Psst, wanna buy a used steel mill?

The Hilco Group offers up the mill. But don't take this as a sign that there are interested buyers, except to cart the equipment away.

mill for sale2

Hilco’s website offers to sell part or all of the Sparrows Point steel mill.

Photo by: Hilco Industrial

Hilco Industrial made good on its promise and today offered prospective buyers of the closed Sparrows Point steel mill several purchase options.

Dubbing its offer as a “Rare Opportunity to Purchase and Operate a Steel Mill,” the Chicago-based company said it will entertain bids for “one or more independent steel production lines” as well as “the entire Sparrows Point mill.”

Bidders can operate the production lines at Sparrows Point, but they can also buy – and remove – the equipment through a components auction.

Here’s the relevant language from the website:

“Buyers are not precluded from buying one or more independent steel production lines, including their components, and removing them from Sparrows Point.”

Hilco called on interested parties to submit an “initial indication of interest” by November 12, and set December 21, 2012 as the bid deadline.

The website also disclosed this timetable: “Auction Date (if necessary): January 3, 2013” and “Closing Date: No later than January 11, 2013.”

Don’t Take Too Seriously

The Brew strongly suggests that former employees – as well as connoisseurs of the decline and collapse of the once-largest steel mill in the world – not confuse today’s announcement with a return to pre-bankruptcy steel production.

Hilco officials auction off equipment from General Motors' Willow Run auto plant in December 2010. (Courtesy of Hilco Industrial)

Hilco officials auction off equipment from General Motors’ Willow Run auto plant in December 2010. (Courtesy of Hilco Industrial)

Hilco still has months of inventory, planning and site remediation to complete before it can even begin the wholesale scrapping of Sparrows Point’s facilities.

An offer to sell some of the property would not interfere with this work, while give the liquidator – and the United Steelworkers union (USW), which currently represents 1,600 mill workers without jobs – a fig leaf to say that the final determiners of the mill’s fate are “market forces.”

Sparrows Point Shopped Before

Unless an industry that is currently awash in excess capacity and low steel prices makes a miraculous recovery, a potential start-up of Sparrows Point would be highly risky as well as expensive.

The global steel business has known that Sparrows Point was being peddled by RG Steel for months before the company filed for bankruptcy protection last May 31.

In fact, Sea Port Group Securities LLC and other consultants were being paid more than $400,000 a month prior to the bankruptcy filing to try to off-load the mill, which was losing between $500,000 and $1 million a day.

No group came forward.

Mexican bid Rejected as Inadequate

Then during the summer-long bankruptcy process, no steel company made a final bid for the plant, even though several firms, notably Mexico’s AHMSA and Brazil’s CSN, placed offers for the property.

The Brew’s review of recently-released bankruptcy court records shows that on July 25 and again on July 28, bids for Sparrows Point by AHMSA (Altos Hornos de Mexico) were privately reviewed by Sea Port and RG management.

Neither the Mexican offer – nor one by CSN – was considered acceptable as a “stalking horse,” or preferred bidder, and Hilco went on to win the auction by offering $72 million for the mill.

Environmental Indemnification

In its website offering, Hilco does not include the “L” blast furnace as an individual part of the potential sale of the “hot side” of the mill. This omission is striking given that, without its operation, the “entire mill” could not be operated.

L produces the molten iron that is the first basic step toward making steel in the BOF (basic oxygen furnaces) and producing slabs on the continuous casters – both of which are offered as equipment for a potential operator.

(A reader points out that Hilco appears to combine the L furnace with the sinter plant.)

Another oddity  is that Hilco’s offer precludes the sale of the land upon which the mill sits.

The 3,400-acre peninsula is now owned by Hilco’s partner, ELT, which says it will keep the land but provide “an indemnification for all past environmental liabilities at the site.”

That’s a tall order given the environmental issues at the mill, including a still-unsatisfied 1997 consent decree signed by former owner Bethlehem Steel with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Maryland Department of the Environment.

