Thousands of items to be auctioned at Sparrows Point today

On-site auction with webcast begins as plant undergoes its first phase of dismantlement.

hydraulic cranes

Three of the dozens of hydraulic cranes going on sale today at Sparrows Point.

Photo by: Hilco Industrial website

Everything from office furniture to giant 32-wheel, 200-ton “torpedo” cars are up for grabs.

Starting this morning, the company that purchased the Sparrows Point steel mill is holding an auction to sell off specialized equipment as part of the wholesale scrapping of the one-time largest steel facility on the globe.

Hilco Industrial has put up for bids more than 1,700 pieces of equipment, including railway locomotives, hot-metal transfer or “torpedo” railcars, mobile cranes, slab haulers, industrial tractors, pneumatic and cutting tools, lifting magnets, fork lifts, heavy motors and other plant-support machinery.

The on-site auction today and tomorrow will be held inside the plant on Sparrows Point Blvd., which has largely been cordoned off since the property was purchased at bankruptcy sale last August by the Chicago-based liquidator and its partner, Environmental Liability Transfer (ELT) of St. Louis.

More Than 2,200 Jobs Lost

After holding out a slim reed of hope that the plant would be resold to an operating company, the United Steelworkers Local 9477 conceded last month that the sprawling facility will be scrapped in its entirety.

More than 2,200 union workers, independent contractors and office staff were laid off over the summer after parent company, RG Steel, filed for bankruptcy protection.

Controlled by billionaire financier Ira Rennert, RG Steel owned the steel mill for less than 15 months before declaring bankruptcy.

The plant and its 2,500 acres of harborfront land were sold for $72 million to Hilco-ELT after being valued on paper at $1 billion.

Opened in 1891

Opened in 1891 as a state-of-the-art “rail-rolling” (or railway track) manufacturer, Sparrows Point was capable of producing 15 tons of hot metal a minute in the 1950s, when it became the world’s largest steel mill.

Sparrows Point underwent five separate ownership changes after longtime parent, Bethlehem Steel Corp., was liquidated in 2003, but it never regained profitability.

Here is more information on today’s auction, which will continue on-line through next Tuesday.

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  • George

    The good news is that none of our core iron and steel making equipment has been chopped up. Most of the stuff is assorted hand tools like you can find at your local rental center. As for the cranes and forklifts, most companies just rent them because they need new equipment to meet OHSA inspections and no fussing with repairs and maintenance – plus a big tax write off. The sub and rail cars are getting old and could stand replacing anyway. Our core outside support contractors have not packed up, so maybe the Fat Lady did not sing her last song?
    Most of the equipment is spares and backups, so I am not losing sleep over a little long overdue house cleaning. 

    • Hugh_CT

      George –
      I’m sure there will be a post here from you the day after all the buildings at the Point have been knocked down, optimistically saying:  It’s not over yet, we still have a prime location with access to a seaport and rail….

      • George

        Hi Hugh, so far no buildings have come down. We talk to the burners at lunch break over at Pizza Roma and the Edgerock Cafe and they say, at this time; its only small stuff they are being assigned to. They are not saying anything to indicate large scale demo. It is good to see the ships coming into the Point again, just like old times. The FEDERAL MATTAWA  just docked and I sure hope they are unloading raw materials? No news could be good news, so let us all go about our business until the next press release. 

    • alleah51

      your first class owner slew the beast of the east. read the lawsuit the creditors have filed against you first class owner. how he tried to pull another fast one.

  • scsteelworker

    The picture of the cranes are the same one I repaired for 17 years . They were not spares and back ups. I think it’s great that your so optimistic but I also think your out of touch with reality George.

    • George

      I know, remember all the problems we had with the Murphy oil pressure switches shutting down the crane’s engines? OHSA has so many lockouts that when the cranes get just a few years old all the wiring starts to short out. This is why the new owners are renting new equipment. Even Hilco is not fooling with them and we are seeing brand new green painted Sunbelt equipment all over the Point.

      On another note: Just drove over the Key Bridge and the lights are back on over by the coal injection plant! Everything else is dark other than where the the ship came in. I have no idea what this means.

