Baltimore steelworkers brace for unemployment: “It’s rough out there”

Men and women schooled in steelmaking reflect on their future.

usw crowd

Sparrows Point workers and retirees throng the Local 9477 union hall this afternoon.

Photo by: Fern Shen

A line of steelworkers snaked around a block of Dundalk Avenue and as they climbed the steps to the union hall this afternoon, some seemed beaten-down and resigned, and others were furious.

“It’s a sad thing they’re doing. A lousy thing they’re doing. Isn’t it obvious what they’re doing?” said Prentise Singleterry, 42.

“They’re doing it to get rid of the union. Even if they do start it up again they’ll give us no benefits, nothing, they’ll give us nothing.”

More than 1,000 steelworkers came to the United Steelworkers (USW) Local 9477 hall to hear about the end of the union contract with RG Steel and the termination of health benefits and pensions on August 31, as the sprawling Sparrows Point mill is sold to a Chicago-based liquidating company.

“The Port Wants our Property”

Joe “Bubba” Morris was mad at public officials and the mainstream media for letting the steel jobs go away so casually.

“Over 2,000 jobs got destroyed,” said Morris, 30. “They need to stand up and say that. And not like it’s just 10 people at McDonald’s who got fired.”

“I believe the state just wants our property for the Port. To put 3,000 more cars on the ground. They’d just love that.”

"They left us high and dry," this 45-year-old steelworker said, complaining that members were given little information with so much atstake. "We've all got families."

“They left us high and dry,” this 45-year-old steelworker said, complaining that members were given little information by the union or company. “We’ve all got families.” (Photo by Fern Shen)

Bob Jennings said he thought the mill’s collapse was inevitable, but he also felt Maryland’s political leaders could have tried harder to stop it.

“Thank Gov. O’Malley and [Baltimore Count Executive Kevin] Kamenetz. They could have done a lot more to prevent this,” said Jennings, 59, an ironworker who has worked at Sparrows since 1974.

“If I get an honest reference and my last paycheck, I’ll be happy,” added a bitter Michael Guercio, 46, who joined the ranks of 1,500 other steelworkers laid off from Baltimore’s one-time largest industrial employer.

A plumber who worked at Sparrows Point for 16 years, Guercio said he figures he’ll come out of whatever happens with some kind of income.

A retiree proudly wears a cap honoring the rebuilding of the Sparrows Point halogen production facility in 1993. (Photo by Fern Shen)

A retiree wears a cap honoring the rebuilding of the halogen tinplate facility years ago. (Photo by Fern Shen)

“I had work before I came here, I’ll find work after,” the 46-year-old said, adding, “I just hope I can pay my bills.”

“Won’t be as a Union Member”

Even if a buyer comes along to restart steelmaking, he observed, chances are his budget will be tight. “If they call me back, it won’t be as a union member.”

The crowd was almost, but not completely, composed of men. Candace Maxwell, 55, who had worked in the coke ovens, was waving a flag and holding a sign that said, “Steelworkers stiffed by RG Steel.”

“It’s terrible what they’re doing to the steelworkers, taking their benefits,” said Maxwell, who said her husband also worked at the mill and died at 52 of asbestosis.

Region will be Impacted by Job Loss

“One hospital stay can cost these people their whole savings,” she said, noting that the impact of lost steel-mill jobs is spreading far beyond the workers and their families.

“It’s the whole economy of the Baltimore area, all the businesses. And it’s people they owe money to like my sister – they owe her $300,000,” Maxwell said.

Ex-steel workers are "one hospital stay away" from losing their savings, said Candace Maxwell, shown here with sister Alice Lambert. (Photo by Fern Shen)

Laid-off steelworkers are “one hospital stay away” from losing their savings, said Candace Maxwell, shown here with sister Alice Lambert. (Photo by Fern Shen)

As for whether a buyer could ever be found to take over steelmaking – the Chicago liquidator, Hilco Industrial, said it might be willing to re-sell parts of the mill to an operating company – some steelworkers were optimistic.