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  • duster

    not so fast fat lady cause i have a close friend still working for hilco and he has been shutting down h20 lines and draining them all over!!  in fact i think they have about 4 or 5 guys just doing that, i dont no about securing air or wat ever else has to b done but i no this much for sure!! i also see that work was being done at the railroad where the slab haulers park and it sounded like repair work being done over there!! could b something good u wont no till the time table is set!! i hope so if not for me but for the future of all high school grads that dont go to college can still get a good job n the workers who r layed off n still have alot of time to work!! my time is winding down like i said bfore, close to my pbgc n can get my rule 85 now, my wife is working so lets hope for the best!!!!

  • Chris Ober

    Hey everybody make shore you show up at the next meeting, so you can vote to keep paying the union leaders so they can suck the money up instead of giving it to the members to help pay some bill’s and put food on the table. 

  • Inside-n-Out


    The chatter your friend hears over at the railroad bldg is Hilco making final preparations for their first public auction on Dec 11 – the sale of “non-core” mobile, material handing and shop equipment.

    Here’s the link:

    Click on the Lot Catalog or Photo Gallery buttons if you would like to buy any or all of the slab haulers, coil transport vehicles (NCM), coil handler tractors, crane magnets, Heppenstalls, C-hooks, bull dozers, graders, excavators, mobile cranes, fork lifts, tugger tractors, sweeper trucks, golf and utility carts, pick-up and utility trucks, any of the locomotive engines, slug cars and all repair parts, large generators, portable welders, pallets of large drives and sockets, hydraulic jacks, wrenches, and grinders, machining equipment, etc.

    Now ol’ Walter has told ya that the railroad will always be there (just like he told you the powers-to-be would never let SP go idle, and “here come the ore ships”, and all his other “have I ever been wrong” BS).  But I think even he will admit (on 2nd thought, probably not) that it’s gonna be hard to run a railroad without any choo-choo’s.And as far as the winterization of the island – the bozos who were kept on after the workers were laid-off  (the executives and ancient hourly relics who hadn’t been active in the mill for years) either didn’t have a clue how to complete this task or the lacked the energy and incentive.  Reading books, watching DVDs, surfing the internet, creating bogus check lists and pencil whipping these mill check sheets was the primary preoccupation during this final phase.  Once Hilco understood the situation they booted the entire lot.  Hilco is now simply doing last minute damage control to preserve – their – assets for resale.SP is as likely to re-start-up as Walter and George are to wise-up (or shut-up)!   :0)

    • Chris Ober

      That’s what I keeping telling everyone there will be a Railroad , but I don’t think PBR is the one. They are taking bids from Bigger Railroads — CSX –NS ect. 

      • George

        Chris the Federal Railroad Commission should only approve the sale to CSX or NS
        as long as all of the SP railroad men can keep their jobs running the trains at an existing or better pay and benefits scale.

        • bocephusjr

          Chris, you the man chris. :-)

        • chrisober

          George I would sure hope that is true, back with everything going down there I wouldn’t hold my BREATH. 

    • Bry64

      maybe the new owners are going to buy all new equipment.

      • George

        Bry64 this is the first sensible and agreeable information is support of Sparrows offered up by you and I do like it!  Chris will agree too that the PBRR needs new rolling stock to meet the demands of tomorrow, and what better way to do this than order new locomotives and rail cars!  Even Hertz and Avis sells off its old cars and trucks, so why should Hilco be any different?

    • George

      Inside-n-Out no need to worry about “Core Assets” being sold at the Dec. 11 auction.
      Take a look at the stuff offered. Old orange painted cranes that Beth Steel bought back in the 1970’s – MOSH & OSHA would not even let one of the stray cats stand under them. The old Greenleigh Port-A-Power rams could use new seals. The train  parts are so old even Dr. Boothe would not use them in one of his historical train displays of old rolling stock.