  • Dr. Raymond Boothe

    This sale is similar to the sale that will be occuring at Warren in March. Torpedo cars, Kress carriers, slab carriers, cranes, bulldozers and a lot of hand held tools and equipment from the carpenter shop, railroad, machine shop and the blast furnace area. These sales are phased together pretty much the same. However selling off this equipment does not bode well for the steel making end of both plants. Warren’s blast furnace is pretty much demolished. Selling off torpedo cars at Sparrows Point means they do not anticipate the hot end to ever operate again. The companies that are still at SP will remain there until they are forced to leave. Maryland Pig has NOT received pig iron for some time and surely have looked to other sources for supply (if they anticipate to stay in the pig iron business). There is no more cold mill and the hot mill is an antique and should be in a museum. They are following the usual proceedure-sell off the majority of support equipment first, then hit the remainder of the larger equipment, then finally bid out the rest for scrap. Even the railroad shops are being cleaned out of small equipment and motors which means the rest of the railroad equipment will up for sale in the next phase. Really with all the support equipment stripped out of SP, how would you ever expect it to restart? It would be cheaper to buy the plant as is, rather than going out and buying the majority of this equipment over again.

    • formermtm

      Dr. Boothe, you are wasting your time talking reality with George. He’s a little “touched” bless his heart.  I really think he is just a “sh!t stirrer”, who just loves the attention he gets posted those stupid comments. You need to go fish and crab with your grandchildren , George and please get back on your meds. LOL

    • IronworkerSP

      Doc the flatbeds going heading up North Point Blvd. loaded with goodies like they just left some giant flea market or yard sale. You told us it would happen and it is playing out like you wrote the script.  From the reports of those who attended the auction sale everyone is very impressed at how organized and well run the 
      pre- auction viewing and sale is run. If it had to be it looks like Hilco was the right and only choice to tackle an auction as complex and big as what they have at the Point. The Point is more then just a mill, it is an entire industrial city. Never again will there ever be such large operation like the Point being parted out. They have their work cut out and I wish them good luck and to be safe cutting it up. Untold numbers of good men died building the Point and cutting it up is just as dangerous, everybody please keep safe!

  • Walter

    Here is a good story in the the local Dundalk Eagle Newspaper telling about the asbestos removal program at Sparrows Point. I would like to thank Miss Rodman for acknowledging the battle we all won at the Point with the help of our good friend  – Mr. Peter Angelos.  Asbestos is a terrible killer and so many of even our younger workers died too early because of it’s cancer causing fibers. It was at Sparrows Point that the workers, with Mr. Angelos’ help brought this problem to the nation’s attention so that the product was banned and those sick and dying workers would at least get medical attention and a monetary settlement. Again, another first at Sparrows Point that we can all be proud of!

    I have been reading about Mr. Mardigian and the good job he did with our old GM plant and also out West in Dr. Boothe’s Rustbelt auto industry and he looks like he is a straight shooter and the best in the industry! The folks living near the mills should be very happy having him take care of the Point’s asbestos situation.  The removal of the asbestos is the last nail in the coffin for any hopes of the hot side ever making iron and steel again.  One more step in the direction of turning my Steel Factory into a Cheesecake Factory and Casino Cruise Ship Resort. Time waits for no man.

    Dundalk Eagle link to their  Sparrows Point asbestos story:

    • Dr. Raymond B

      Asbestos deaths were first recorded in the New River Gorge, West Virginia tunneling project in the 1930’s. Thousands of black employees were hired from the south to dig the mile long New River Diversion Tunnel to power the giant electric turbines to power Union Carbon and Carbide’s Ferroalloy Plant at Alloy, W. VA. The rock was full of asbestos and most of the workers became sick and died from the exposure. Nobody really knew why or actually really cared. The majority of the black workers were buried in unmarked graves because the company were afraid to let the public know the extent of the problem. The white supervisors never went inside the tunnel to work or see the progress.

      After WWII, there was a full Congressional investigation. The result of this investigation was the creation of today’s Workman’s Compensation Programs.
      The families of the dead men received little or no compensation.

      So it is in the USA.

  • George Lopez

    There are little wiggle words when it comes to asbestos removal. The contract says all “known” asbestos will be removed not the more biblical “All Asbestos SHALL be removed”. The contractor doesn’t even have to remove the asbestos if it can’t be safely accessed. Remember when the Coke Ovens were blasted? That was a massive cloud of asbestos….

