the steel worker, vendors, customer, and the investor who relies on the steel worker to pull it off.  Can the Point still make Iron and Steel? Yes. Can Sparrows Point make money for its investors making Iron and Steel? Recent history shows – Not Really!  


        • Bry64

          do you honestly believe you kept me in the dark about anything. i seen this train wreck comming along time ago. you and george must of thought you were two real funny guys telling everybody about how you have a first class owner that was treating us like one of his prized rolls royces and you like that. well in the end you found out just what a first class owner is all about.and you and george aren’t so funny after all are you.

  • Fordtrkfan

    Walter, now that you come to realize what has been going on, I send my best wishes to you. Your go get em positivity was definitely couragous on your part. I wish you the best of luck findung happiness outside of the point. Nothing is going to be easy as far as transitioning into another line of work. The point is dead, the sooner we all realize it the better. The beast is gone. It will be remembered as powerful in its hayday, but that is it.

    Goodluck Walter

  • Steelworker


    • friends&family

      Julie will take u out bigmouth…..dont bring a bat to a gun fight bigmouth….the chosen 200 are the elite workers of MSC….the company and union did a great job in choosing these people….

  • Readerx

    I wish you well George.

  • Bry64

    any union hall mccall shows up at they shouild lock the doors on him.



  • Warren chips in

    Some input from Warren here….. it is totally inconceivable that the union who has been paid (and paid well) to represent the workers and their families could stay silent and refuse to answer questions for weeks, to intimate that “all will work out” and then sign off the benefits and sign off on the Sub and pensions retroactively less than a week later. What happened to filing in court for the protection of those benefits (which may have at least stalled off the final hearing and dissolution of the company for an extra month or so, instead of it being dissolved next month). Instead they rolled over without a thought in their collective bargaining heads about the lives that were being destroyed. As if it isn’t a big enough slap in the face that Ira is listed as a creditor and therefore eligible to receive part of the money from the sale of assets (yup, he’s going to get paid for making this mess), now they can all pat themselves on the back for directing money that should have been used for the displaced employees continued benefits to the general asset figure and, in the end, to themselves. And they will get away with it. It is unconscionable, unethical, and should be criminal (if it isn’t already — of course proving it is another thing).  Some people, will be struggling but end up OK, but a good many people and their families are destroyed. It’s not like there are a plethora of steel jobs available.  Personally, I wish some senator or congressman somewhere (is there one who isn’t corrupt?) would call for a full investigation of all of the elements of the way this was handled, including how you can file court papers after the close of business on a Friday. Electronic would be ok or was it a court favor? I don’t trust anything about this anymore, it just makes me sick.

  • TACO

    Was at the meeting good attendance and Joe was talking about consultants looking for new operators to run the plant. When asked about will these new operators the consultants have lined up honor the contract there was nor reply. Does anybody know about these consultants and how much is the union paying them and will they work with the contract or fixed hourly rate with partial benefits?

  • loppy42

    Only thing i can say is those of the” Goody Boys”. Your a bunch a dumb puppets. U Guys are just unhappy cause you spent a bunch of money and made those stupid manny and goody stickers. I liked the part to where they put the years of service of employment next to their names. you add them together and thats how long it will be for them to actually learn something about a union. These fellas run to the company and tell them everything. You guys should not hang with these guys, With the Tales these guys tell, WoW, Mother goose stories just got put to shame by the stories these guys come up with. Ever hear of the saying Two peas in a pod. LOL. I am surprised one of them is working…. If the company ever goes back and looks at felonys look out…. Might be a opening on a job or two.  They might even get a couple of people for hanging out with the guy I think its called assesory. Just hope him and Jerry Sandusky dont know each other cause that shower room would be a scary place to be…   Look the two joe’s are the two balls and Goody is the D+ck in the middle.     Keep talking crap, see how far it gets ya,

    • Grimreaper

      o yes, its on!

