CreateBaltimore wants to shake things up

detail from createbaltimore3 t shirt

Detail from the t-shirt for this year’s CreateBaltimore.

Photo by: CreateBaltimore

Tomorrow (Saturday 2/16), the annual Baltimore-centric un-conferencing extravaganza known as CreateBaltimore is happening at the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus.

The idea is to bring creative, civic-minded characters out of their separate small circles and get them talking and plotting together: technologists and artists, entrepreneurs and activists, institutions and instigators, young students and seasoned professionals.

What kind of things might this group do during this day-long conference, that starts with registration at 9 a.m. at the Milton S. Eisenhower Library and ends at 5 pm? The organizers have a few pump-priming ideas:

• Creating a Google map of major grocery stores, discount grocery stores, and liquor stores in Baltimore City to highlight the availability of goods in different parts of the city, and then devising a plan to distribute that information.

• Writing a group editorial to The Baltimore Sun on the lack of serious technology education in Baltimore City public schools and embedding a set of solutions.

• Planning an event in March to highlight the digital divide in Baltimore, and then inviting those at Create Baltimore to attend.

• Creating a group dedicated to pushing for more access to ________, and crowd sourcing the resources currently in place and missing from the individuals attending Create Baltimore.

• Writing a song and shooting a satirical music video for YouTube about why there is (possibly) a lack of age/class/racial/gender diversity at this event today and how you’d like things to change for next time.

To register (it costs $15) go here.

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  • Mary Roby

    Any follow up or coverage of this event?

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