    • doyoutrustrg

      I bet they are all up to date on their Federal mandated homeland security traing as well —

      • Walter

        doyouTRUSTrg-   Yes I trust the highly trained professionals employed to clean up the asbestos and also those burning the scrap that is covered with heavy coatings of white lead, red lead,  & zinc paint. These workers are risking their health to protect you and your family, so we all want them to have as much training as possible so that they do not repeat the mistakes we all made by allowing ourselves to be exposed to working around hazards that we were not even aware of. I recall burning and welding galvanized pipe and getting so sick from the zinc fumes. They sent me the the Point’s dispensary and Doc Bustard told me to drink plenty of milk to flush out my system and go back to work!  Now they all have training and safety clothing and a contained filtered air breathing supply. I am happy that all of the young men and women have the training and safety equipment we never knew of.

    • Walter

      Mr. Lopez the big clouds of asbestos that covered Dundalk and Turners Station are something that happened long ago when Beth Steel’s management controlled all of the local politicians/EPA and the mill could do we it pleased. The younger and better educated politicians now in office would NEVER allow the blasting of asbestos fibers into the air around Dundalk and Turners Station. The politicians will see to it that all of the asbestos removal will be done in a “negative” atmosphere to keep the asbestos from blowing over 21219 & 21222 until its safely deposited into the approved onsite landfill next to Bear Creek.

      You could well be right about some asbestos not being known and possibly going fugitive, but our new generation of politicians will make sure that the government inspectors will be on top of things because their families live in 21219 & 21222 and they do not want to have their love ones made ill with Mesothelioma cancers too.

       Its not like the old Beth Steel days, our elected officials now keep the community members informed and have a say in things. My feeling is that with today’s strict enforcement of asbestos removal, along with a respected Demo company overseeing the removal of toxins, the locals should just go about their business of living and not worry about anything.  I am 100% certain that the EPA and our elected officials are on top of this and would never allow toxic discharges of cancer causing dust into the air over the surrounding communities.  Relax, the communities are in good hands and there is nothing to worry about, with all the EPA laws on the books, everything is being taken care of to insure a healthy community!

      • George Lopez

        Sounds good Walter but in the real world it doesn’t work that way. There is a lot of asbestos that just isn’t accessible. The inspectors aren’t there 24/7. Asbestos Abatement is a expense. Scrap is positive cash flow.

  • bocephusjr

    Could anyone tell me what Jim Strong does? Every union that he has represented has always fallen to shit.

    • alleah51

      he was probably schooled under mccall.

    • Walter

      Jim is going to knock the hell out of the Chinese, Danish and Dutch windmill manufacturers buy bringing wind generation tech to Sparrows Point. Windmills are 70% steel!  All wind mills should now be built in the USA! Thank you Jim!!!! O.Malley wants this and we all need this too!  We can start the mill back up to supply the needed steel!

      • George Lopez

        350 tons of steel per turbine. (I just demolished a wind farm)

      • bocephusjr

        jim has singlehandly eliminated the steelworkers union in maryland.  way to go jim thats y u make $100,000.00 a year.  STEELWORKER UNION IS DEAD!!!

  • George Lopez

    Is the asbestos going to be hauled off site and buried in a hazmat landfill or are they going to let them bury it in the landfill next door where all the other hazmat is buried?

    • Walter

      George, we have a long standing consent decree to allows all “so called” toxins to go into Gray’s Landfill right here in Sparrows Point!. No need to truck out the toxins because we are approved to depose of them on site at our Gray’s landfill next to Bear Creek. In fact, Gray’s can take toxins from up and down the East Coast, as they have plenty of capacity to accept out of state waste from New Jersey and New York, so it is no problem to bury all of the asbestos and lead waste we have here at the Point.

      • Dr. Raymond B

        Asbestos has to be handled entirely different these days, you just can’t throw it into a landfill and forget it. There are strict EPA inspections and regulations about removal. They must be removed by professionals and it is VERY expensive. Steel companies and scrap contractors hate these regulations and figure their costs of removal right down to the bottom line when they bid on a project. Thats why you still see the stoves of the older torn down blast furnaces at Indiana Harbor. There is no money in it for the demolition company. 

        I went down to Weirton many times and watched them try to dismantle the giant steam blooming mill engine. It was the last and largest kind of steam engine ever built for such a purpose. They had to put the entire engine into an airtight plastic tent and the men inside wore safety suits and oxygen masks. I know because I had to do it too. Eash piece had to be taken apart seperately, washed and all the lose asbestos had to be put into air tight plastic bags. It was a huge effort.