  • Jlari

    what happened to all the politicians that promised to save sparrows point steel mills and shipyard do they still get retirement and health benefits . don’t blame the economy , blame the real theiving basturds in the Maryland state government and all the federal represenitives past and present . the revolution will not be telivised but it will get ugly and it needs to be done !

  • RealSteelworker

    People of 1190 that wanted a job at Mountain State Carbon
    and were denied one should go to the union hall and ask Ernie why he was given
    a job and you weren’t. Let him explain what makes him so special and he should
    be too embarrassed to answer you because he spends his days at the union hall
    collecting lost time.  Does that make him
    more qualified than you because he knows how to steal time? Don’t just lie down
    and let them do this without a fight. There are no comments to dispute any of
    my posts or defend the USW because every word is true & the international
    just wants this whole thing to go away quietly. If you let it go away quietly the
    Rats will still be employed and you will be on the street. It took the USW
    three years to totally destroy three modern steel companies that made a good
    product and the lives and communities of thousands of steelworkers who depended
    on them. It was all done for greed. I’m asking all USW past & present union
    officials & members at the affected plants to go or call the Department Of
    Justice with any criminal activity that you may have seen over the last three
    years. If you are in the inner circle now you could be on the outside real
    soon. Everyone just remember if there is activity that is criminal happening or
    has happened around you and you don’t report it you can be prosecuted for it. The
    Contract Coordinator positions are a big joke because the contract was thrown
    out. At the union meeting John Saunders told a union brother that RG has no
    money to pay our benefits but they got money to pay him & Bernie a salary
    to do nothing but sit on their fat asses and act important they are truly two Pieces
    of Shit. Just remember if Ernie was on the outside he would make his feelings
    known he is a first generation steelworker and he thinks that steelworkers are
    dumb and some of you proved him right by putting him in power.  I just wonder if his father would’ve taken a carpenter
    job from a senior union member or would he have gone back to the old country
    because that isn’t union to do that. Ernie need’s to practice what he preaches. 

  • Furnace

    According to Brazil’s Valor Economico business newspaper, ThyssenKrupp is now also inviting non-binding offers of purchase for its Steel Americas division by Sept. 28.

  • Loppy42

    Real Steelworker, did u ask Ernie y he is working and not you. If you did what did he say? Are you just complaining cause your not qualified and he is? Are you just a big baby crying about not working? Are you just a puppet who crys other people’s sayings? Are you crying because you are too chicken to go to someone’s face and even present to the members at meetings your concern or are you too chicken to say it to someone’s face? I think you just all tough on the brew, and u act like u know everything. Calling the dept. of labor. seriously did u think of that all by yourself or did u have a circle jer-. If you know all the answers about why somebody got the golden ticket and you didn’t why don’t you tell us. Criminal activities, I will give u one financial Secretary embezzling thousands. Goody with misrepresenting thousands of people, also getting kick backs and getting money from dues and he is at the marina putting his boat in the water. getting kickbacks from AVI and also from the company for not filing grievances. Better watch how you throw the criminal acts in there cause The current regime is clean except for Carmen. You better not be affiliated with them previously mentioned people do to assesory moron.

  • xunionpresident

    Is it true that the union was told they were not needed at Mountain State Carbon by Severstal?

  • assklown jr

    yes steeler the company spent $650 per physical so that they could deny those applications and spend $650 more on u assklowns.   man are u dumb. they picked the best 200 available!! thats who will work….

    • scabhunter

      wow, the steelworkers sure have alot of scabs these days. are you the main scab?

      • assklown jr

        21 years of paying into the friends & family plan paid off…..i got the golden ticket….did u?

        • scabhunter

          you think you will get to use it ?

  • Mtaz800

    The only thing with the successorship clause that helps out the union is that the local will continue to pull in a paycheck while we are screwed for the next year so FU USW

  • guest

    that shut the scabs up for now, i dont blame any one of you 1000, make it right, the scabhunting way.

  • HoffaismyHero

    How many of you Union workers are going to cross the picket line to watch the Ravens play tomorrow night?

    We will see who the true Scabs are. Only a Scab would cross a picket line.

    • msc1190

      im going.

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