      Just a little long overdue house cleaning down in 21219 and a wonderful bargain for someone looking for parts or some extra yard equipment.  All the core assets are safe and sound and I like that! 

      Capt. Georgie

      • fordtrkfan

        You call getting rid of the Slab haulers, and the Coil Haulers extra house cleaning. These two items were the largest and very important part at the mill. How you going to move slabs around George, I would call these two items kinda Core Assets for a steel mill.  Yeah the cranes and some of the other items are just a little old, but event the big coil tractors are kind of essential to an operation. Give me a break.

        Do you think someone is going to pay top dollar for the mill then order hundreds of millions of dollars in coil tractors, slab haulers, other important coil and slab moving machinery. Yeah they may have some at another site, but they probably need them at the other site. I say top dollar, because that is what Hilco is going to want just to get an auction started for SP.

        • OxygenMaskedMan

          fordtrkfan they are even selling George and Walter’s little yellow clown cars Ira gave them to drive around the plant and bug the hell out of everybody. Check this out and  have a good laugh imagining them driving them around the mills. I might even bid on them if the price is not to high to give to my grandkids.

        • George

          I am NOT happy about the Kress slab carriers or those newer “the red” coil F-Lifts being on the chopping block. Could be a trick to force the tire kickers looking at the Point to get off the pot or end up buying the equipment back that they will need to run the the hot side? OR, our new operator has his own newer equipment to bring over to the Point?

          “Core Assets” are the really big items like the L Furnace, BOF, Sinter Plant, New Cold Mill, coating lines, Ore pier unloaders, and etc.  Selling off a few old cranes, spare train parts, assorted hand tools, and some mobile equipment is something we can all live with.  I agree with Dr. Boothe that Beth Steel never tossed out anything and you cannot walk 2 feet without tripping over something. Bethlehem management were a bunch of Hoarders and Hilco is having no part of letting the clutter strangle plant operations.

          Capt. Georgie

          • Dr. Raymond Boothe

            George is right about one thing-I would love to have that SW7 or Baldwin locomotive put on static display with one of those old slugs. If you read the fine print one even has a broken crankshaft. Makes no difference. In addition,some of that rail maintainence equipment would be nice to display with one of those little golf carts. Really, that is all junk.

            What will bring people to look is the constuction equipment. There might be some bargins there. At least it will draw people to look and possibly generate interest in other producing parts of the plant. I really do not understand getting rid of the coil and Kress Carriers, unless they are sincere of getting rid of the hot mill and quit making steel. However, if there is interest by Nucor, it will be for iron. So look for activity around L furnace. There will be people there but what they are doing is the question.

  • Bill at SP

    From what I heard that I forgot to say, Nucor is suppose to hire 10 personal for  winterizing  the L. Im just passing down the word from the few people down SP

    • Taco Bell

      Bill the fact that they are winterizing the Blast Furnace must mean that the primary side will run again in the near future. we are not talking about winterizing a small piece of machinery that can be sold and shipped off after the auction. No, we have a big piece of stationary equipment with the L and if they are going to protect it this means they have plans for a restart.  Nucor is going to be a good fit at the Point.

  • Jason

    It is nice to see a real union leader like Chris Ober speaking out. The membership has been lead to their demise under Rosel and his gang of 6. These country club members are so busy getting jobs with the international that they have no time to look for a strategic buyer.  Many good men and women won’t have a Christmas for their kids due to the incompetency of Rosel. This man should resign immediately and give it back to John Cirrri, Cirri had lots of faults but anytime one company went under, John made sure it was a smooth transition to the next one. John used to send out emails frequently when members needed information. Joe seems to think that he is too good to send an email out to his lowly members. They are in food lines while Rosel is in his country club kissing McCalls tail.