But many were highly skeptical.

“This was like the 44th time it’s been sold,” said Lucky Stevenson. (Actually, the mill has been sold to five owners since Bethlehem Steel Corp. went bankrupt 11 years ago.)

“There’s not much left there,” said the crane operator, who has worked at the mill since 1967. “They’ve hit rock bottom.”

In keeping with his name, though, Stevenson said he was fortunate. “I’m old enough to retire. I can go out the back door. But the younger guys, they are going to find it’s kind of rough out there in this economy.”

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  • Glad to be gone

    RG should have never tried to run SPPT. I could have told them that.
     And the union should not have kept all plants together when they did. No matter who got involved, SPPT would have died anyway.
     Too old, too antiquated.
    The department of justice started the downhill slide when they made Mittal sell.
    Blame them !

  • Mickey 111

    the  city  n state  and  county   do  not  want  steel  make   there…now  is  the  best  chance  in  years  to  get  rid  of  it…………..

  • HELP!!!!!!

    We actually had our two International Staff members present at the meeting Frank Rossi & Jim Stong who did not speak or address the body and have offices that our INTERNATIONAL pay for with STEELWORKERS hard earned dues money. I just wonder  what the rental cost on their offices are.. and their expence accounts are….does anyone know? The directive came from Dave McCall (INTERNATIONAL) so wouldn’t you think that one of them would have addressed the BODY????? WHY???? Hell know, they just want a paycheck for doing absolutely NOTHING.  I wanted so bad to wipe the smirks off their faces….they were  happy and smiling to sit back and let the stoolies that represent our Local9477 do their DIRTY WORK… they didn’t even appear to be troubled about the masses of people in the hall or concerns. Wouldn’t you think it would have been the proper thing to do but address the body??????  It just didn’t happen..and that shows volumn…
    Again, the word is the Baltimore Brew is not our friend..the word is (SNITCHES) who report in…Unbelievable..The meeting was unproductive and uninformative. Basically (6) months ..keep your mouth shut and we are working on it.
    HELP……HELP………..HELP Our families will be is so troubling

    • WPSC

       This underhanded, dirty dealing, conniving, thieving scam started when the USW sanctioned orchestrators ejected all of us in the Ohio Valley to the street three and a half years ago. Those of us in the know  that worked in Mingo and Warren warned all of you on the east coast what kind of future you were in for, and you chose to ratify Rennert and Dimebag’s shitrag contract anyway. Now, you are finally seeing the effects of the exact thing that we told you would happen and you act as though it is somehow incomprehensible that it is happening to you.Everybody knows that Ira Rennert is a thieving AIPAC  POS that has somehow managed to avoid incarceration? Did you believe that we were making it all up? Or that perhaps SP was somehow exempt from the Rennert guillotine? You chose not to stand with any of us in solidarity because our plight did not directly affect your ability to continue working and making a buck. So remember one thing my friend, you reap what you sow ! When an individual allows his or her own personal integrity and moral compass to be compromised by greed and lack of compassion for a fellow human being, that same greed will eventually come full circle to rear it’s ugly head and let you know who the real boss ultimately is !

      • Bry64

        i think most of them thought by passing the contract by a wide majority that they were going to be ira’s number one baby. that he was going to take care of us. in the end ira’s number one baby has and always will be money.

        • cruzer

          could not find anyone at sp who voted for the contract. so dont blame sp for it. probably a done deal from the beginning.

      • Mchristopher1185

        At least you guys were able to collect 3yrs of sub and medical on our backs

    • Bry64

      the reason they didn’t say anything is because mccall told them to keep there mouth shut.maybe thats what alot of them need is that smirk wiped off there faces. and the only reason why there knocking the brew is because everybody is seeing how useless they are.

    • I’ll HELP you!!!

      In reply to Help!!! You are probably one that need directions to the union hall.  You sit back and say “poor me poor me” !!! Well brother or sister let me tell you, its not just poor me.  We are all in the same boat!!! What the hell are you doing to improve the situation. Didn’t you listen to a fucking thing that President Rosel told you. He is working to find a new owner day and night.,  And You SHOULD be thankful that he was elected as your Pesident because without him your  ass would be DONE!! So shut the F up, stop being so negative and start supporting your union and see what positive things you can start doing to improve the lives of all of US!!!



