City temporarily suspends speed camera program

At least for a spell, motorists whizzing past schools and down city streets will get a reprieve, courtesy of persistent “mistakes” engulfing the Automatic Traffic Violation Enforcement  System (ATVES) – better known as speed cameras.

Frank Murphy, acting director of the Department of Transportation, said he ordered Brekford Corp., the new vendor, to cease producing speeding citations yesterday until the agency irons out “several concerns” about the performance of the system.

The concerns reportedly involve “clerical mistakes” in recent citations, including payment options listed on the citations and the posted speed limit along The Alameda in northeast Baltimore.

Checking the Entire System

“We do not have a date for resumption – we want time to check the entire program,” Murphy said in an email message to The Brew, which asked him to clarify a cryptic message tweeted by his agency this afternoon announcing the ATVES suspension.

Frank Murphy suspended the ATVES (speed camera) program yesterday. (Baltimore DOT)

Frank Murphy

Last November, the Rawlings-Blake administration ousted longtime vendor, Xerox State & Local Solutions, in favor of Hanover-based Brekford after The Baltimore Sun documented a spate of speed camera errors.

Brekford agreed to pay all upfront costs of the system and share about 25% of the fines paid by motorists from speeding citations issued by the machines.

Last week, the Board of Estimates agreed to pay Brekford $2.2 million to subsidize the purchase of 62 new speed cameras, after the old cameras were rendered inoperable when Xerox removed the software.

DOT stressed tonight that the clerical mistakes “do not relate to the accuracy of the radar technology.”

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  • p johnson

    Does anyone know if the actual contract with Breckford available for viewing online?

  • David Kennedy

    Let me be clear: I do NOT think that Her Honor SRB is a stupid person. On the contrary, I am sure she is quite bright; but there is a quality called savvy. Warren Buffett is savvy. Bill Gates is savvy. SRB is not savvy. And I believe this leads to a situation whereby the operators who surround her tend to be very savvy, and opportunistic; she is their ticket to ride. They will hang on, getting city contracts for their associates, backdoor-profiting from the awarding of same, and we, the People, will continue to get screwed and tattooed. (See the Sunpaper this very morning re: the potential awarding of a contract to a firm from Massachusetts to study how the Baltimore Police Department should be run!!! The contract is double what other firms bid. I could not make this stuff up).
    And in the end, she will continue on up the career ladder, with help from all those barnacles, and become the Governor at some point, when it’s her turn. There are so many of you who need to stare into the mirror for a while, and realize one-party rule, and you, are the problem.

  • KnowNothingParty

    Alright, I am going to tune up my Chevy Chevette and try to hit 40 mph in a post 25 zone!!!

  • George Tye

    Baltimore Brew, where are the “speed camera comments” from the last 2 days???

  • George Tye

    Baltimore Brew, where are the “speed camera comments” from the last 2 days???

  • Thomas Brown

    Put it to a public vote or it’s illegitimate. These cameras are predatory. The whole speeding ticket, red light ticket, parking ticket industry in Baltimore is predatory. They generate so much ill-will against the city government, and the city aura suffers as a result. Government’s not listening. OK. Here’s your warning government: “This was your chance to listen.” You won’t listen though, but you will remember after the collapse that you had a chance to listen.

    • George Tye

      T.B. I like your logic. Maybe next, we can do the same with all types of motor vehicle violation tickets. Hech, while were at it, let’s put property taxes, income taxes, and any other tax you can think of on a ballot.
      Great idea!!!

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