  • chrisober

    Well my friend you can’t blame me for what happened to the Railroad , I wasn’t in office then. Put the Blame where it belongs and check your facts before you point fingers, [no balls]   

  • expitdude1

    the rr is still working at gray’s rd. under new owners

    • George

      It is good to see the railroad still up and running. Without the railroad, SP would never have a chance to quickly get back on line. Everyone must support our railroad crews. The railroad is the backbone of any steel mill.

  • Walter

    The union has kept the wolf away from the door on other occasions and calamities and there is no reason to think that they will not find a steelmaker with captive raw materials to take over operations at Sparrows Point.  The politicians want steel making to stay put down at the Point and with their help  – so be it!

    Dr. Walter Phd. BS

  • Dr. Raymond Boothe

    The railroad equipment that I saw for sale is basically backshop quality. Only one of the locomotives looks good (and looks do not matter much).There are also some decent looking motors and trucks. The slugs and rail maintainence equipment look old and beat up. The more decent railroad equipment I know they have is not there. Most of this is more valuable for parts and the rest scrapped. This is more of a house cleaning with better equipment to be marketed later. Any new operator would want to look over the better equipment.

    The Kress Carriers and slab movers point to a different story. A lot of this equipment is used on the hot end, along with the heavy construction equipment. Another housecleaning for sure but it points directly to the hot end.

    Overall, a lot of this is used surplus and the majority of it will be sold as is. The construction equipment looks the best overall with maybe a few of the Kress Carriers.

    This is the first lot. After the first of the year there will be many more lots available.

  • chrisober

    The politicians do not want Sparrow Point to Operate as Steel Mill, they want to operate as a Port for Baltimore that,s all. 

  • George

    You are right Chris. For the last 60 years the politicians would do anything management and the Union requested. Now that we do not have 30,000 cars driving up and down North Point Blvd. filled with steelworkers like it was in the old days they are grazing in greener pastures!  They did not bitch about the red dust that paid for all those lawn signs and bumper stickers over the years. Now its all Facebook and Twitter so they do not need as many lawn signs or bumper stickers. Chris, remember when Bethlehem Steel owned all of the oldtime politicians? Now these younger elected boys are into different industries like logistics, green techno businesses, and a super-sized Port of Baltimore expansion 
    at the Point. In the old days big steel twisted the politician’s arms to get what we wanted, now they all go to brunches and breakfast meetings with the Port or Johns Hopkins Techno crowd and plan their vision of Sparrow Point and it no longer includes old farts like us.  Just wait until we have another Pearl Harbor, 911, or need to replace the Golden Gate Bridge – Where are they going to get the steel if they close the mill to make a marine terminal and high tech campus??

    Capt. Georgie

  • George

    Chris I just heard that the Port has found a work around for double stacking containers. So the bottleneck at the Howard Street tunnel no longer an issue is good news for the railroad and Port. You railroad boys are going to come out of this on top no matter how things turn out at the Point. Hopefully we will be back to business soon to send coils out West on the new rail alignment?

  • exspworker

     Probably the same place that the container cranes were purchased. China.
    This Country is selling it’s self out. All accomplished by the people that we elected
    to act in our best interest.
    Still proud to be an American but ashamed of what we are turning into…….

    • OxygenMaskedMan

      Maryland is making money NOW off of China at our Port!  By expanding our Port and adding High Tech jobs right here at SP offers limitless opportunities for our families. The Governor said that the Port of Baltimore injects many billions of dollars into the Maryland economy. Thousands of new jobs were also added right here in Maryland just this year!  