      • Union my tush

        Hey I’ll help you. In case you have not notices, we are done! This union is toast!

        • TACO

          We still have almost 6 months to locate the new operator for starting up hot and finishing departments. Since the leadership already has some idea of who would be a good fit it may not even take the entire 6 months because most of the homework is done. Hilco is looking too because they could make a good profit helping find the new operator. The time to support your union is now when the leadership could use an encouraging word while they are working so hard to get everyone back to work.  Good luck to all.

          • RUKingin

             What part of “it’s done, stick a fork in it, last one here turn out the lights, the fat lady is singing” don’t you understand?!

    • Welcome to the real world

      Did you speak up at the Union hall? Or did you just sit back . . . and bitch and complain on the Brew.  If you wanted Rossi or Strong to speak, you shouls have said so. You have been represented by a union too long brother, you need to go out and find a real job.  but you are probably one of those lazy asses tyat couldn’t work for a non union shop!!!  Complain, Complain, Complain that Ur MO!!!

    • Unionworker

      Why do U think that UR family is the only one that is hurting!! We are all in this together.  Why dont U see what U can do to help!! In stead of bitching and complaining…..


        ITS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gbcjr2

    LIes and more lies brain washed by the international and union.

    • The Professor

      The union has done absolutely NOTHING for it’s paying dues members !!!  They have been reamed, steamed and cleaned !!!  AND, what hurts most is that the union leadership won’t even communicate/inform these people.

      Because of these actions( or inactions) unions as a whole are DONE in this country.  And, the primary culprits are the union leaders(or thieves) that is.


        Professor You nailed it right on and the local Politicians figured it out before we did! Unions are are on the way out because the union leadership is sitting behind closed doors thinking up ways to rip off their own membership so the less they communicate with the dues paying members the more difficult it is to figure out how badly we are getting screwed.  Sparrows is good example of how the union screwed the membership more than the jerks owning the company. The union lead the company and membership to the poorhouse and chuckled all the way as the dues poured into their private treasure chest on Dundalk Ave.

        This is being played out all over America and this is why the elected politicians are not kissing the union’s ass anymore. When the membership is ready to burn their union card because we have been screwed worse by the union than the company, you are not going to see the state and local politicians get involved and take a stand speaking up for union bosses that screw the membership and have lost the respect of the membership and media. 

        There was a time when the politicians got his picture in the Sunpapers and Dundalk Eagle hugging the President of Local 9477, now if a politician is shown anywhere near these Bernie Madoff thieving benefit and job killing SOB’s every steelworker, ironworker,  and his friends & family will boot the politician out on election day.  Hear this local elected Politicians – It is no longer POLITICALLY CORRECT to be seen with these Union and Mill wrecking pack of scheming thieves. 

  • The Worn Plant

    Isnt the SUB termed a FUND? It was set up years ago as an employee trust to be used exclusively for Un-Employed Steelworkers? Isnt it suppose to be a FUND simular to a Pension Fund which is seperate from Corporate General funds, protected from being taken away? Can anyone explain?

    • Warren worker

       A few contracts ago, the union and company decided to abolish the SUB fund and instead roll it into the general fund. It was still called SUB, but not a separate Fund like before. Which allowed them to use it as they wanted.

  • Maryland Esquire

    Were any elected officials in attendance?  If not, why not?

    Brew:  have you contacted any Federal, State, or local elected politicians to query about this? 


      NOT ONE Federal, State or Local unless they came in disquised

  • Sparrows Hater

    That guy with the suspenders is actually Walter.  Glad to see he is ok.  Thought Walter had been kidnapped and his computer hijacked based on his last couple of posts that actually made sense.

    Sorry for all the salaried folks that are out of work too.  It is not the employee’s fault their employer and its management team were a bunch of inept jackasses. 