        It was such a huge effort that ArcelorMittal gave up on the entire project because of the expense. The last time I saw it it was still in the tent undisturbed. I am not sure of its status today.

        Just imagine all the asbestos in Sparrows Point today. How they will contend with that I will never know.

        • H S

           No worries, Doc. They’ll contend with the asbestos the same way they will the benzene, xylene and host of aromatic hydrocarbons that are present in unparalleled proportions. The plan is to cover it with harbor sludge, build on top of it, and sell it to suckers. At least Allied Signal put down a protective cap, but that would be prohibitively expensive at SP.

  • George Lopez

    Asbestos regulations haven’t changed much in the last 30 years or so. Remember when Cuyahoga demolished the rest of the furnaces?. They dumped most of the asbestos in the landfill at SP. They alos got into trouble because they set up a trailer leasing company somewhere offshore. They leased trailers, filled them up with bags of asbestos and left them sitting in truck stops and on the sides of highways all over America. 

  • OxygenMaskedMan

    Maybe this is part of the reason this Dundalk /Turners Station resident is world famous for her cancer cells that would not die?  Read this and not sleep at night. George Lopez, nothing has changed in the last 30 years in those communities. They know that the local residents and the elected officials will just look the other way again. Big business is still calling the shots over there.Anyone with a grain of sense should have figured it out by now that things are not going to get any better and that you cannot make a change in those written off communities and should have moved far away long long ago. It truly is a shame that the EPA and County is keeping those residents in the dark. These are the same parents that allowed their children to inhale Kish particles and Benzene fumes from Bethlehem Steel all those years, so do you expect them to say anything about a little asbestos and lead fumes in the air?

  • BillatSP

    I wonder what is going to happen to the grave yard at S.P. I hope for the honor of the people laying there, that they just dont cover it up. Mark this could be a story.

    • exspworker

       Very good point. The Trotten family cemetery dates to at least 1800.
      It definitely would be worth looking into.

      • George

        I really feel that Hilco and ELT are aware of the graveyard and will take every step to honor and protect the original settlers and owners of Sparrows Point. The new owners are really nice people from what we are hearing.

        I know our guys always looked after the cemetery and we even drove the pipe and cable fence around the plot and kept it weeded.We might even see a museum for the family and the history of Sparrows Point? The tourists can have a coffee shop nearby to give them something to do while they are waiting to embark on the Cruise Ships for Bermuda and Nassau.Any news about Sonny’s plan to have a waterfront park with the Steelworkers Statue, benches, and boat ramp at the Wharf Road entrance to the Point?

        • alleah51

          hey ex funny man. how come your not getting off any more large bulk ore carrier jokes anymore. what do you think of your first class owner now. old dime bag dave put you on one hell of a diet. i told you long ago my friend that he was going to slim you guys down real good didn’t i;

        • alleah51

          hey george if they build a coffee shop maybe you and walleye can get a job as a waitress. i bet you and walleye would look cute with your little aprons on. maybe your first class owner might stop by for a cup of joe.

  • BiPolarWorker

    Last I heard at the end of December, was if the graveyard was not consecrated by any church then the graves/bodys could be removed from the site and relocated to another cemetery.

    • George

      This is not good news. Bethlehem Steel always protected the graves. We have over 3,000 acres on the Point, so those graves should just stay put. We need to get a local Church or the Dundalk Historical Society to take them under their stewardship? If Ben Womer were still alive those graves would be under some kind of State or Baltimore County historical trust program. What about the Steelworkers Museum and Statue they are proposing?  They should include the graves into the museum project.

  • Mark Allan Reynolds

    It’s been a while since I last posted here (which got me fired from Wheeling Corrugating, Louisville back in July 2012, btw)…but there’s still some things left unsaid to the scum out there willing to ruin people’s lives just to make a buck or two.

    WCC Louisville employed 23 workers, most long timers. We were union. My old plant manager hated that. While RG Steel destroyed so many lives in the valley, good old WCC used that to their advantage and planned around it, so when the dust settled they would be  ready to pick up and carry on.

    In January, a new company was announced by Northstar Metals…World Class Corrugating, otherwise known as WCC (pretty handy, huh?). All the same management team, same machines. Only no union. 18 of the 23 workers were not invited back (the temporary service used to fill job openings had a rehire list to work from) and I didn’t really give a damn, one way or another. I had filed a grievance after being fired and was informed on the company’s last day by management that my grievance was upheld and I would receive my severance and unemployment. It was over for me. Time to move on.