      With a proven tract record like that, O’Malley has my vote to run for President four years from now!  If O’Malley can help replace a dead & toxic Rustbelt complex with a new Port and clean well-paying High Tech jobs for the future, his place in history “and to run for President” is a given!The Rustbelt steel industry at SP is yesterday’s news, the Port and its spin-offs are the future. Even the Senior Senator is having a change of mind and embracing the future too and moving on to a new vision for Sparrows Point and its workers.  As Marylanders and Americans we should be proud that we can move from a Rustbelt economy to a clean and secure future for our children. The Port along with High-Tech jobs (education) are our only hope for the Point and ourselves.  Sparrows Point can be the center of a rebirth for the entire region – in with new clean businesses and the Port, and out with the old toxic dead-end Rustbelt mill. Who ever thought years ago that you would find a Starbucks and Gourmet Deli on every street corner in South Locust Point?Well, the Port helped, even the new generation of upscale (well-paid) dock workers like the Brie Cheese & Prosciutto Deli sandwiches with Starbucks coffee – if South Locust Point can do,it so can 21219!  Do not let the old vision of SP kill the new vision!  I trust that our new generation of local political leaders will share this vision too!Time for Hilco and ELT to sit down with the Port Interests, Governor, County Executive,  Senator, Delegates, Councilman and come up with a really big vision of their 3,500 acres of prime deep-water real estate? Its a new ballgame in Sparrows Point and the Port and High -Tech – Mixed use, should not miss this window of opportunity.  Many thanks to our community leaders such as 21219 Property Tax Payer and Fat Lady Singing for working so hard to make Sparrows Point a place we can be proud of ++ instead of ashamed of!My days and time here will soon end, but I hope that SP lives on as much better place for future workers, our children/grandchildren, and the community. 

    • George Lopez

      The Chinese cranes were purchased privately by the Port’s Operator elected officials didn’t have any say in the matter. The same cranes are being installed at other deepwater ports around the country to handle the Post Panamex  ships. The Chinese facility is the only one that could handle the fabrication.

  • Dr. Raymond Boothe

    Also, if Nucor has the slightest interest it would be in the blast furnace. I doubt that they would be intested in making steel at SP because they have far more modern equipment at their other plants. They could produce millions of tons of iron pellets for the EAF’s and still supply a business in pig iron. 

    My only concern is their investment in a new greenfield iron pelletizing plant in the South. What its production limitations are is unknown and if they need the huge production from L furnace.

    What is positive is that they can purchase the L furnace by itself and not wholly interfere with other concerns for the use of the SP. There can still be iron operations at SP and still have ship rebuilding, scrapping and other nautical industries

    • Proud_SPW

      You have no ideal what Nucor’s plans are with the plant, or if they have any at all. Does it make you feel important to pretend like you have top secret inside information. You remind me of Professor Nash from that movie “What a Beautiful Mind!

      • Dr. Raymond Boothe

        If you read my posting, it is only reasonable speculation based on what is at Sparrows Point and what Nucor’s traditional expectations would be. I do know a lot about their operations and normally I am pretty accurate. And in my opinion there is not much of a reason for them to have any interest operating a run down integrated mill on the East coast. 

        • IronworkerSP

          Doc your speculation is always dead on. We all know that without the restrictions placed on the furnace by to undersized BOF the L furnace could output record amounts of raw iron.

          • Dr. Raymond Boothe

            If Nucor is truly interested in L furnace (and I hope they are), they could up the production of iron nodules (or ingots) and provide iron for Nucor and Maryland Pig easily. It all depends on how good the market is at the time. There is plenty of room for the L operations and still leave plenty of room for other operations. It would be the largest single iron operation in the United States.

            In its restricted former state, L furnace was a total looser. This started big time when the plate mill went out and ore and coke prices went up. But since Nucor has an expansive base of EAF’s it might be able to make some money. The more pure iron involved in the process makes cleaner steel. This would definately provide enough iron for Nucor, Maryland Pig and maybe some to sell on the open market.

            I don’t see the rest of the plant operating as an integrated mill again, unless somebody wants to spend one huge amount of money rebuilding the BOF Shop
            (adding another vessel and repairing the other two), repairing the caster and totally replacing the hot strip mill. The Cold Mill and Tin Mill also needs minor repairs. 