    Mark, thanks for all the coverage the past year.  Creditors, employees, customers, competitors and interested parties learned more on the Brew than anywhere else.  I still hope the final chapter is a couple buses full of USW members headed out to the Hamptons to protest out in front of that giant mansion of Ira’s!  The proceeds from the sale of that mansion should help fill that giant hole the PBGC is trying to fill in the pension plan.

    • WPSC

       Are you serious?? Is that really the old steel fossil Walter live and in person?? Walter, how about some official confirmation??

      • TACO

        Take a good look WPSC 15% percent of the crowd was the over 65 senior happy meal types running up the stairs as fast as their walkers would take them to stuff the $10,000 show me the door money into their pockets. There were more scooters from the Scooter Store parked out front of the hall than they had handicap parked spaces and someone had to call the cops to ticket them old farts for blocking the fire lane with those damn scooters.  Well, they call Sparrows Point the Museum of Industry on the Patapsco, so you need old Fossils to figure out how to run all of that antique garbage the company calls machinery.

    • Akwheels65

      Just to set  Sparrows Hater  and the Brew straight, the fellow with the suspenders name is not Walter or Joe or Mike .You, the brew should consider this a personal attack on an individual. 

      • Mickey 111

        that  is  mr  bob ..iornworkers…70  yrs  old  48  yrs  service…working…getting  pbgc..steel  workers  pension..hes  a  good  man


        Take your wheels Akwheels65 and head over to the Scooter Store too, I just saw a nice red one with saddlebags you would like. The union and company can screw us but You CANNOT take our sense of humor away – its one thing they cannot steal from us!  All of those old guys know how to roll with the punches, I suggest you younger dudes do the same or you will have a nervous breakdown. 

        • guest

          What color scooter did you buy?


      Here’s a better idea. How about selling off the two giant white elephant union halls to build the new Dundalk TARGET store and use the money to buy food baskets and back to school supplies for the kids. We could save the money for the bus trip to the Hamptons and getting locked up and jailed by Ira’s private judge. 

      Someone said old Suspender Walter took his $10,000 get out of SP money and ran off with Fat Lady in his “new” 1976 Buick Electra he just bought from Chick Ahmers used cars up the street from his old annex – Memories GO GO bar.





    • OxygenMaskedMan

      NEVER AGAIN! Good questions, my neighbor is with the DTE coal injection, will Hilco or DTE pack it up? Where is Don Marion and Michael Tang moving the large Maryland Pig Plant too?, The Voset Alpine/Seimen’s Caster’s new repair and service center on North Point Road, will that go back to Austria? Air Products says they are OK with compressed customers all over the region. Mobile Dredging can find unlimited work in the toxic clean-up program.

      Now a question for Mark. Mark what do you know about the 24/7/365 mining of old iron skulls out of the slag piles and waterfront fill areas. This is still going on, where is all the recovered iron going now that the L is cold.  Does the money go to the creditors or into Rennert’s bank account?  What company is still contracted to recover and recycle this little spoken about windfall? Will the mining continue for the many years is takes to recover the iron? Tailing that go 15 feet below Mean Low Tide and up to 30 feet above tide level – this is a lot of iron and at today’s scrap prices, worth hundreds of millions of dollars and been kept hush hush.

      Slab Yard Dog, the Port and taxpayers have already paid $800,000.00 to a EA Eng.?? for the Coke Point study. You can expect much oversight on the property now that union and company has lost its grip on the politicians to look the other way. The tide has turned and the younger politicians are not going to allow the Point’s Scorch the Earth policy to stand. Yes, its going to be a Hornet’s Nest of toxins stirred up, but I invite you to join many of the oversight citizen watchdog committees planned for all the the surrounding communities. We know that Turners Station, Dundalk, North Point, and Millers Island communities are going to be very watchful that the toxins from Sparrows Point are no longer released in the those communities as has been past practice. Turners Station has borne the brunt of these toxic discharges with a well- documented rare and unexplained cancer cell. 