    Then I happened to go to the World Class Corrugating website. I saw this right off:

    “World Class Corrugating…is a metal roofing and siding manufacturer which is built on its employees experience, knowledge and expertise with over 250 years combined experience in the metal industry.”

    That really pissed me off. Bragging on the employee’s experience when most of the employees were home drawing unemployment mainly because the figureheads wanted to be rid of the union? 

    I often hear people say how karma will set things right: well, c’mon Karma. Come do your stuff because there’s a lot of good people being rolled over by this entire situation who deserve better. And the ones who should be ashamed of themselves are being rewarded. 

    • IronworkerSP

      Yes Mark Allen we lost over 2,000  just at the Sparrows Point plant, plus hundreds more of outside employees at DTE, Siemens Caster, Maryland Pig Iron, Mobile Dredging, and dozens more. Add to that all of you guys in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania and the numbers are close to 30,000 or more Union members on the street!  

      We need Washington to address this or the USA is going is going to become a third world nation with no middle-class!  The government should nationalize our manufacturing and industrial plants just like they do in Germany, France, Russia, Venezuela, Korea, and China and put Americans back to work again!

      Washington needs to put a moratorium on the dismantling of American manufacturing. Our steel mills and heavy industrial plants are vital to the national security of our great nation. What the Commies and Fascists could not accomplished is being done by the scrappers.

      • Walter

        Ironworker this is the first posting of yours that makes sense. We need to have a rally in favor of nationalizing our Steel Mills! I am in total agreement. The USA nationalized the air traffic controllers, so your not our vital industrial base?  Most other countries have nationalized steel and its time the USA followed!

        We should have a rally at the Union hall and invite the politicians and the news media to formulate a plan to save Sparrows Point before core iron and steel making  assets are forever removed from the property.  

        The fact that our SP partners have not removed or dismantled their assets is proof that selling off some old equipment and assorted hand tools is not the end of steel making at the Point.

         The story about the delayed demo because of asbestos removal looks like a smokescreen to me. Why? Because most of the outside vendor’s equipment does not even use or contain asbestos!  They are all staying put because the investors are still hopeful that they can still flip or partner with one of the big steel and mining cartels and get the Sparrows Point back to iron and steel production again?  I think that they are having second thoughts about the enormous magnitude of demoing the SP. SP is one hundred times bigger than that the old GM plant on Broening Highway!  The best use for the property is to keep its smokestacks and leave it as it always was.

        Dr. Walter  Phd. BS

        • George Lopez

          ” I think that they are having second thoughts about the enormous magnitude of demoing the SP”
          Nope, this by far isn’t MCM’s largest demolition project. Demolition is like eating an elephant. One piece at a time. Scrap=cold hard cash.  SP smells like $$$ to Mardigian.

  • tablecolcks

    soooooooo…what  is  happening  to  9477 ?
    how long will we  have the  union halls to  use ?

    • Walter

      tablecolcks did you read the latest issue of the Dundalk Eagle Newspaper?  Well they have a story about how Sparrows Point is up for sale again and how this time it is being marketed by the best and biggest commercial Real Estate brokerage firm in the world!  So we still have a good chance that at least part of the mill will be purchased. The story is very upbeat and optimistic that this brokerage firm can reach out to even overseas buyers to land us someone interested in putting Sparrows Point back to work. Just read the story and you will feel better about the future,

      So the union should just stay put until this latest marketing program has time to find new industrial buyers for SP.  Union workers should have first shot at filling any new jobs created in SP.

      • alleah51

        hey walleye. if you want to see the union screw it up just let dime bag dave stick his nose in it.

      • My2Cents69

        Ok… by this time, after so many months of not running the mill, the pipes have frozen up and burst. The equipment has rusted. Some equipment has been sold off. Where do you get off trying to keep peoples hopes up based on a lie. Only a fool would believe that this mill would ever run again. It would take someone with really deep pockets and a fool’s dream to buy SP and make it profitable. Nobody stepped foreward before the winter freeze. Do you think it will be cheaper to start this mill now or more expensive?

        I know its hard to think that its not coming back but its true. It isn’t!