            This Nucor interest is quite unforseen and is good for the plant if it comes through.However don’t expect the union to be welcomed with open arms. In fact they won’t really care what the local says at all. Nucor’s interests will be primary if an offer for purchase is made. Hilco could recover the the primary purchase cost of SP by selling L furnace, and scrap the rest and the land just for profit.

          • Walter

            Dr. Boothe it might just be the union that helped broker the deal to save the Blast Furnace and put SP back on the map as one on the world’s largest iron producers.

      • OxygenMaskedMan

        From what is being sold or scrapped and what is not being scrapped points to what the good Dr. B is saying. The Caster, BOF, and many of the finishing lines will be scrapped out and only the L will remain to concentrate on making large qualities of wholesale iron. At first everything was pointed towards tearing down the Beast of the East, now it looks like the Beast is going to be left standing and working while most of the other operations are slated for cutter’s torch? Iron pellets and massive amounts of pure pig iron could be just the ticket to keep the Blast Furnace at the Point running full out for years to come.

        The Dr. should be informed that the trains are moving large amounts of old machinery and other items that have met the shears or cutting torch at SP. The scrap we are seeing is not the smaller size scrap left behind by some vendor, this is large size professionally sheared and munched chucks of old steel mill equipment. The big fear in the scrap market business is that when the scrapping of SP ramps-up it will flood the market with high quality scrap and depress prices.

    • George

      Dr. Boothe the ore ship Yarrawonga just left Sparrows Point for Redcar in the UK. Sahaviriya Steel Industries just relighted their old Blast Furnace after several years of being cold. Sahaviriya could do the same thing for the L. They have a good record of taking older steels that have been closed and reopening them with great success. If they can fire up that old closed blast furnace in England they will have no problem with the L

      Capt. Georgie

      • fordtrkfan

        SO give them a call George, tell them all about the point. Tell them how it’s lost millions a month for as long as you can remember! I am sure they will hop on the next plane and come save the place.

        I am sure they got a great deal on the ore that was sitting at the point. Hell probably got it at half cost, just happened to be a ship heading by so why not!

        • Walter

          Looks like they settled on keeping the Blast Furnace running full bore just as it was designed to do. Cutting out all of the other operations in favor of doing just one thing well is a justified means to survival in the cutthroat iron & steel game. 

          I cannot wait to I see the steam and smoke coming out of the L furnace again. Her reassuring rumbling noises breaking the night’s silence are a lullaby to every citizen in 21219  and 21222 ears. I would like to see some use (other than pellets & pig) of the iron being made at Sparrows Point, perhaps a modern iron foundry and casting operation? 

          Add to that an EAF and we are back in full business again.

          I am not happy that this plan is not so favorable for the BOF, but once they start making iron again, maybe the bug will bite them to get the BOF back on line?

          The Blast Furnace is the heart of any steel mill, and to hear that the mighty L has a new owner is great news for everyone.

      • IronworkerSP

        Does this mean that the “L’ will stay while the rest of the plant is torn down and sold off as scrap?

  • BillatSP

    What I heard, GOOD NEWS…..Im hearing that they (SP) will be announcing the new owner on the 23rd of this month. Hoping for the 1000’s of workers out of work today, that my be in the cold tomarrow. WE need jobs today, just as u did, O2 man.

    • IronworkerSP

      Bill do you know which steel company will be taking over operations?  
      Did you hear the news from the union or the engineers inspecting to plant?

  • IronworkerSP

    Bill if its Nucor we heard that they only want to run iron pellets and pig? Where does this leave the finishing side? The news of new owners is good, but what about those
    Kress slab haulers being sold off. They are special order equipment and it is going to take time to have new slab haulers made and delivered!  By the way, what is there time table other than your November 23 signing date?  Nice Thanksgiving present for Sparrows.