      NEVER AGAIN should the citizens be poisoned because a Robber Baron requests EPA relief from environmental air & water discharge regulations and the local elected political leaders make it happen in the name of job security for their electorate. NEVER AGAIN should the children of 21219 & 21222 be poisoned so that robber barons can live the good live in their pristine mansions far removed from the toxins taken in by the good people of Tuners Station, Dundalk and North Point. 

  • MICKEY 111


  • MICKEY 111


  • My2Cents

    I think it’s funny that the costant flow of continuous information has been the Baltimore Brew – exactly what the union doesn’t want you to read.

    I read the Brew for years now and made my decision to leave SP last year based on information here from the Brew articles as well as other union brothers at other mills having similar experiences. The writing was on the wall.

    Thank you Brew for giving us what the union could not – NEWS & COMMUNICATION ! ! !

  • Legal Ease

    Did the international file a petition in the bankruptcy court proceedings for severance pay for the membership or was that part of McCalls give away program? We voted on and for the contract which is suppose to be binding. We sacraficed signing bonuses,wages etc. for a contract that was not upheld by our officials. If not the NLRB maybe a class action suit for non-representation at the bankruptcy proceedings – HMM !!

  • RichardC

    If we, the union members, had to vote the contract in then shouldn’t we be the ones that should have to vote for it’s early termination??  One person spoke for all to begin with, I think.

    • Nashorn

      No, you don’t get to vote.

      There are only 2 votes here that matter; 1. the Company’s decision to file for termination and 2. the Judge’s approval or disapproval of that request … he would have approved it with the Union’s consent or without..

      The company’s liquidating and has far fewer assets than debts, at the end of september the company will file to terminate its incorporation (kill itself), then there’s no one to have a contract anyway.

  • Mickey 111

    6  months  of  waiting  is   B S…if  theres  a  buyer  out  there   we’d  know  it  today…or   even  by  the  end  of  the  week….if  there  is  any  hope….if  there  was  a  buyed  …they  would  have  bid  for  the  plant….telling   ya…the   state  wont  let  no  steel  maker  have  it….the  state  wants   casinos   n  horse  raceing    …….thieveing   Bas____s….thats  where  they  get  all  there  kick  backs…lunches….tickets…like  the  mayor  got…ect….  and  god  knows  what  else….

  • Legal Ease

    Got word that RG is working on ” Packages ” for managers at Sparrows as of yesterday. We were told RG is bankrupt thats why we were not intitled to severance or any other benefit. Some body is NOT telling the truth. 

  • Dr. Raymond Boothe

    Starting in December of 2011 I told you folks that RG Steel had no business plan whatsoever and were drowning in debt by running L blast furnace with Mr. Goodbar, McCrow and Ira at the helm. And in months afterwards the workers at SP wrote letter after letter saying that this was never going to happen. I presented all the faults and problems that were involved in making a profit at SP yet the union members looked the other way, never seeing was happening outside of the Baltimore outerbelt. Across the mountains all along the future of RG Steel was happening for real. Mingo Junction was still not operating, hundreds were out of work, plants were not getting the proper raw materials and the machinery was not getting the money for propers repairs. Ira even told the Warren Plant that he was not going to repair its hot end, putting their workers in danger. While SP was pulling the company in the deep hole day by day, Wheeling Corrugating, Warren, Yorkville and the coke plant was keeping their heads above water. These plants would be operating today if it wasn’t for that huge iron anchor in Baltimore dragging the company into the depths of bankruptcy.

    So here we stand, companies are closed, steelworkers jobs lost and families destroyed.
    Everybody with any sense knew that running Sparrows Point at full tilt would crush the company. The company might have worked by starting up their more and smaller profitable plants first and then ramping up SP slowing as the company got some financial footing. Instead people like Goodbar, (who had dreams that he was a steel baron), the corrupt USW and a bottom feeder like Ira Rennert worked to bankrupt three steel companies for personal profit. One of the worst industrial disasters in the history of the United States occurred with hardly a person or governmental official even giving a wimper. But then we let them do it…didn’t we.