  • buddy12729

    If you sit back and think about this whole deal, we, the union workers were set up……..we got the shaft and nobody cared…………where were or Thinkers at the USW…………my god, what a farce happened…………..the big companies made out big time………….but this didn’t start with RG, it goes back 20 years where we were set upto take the fall and the big companies go there wish, the Market……………RG was apart of the process………

    • bocephusjr

      The shutdown of the Sparrows Point has been the plan of the International Union for many years.  Why do you think that they set us up with sooo many losers?  The International Union wants to control the market?  Why do you think that Mitttal settled their contract after no move from either direction for six months? Sparrows, Warren and Wheeling were sacrificed so that the other large plants could run with their good benefits and wagesaaa

    • IronworkerSP

      Buddy you right that RG was just the last in a line of dreamers and flippers that bought into the line that Sparrows could still make money. We all had a feeling years before Dr. Boothe ran the numbers that Sparrows was losing soon after they put the ill conceived L Furnace on line and then tore down K and the other properly sized furnaces. Beth Steel covered their L furnace losses by draining Burns Harbor, the PA mills, and selling off all of their captive raw materials and other divisions to prop up Sparrows Point. ………….Yes Buddy we were set up 20 years or more ago … for the fall, while the big shots drained all assets and the flippers made hundreds of millions passing the Point’s rotten carcass back and forth until nothing was left of it but a rusted toxic waste dump for the vultures to pick its bones.  While RG was part of the bone pickers, the real blame starts with the insiders at Beth Steel that first screwed the stockholders well before any of us got burned too.

  • BillatSP

    Just maybe Maryland cant afford it not too run? So many people are out on the streets. A lot more then what this state is saying. Most of my family is hurting or fearing of loosing their jobs and have cut there hours. May be the politicians took on more then what they an handle. If they dredge a channel and put all that slug onto s.p. just imagine the fool air that would be over.Sparrows Point. I agree with Walter. .

    • IronworkerSP

      Hey Bill you and Wacko Walter could be on the something. More dreamers that got suckered in at Sparrows. I read the Eagle story too about how they have Sparrows listed again for sale with a Reality company. Another  starry-eyed SP owner GRASPING at straws again???  If you read between the lines it looks like the new buyers are getting cold feet that maybe they bit off more than they can chew? Again the Union working man gets screwed!!!!

      I agree with you that Sparrows is more then they can handle. The Eagle article has them selling off piecemeal parcels of land or whatever to anyone, so where is this great vision that Baltimore County has of a super marine terminal, cruise ships, Nascar track, Hopkins Campus, Casinos, and clean energy (aka trash burning incinerators). From the article, you can conclude that no one was a plan for the Point other then how can they can unload this white elephant by any means possible, the “vision” changes more offer then Walter changes his socks!  

      Looks like the Point will be carved up for trucking terminals, some warehousing, trash dumps, and industries no other jurisdiction wants, all of the NIMBY type of undesirable NON-UNION businesses are welcome in Sparrows Point. So what else is new?Yes, it looks like they are getting cold feet by offering to sell off single old buildings and carve up a small plot of land to anyone with a buck.  No master plan to put UNION workers back to work at the Point, only low wage Day Labor scab jobs just like we are seeing at the old shipyard. Temporary jobs with NO BENEFITS, only low day labor wages. They are only tossing rotten bones at us while the new owners are looking for a fast exit?  Maybe they are right in saying that the land at Sparrows Point is cursed … the Trotten Family Curse, they better leave those bones alone at the old family graveyard!  I will never go near the Point again because it took more from me than it gave me.

  • bocephusjr

    Everything that Jim Strong has touched has always gone under he made a mess of Breyers ice cream , the workers at the Zoo decertified from the Union and he workered with the politicians to shut Sparrows Point down and we as steelworkers paid he salary!!! 

  • FormerBethSteelEmp

    I’m not sure why some feel that Hilco got suckered in when they bought Sparrows Point. Hilco is a liquidator. They do not buy businesses or assets to operate them. They buy businesses or assets to sell them to others. If other individuals or companies wanted to buy those assets to in total, they would have bought them from the original owner. The job of the liquidator is to sell off the carcasses of unwanted businesses in whatever way possible to make a profit. Based on the scrap value and the asset sales to other steel companies, Hilco will recover their original investment easily.

    It is true that there is no master plan to redevelop the site. Developers have put forth some “blue sky” ideas but these are still the the brainstorming phase.

    As far as Union involvement, note that one poster indicated that one WCC site restarted as a non-Union facility. None of the USW-represented  facilities have restarted. Does anyone think that the new owner of the cold mill wants to deal with the USW?

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