  • FormerBethSteelEmp

     Ahead of the mothballed Redcar blast furnace returning to production in
    April the Treasury pledged £1.4m to help fund SSI’s staff training
    programme. In recent months the Thai-owned company has stepped up
    efforts to secure a more significant cash injection from private
    investors. It hopes to complete a funding deal with Swiss steel trading
    company Vanomet in the coming days that help to stabilise its finances.

    SSI’s cash woes, which have stretched the patience of some creditors,
    are symptomatic of the crisis that has beset steel producers across the
    world who have struggled to combat rising raw material prices and
    sluggish demand.

  • Dr. Raymond Boothe

    I don’t believe that the union had much to say in this deal (if it happens). Nucor is traditionally anti-union and don’t think they will pick up SP’s old contract. It will be different and the USW will not be able to negotiate much, if anything at all. Also if it is any other company it will be the same thing. SP does not have a contract anymore with the USW. Training new people would be far cheaper than dealing with them. I really do not see union involvement in a new contract.

    You got to make sure sure you have a market for what you make. Pig and pellet iron is a tricky market. You cannot overproduce or you will have a lot of stock on the ground. There is a very slim margin, just like steel. SP would have the largest iron furnace in the United States as of right now, because making and finishing steel is out of the question. There are much larger blast furnaces in the United States and worldwide making iron, but the majority are using the iron to make steel. 

    The foundry and casting business is slow right now. Most of America’s large speciality castings are made at the old Beth Forge plant in Bethlehem and some at US Steel. The majority use steel and in the case of the former Beth Forge the steel is purchased on the outside. No place for SP.

    Making steel at SP is doubtful because of the same reasons it went bankrupt in the first place-disbalance between the iron, steel and finishing units. The BOF shop would have to be rebuilt althogether by adding a third vessel (like Burns Harbor). A new continious casting plant (like ArcelorMittal) would need to be built to eliminate the old style caster and slabbing units. This is a incredible amount of money to invest into a 100 year old plant with no possibly even with a huge investment could even compete.

  • chrisober

    What a bunch of Dreamer’s WAKE UP Sparrows Point is DONE

    • Walter

      Chris, like the Tony Bennet hit song – “It’s Impossible” to really believe that one of the world’s largest steel complexes is just going to go away overnight.  We are only in a period of readjustment where new investors and customers are working on a new plan so that the steel industry in America can compete during the global economic downturn and new world order.

      They are trying to come up with a work-around of the increasing procurement (mining & transportation) costs of ore and coke while at the same time the demand of iron and steel is down. Raw material costs are skyrocketing even while demand for finished product is down. This is just the opposite of what they teach the eggheads at Harvard Business school, so its no wonder our investors, politicians, are treading with caution. Everyone is in agreement that the blast furnace MUST start back up if we are ever to going to get back in the game for earnest!  

      Dr. Walter    Phd. BS

      • chrisober

          To use Joe’s Favorite word we need to be know just who the [STRATEGIC] buyes are, he’s had enough time to at least come up with a few good names.Or Should we stand by until he decided that there is no more money in the bank before they tell us the truth.He needs to communicate more with his Supporters, and not wait till a Union Meeting. Is he afraid he will not get enough people to support him to be Paid for sitting on his ass,doing nothing. I could always tell you a bull shit story if you really wanted to hear one. That would be free , just pay shipping and handling. 

      • Gerald Neily

        Perry Como, not Tony Bennett.

        • Walter

          You are right Gerald, it has been so long ago since we all watched the Perry Como Kraft Music Hall Show that I made a slip-up. Sorry. I always made sure that I was on daylight or 11 to 7 as not to miss the show.  Those were happy times when SP was the world’s largest steel complex and North Point Road was jammed with cars all the way to East Point Shopping Center. (Does anyone remember the Penguins in the Hochschild Kohn Department Store window?)