    The union as a force in labor history is now dead. The USW did not show any once of solidarity when it came to unemployed steelworkers in the Ohio Valley. Even now the USW leadership have ran from their own membership and for their new jobs in the new world order. Their former members, retired members and widows were left in the dirt as they went on to guarenteed jobs. Not one USW leader should have a job because their job was to protect their membership and they failed in miserable fashion. They were just as bad as Ira Rennert and Goodbar delibertly running the company into bankruptcy.

    One man’s effort or a hundred men’s efforts could have not saved RG Steel. I tried, but as the months went on I discovered one horrible thing. I believed that all of this was an attempt to create a steel company to show a profit.  Instead I discoved that this was a pre-planned effort to destoy a steel company, break the union and make a profit doing it.
    It was the pre-orchestrated american dream. The human carnage in this case more than anyone could imagine.

    Good luck to all. 

    • now non union

      Doc, My sister picked me up a signed copy of your book “Fire On The Water”:. This book is very well researched and written. I would recomend my union brothers and sisters purchase and read this as I enjoyed it very much. I find this a very sad ending for the membership that believed the union was there to help them. The USW is dead and lacks any credibility. Thank You for all your informative posts and take care.

    • appalledinohio

      I told you exactly that a year and a half ago. He never had any intention of running for profit.

      • Bry64

        i honestly believe he had this planned from day one.

    • Harleyman

       Not that I totally disagree with your predictions and business ethic the problem that I have is after presenting the faults and problems at SP to the Union members what did you expect them to do about it?
      I know what happened to some of the management that wasn’t on board with RG’s version of running a steel Co.
      The bottom line is in your last sentence. Maybe the plan was never to be profitable  in the first place. That approach sure makes all the bad business decisions easier to understand.
      The hardest thing for us to accept is that we have been gotten over on. That we have no place in the profit making scheme that was RG Steal.
      There are many reasons for this but putting the blame on each other is meaningless assuming that the employees had any control.
      Good luck and God bless to all.

  • Mickey 111

    and  another  thing   joe  rosell…if  you  talked  to  the  govenor…lol…and  other  state  officals…that  said  they  would  help….BS….or  they  would  have  a  buyer  here

    • Steelworker

      Mickey 111, What specifically have u done as a union member besides talk about those who have triedto help u ?

  • Thomas

    I might regret asking this, but what specifically would you guys even want your elected officials to do?

  • HELP!

    TO I’LL HELP you!!!!
    OOOOHOOOOHOOO STAFF HAS FINALLY SPOKEN..finally crawled out of you hole!!!!

    • Thesteelworker

      Im not staff, but i know an ass when I hear one and that would be you!!  Why don’t You go find another job making $25.00 per hour!!!

  • Jason

    Rosel’s only purpose seems to cover for Dave McCall selling out the membership. The union plans on selling the halls giving the money to the international. The money should go to the steelworkers health care and sub fund. It should not go in the pockets of these crooks. 

    • Bry64

      maybe they need that money to gamble with on there next trip to vegas.hope you throw craps mccall every time you come out with the dice.

  • RealSteelworker

    Notice: Games Being Played By Severstal & USW @ Mountain State Carbon. There was an article in the Steubenville Herald Star today about a woman that worked at Mountain State Carbon faithfully for 34 years and wasn’t given a form for re-employment but local 1190’s union president (Contract Burning Ernie) that hasn’t been to work at Mountain State Carbon in months because he been sitting up at our union hall making deals to protect his
    job with insurance benefits was given a form for re-employment. Everyone needs to be outraged and keep this preferential treatment at the forefront of their post. The international took care of themselves and the local officials like they were doing since RG Steal took over the mills. The USW is the most un-union union that I’ve ever seen. Ernie & Dan you are no better than McCall you’ve sold your people out to better yourselves. I hope when you wake up every morning and look in the mirror you think about the people that lost
    everything (Job’s, Insurance, Homes, Cars & Family Members) because of your selfish actions. That would make it hard for a decent person to live with themselves. Awhile back msc#1operator asked what I had against Ernie and now everyone can see what kind of person Ernie is by sacrificing the majority of the 1190 members for himself & a few. 

    • msc#1operator

      hey thanks for the mention in ur post….i hear what ur sayn but u gotta remember 1 thing…..back in march 2011 ol ernie burned that contract and told u it was no good…so if u would have listened to him then and not approved it MAYBE we wouldnt be where we are now…..and as far as him holdn a job at msc, hes qualified and thats all i have to say about that…..

      • observer

        If you remember 1190 voted it down.

      • 1190

        you voted for it and so did your fake pres . . .

    • nothingtolose

      ive nothing else to lose, so now what!

  • Loppy42

    Sour grapes you eating real steel worker? Were not fortunate enough to get a golden ticket? Let us know if you can do things better then what Ernie has done. As it sounds your trying to speak on everyone’s behalf. If you want them to look in the mirror why don’t you look in the mirror and tell us what you see. Someone who is sour and jealous of the 200 fortunate individuals who can maintain employment. An attack on two individuals is an attack on those 200 individuals. Are those employees not qualified enough for you? Are you a follower of the most corrupt regime of goody Manny Casey and destefano. If there is shenanigans going on go up and confront them at the hall or are you just tough on the brew.Ernie and Dan has done a great job with information and they can’t control stuff that is beyond them. I bet if they offered you a package I guarantee you wouldn’t be crying. Also I think the goody boys were at it in steubenville again the other night. Must have given pointers on how to harm a girl in the most awful ways. Jerry Sandusky don’t have anything compared to goody. Need to change your name from realsteelworker to real tear jerker cause all you do is cry! Shut up and suck it up. Get off the computer and go do something in person if your so worried about it. As Justin Timberlake sang the song, Cry Me A River. He amade that for you.

  • An RG Unsecured Creditor

    Thomas, I think the whole problem is the USW and our elected officials should have showed their face from MAY 31 st on.  The retraining is nice. That won’t pay the mortgage and it won’t pay back the creditors. Homes are lost and businesses are under. They stayed silent with NO or very little input. It would be nice if the USW, Officials, Steelworkers and Creditors all contacted the DOJ daily. This scam needs to be looked into. I agree with Dr. Boothe. It was planned and people need to be held responsible. Quick sale. Behind the scenes dealing. Lost jobs, homes and creditors won’t see a dime. Just push it under the rug and it will all go away. I don’t think so. There are over 4,000 of you. Make a call today and send a letter to the Department of Justice. It probably is over. But, Ira Rennert should never be allowed to own another company and maybe we can save other people from going through the same thing. Call the DOJ and your elected officials today. Don’t wait for another union meeting. Start your own event. I wish I could find out every address and phone number of all the creditors, I would have them call too! Any ideas how to obtain this information. Only a few are listed on the court docket. Do it for the future of our children and grandchildren. We need to stop this today.

  • MICKEY 111


  • MICKEY 111


  • Mickey 111

    wonder  if  the  scrapers  will  be  a  mexican  crew ?

    • TACO

      Could be, remember years back when all the Koreans were in the asbestos removal businesses?  They all moved to Howard County or have white lung by now. So the door is open for the next wave of immigrants to do our dirty work. Scrapping something as big as the Point is a dangerous job and if it ever goes that far let us hope everyone is safe. 

  • Mickey 111

    if  your  lucky..hilco  maybe  can  try  to  run  the  finish  side…run  it  or  lease  it  out  to  someone  to  run  it….but  that dont  mean  the  usw  will  be  there….

  • Loppy42

    Fake Pres? Lol. is that you Joey, Dan is that u? The two biggest jokes of 1190 history. 1190 if u think he’s a fake president, what that make you? You a imaginary president or vice. Do u go home and look in the mirror and pretend your an official, do u put a cape on and run around as a super hero too. Well if u have any questions just call the hall and ask for Ernie and see if an imaginary person gets on the other line. Ernie is the best pres we had for a long time.

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