           Its not impossible to regain our title again when the promised strategic steel company comes forward.But I am growing tired of all the backroom news leaks and nothing is confirmed. WHY does everything at SP have to be top secret?  The news even leaked out about General Petraeus having TWO girlfriends!  Girlfriend number is cute, but girlfriend #2 looks like Kim Kardashian, so if this news can leak out why cannot Joe leak something about the 23rd of this month (new owner news?) that Bill is leaking? Can you blame General Petraeus for choosing a Kim Kardasian look alike over his wife who looks like Susan Boil and also has a bad  Bozo-like haircut. I like the new Kelly girlfriend over Broadwell. When are we going to get a news leak from Dundalk Ave? In the mean time I am going to try to figure out if our national security was breached by those two cuties.Dr. Walter      (no connection to Dr. Phil or Dr. Boothe) 

    • IronworkerSP

      Chrisober we see PBRR trains working at the Point. On some days the trains are running all over the place. Do you know why they have so much work and what are they doing it the Point is supposed to be idle until after the sale in December.

      • chrisober

          They are still servicing the outside and inter plant company’s, this was a must. There is a Federal Law which protect’s company’s from Railroad’s just walking away and leaveing them without any kind of Service. This is when the Union should have step in and not let this company Solicit NonUnion worker’s, this would have at least kept a foot in the door to stay as Union Worker’s. 

        • bocephusjr

          Chris u sure do have alot of mouth since u retired. U talk about joe brosel but weren,t u the Railroad President.  U were the one that sat on your ass after cirri gave u his luxury office furnished with all his home furniture.  u know so much about the railroad but u are too lazy to do anything to help us.

          • chrisober

                Seems to you me no balls,that you must have wanted to be a Union Offical or are you just jealous.Mouth////????????????   

  • chrisober

      Before everyone gets their hopes up, ask the Union to show [us] some hard facts that someone is really interested in operating at Sparrow Point. This may be just a way to try to  Confidence people into thinking something that is really [not] going to Happen,so they can keep [Sucking] the money out of the Union. They should sale off everything and reinvest this money back to the members that are out there trying to make end’s meet.Some people need help with paying their Bills’ Health Care ‘Power Bill’s and even putting a little food on the table to feed their family’s.    Gone but still think’s the Union should step up and stop blowing Smoke up everyone Butt      

  • chrisober

     We all agree that Sparrows Point needs a investor, but that should be someone who is willing to not only invest in buying the Plant, it should also mean that it is someone who willing to update the equipment. For without this we will only back right back in the same place next year or the year after. Just having someone buy this plant means nothing if they are not willing to up Date and get with Modern Times. We need not to have another Strip Miner.

    • IronworkerSP

      Yes Chris we need hundreds of millions of dollars invested to bring Sparrows up to date so we can have a level playing field or the investors are just peeing in the wind again and they will loose their shirts again and just let us down too.

      We need a big taxpayer bailout by Federal and local government to fund these badly needed upgrades. They can bailout Wall Street bankers and GM now its time to bailout Sparrows Point my brothers.

    • bocephusjr

      Chris you are such a bullshitter!!!

  • expitdude1

    i’m still hoping for a restart…but we sure aren’t getting ANYTHING from our so called union AGAIN

    • IronworkerSP

      Could be a gag order until all the paperwork is signed?  This news blackout can not last forever because too much money is involved to do nothing. They already dumped 72 million into the place and the only thing moving is some old junk stuff.
      They are sitting on millions so something got to give.

  • chrisober

      U. Can thank Joe Rosel for not having anyone there to Represent U. He’s the one who can tell you everything you would need to know about the Railroad. And by the way , why do U. alway’s call the guy’s you hate so much to find out or get information. Restivo and Melvin are suffering thru this [Shit just like the rest of you, and they both still find the time to try to help. Thank god I alway’s had a good team to reply on. If I were you I would make shore that you get these two guy’s in office when you getback to work. And please try to find a way to get into the Stevedore Union, separtate yourselfs from steel worker’s altogether.  After all you will probably be working for the Port of Baltimore away 

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