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Curtis Bay Incinerator

The Dripby Brew Editors12:32 pmJan 2, 20140

VIDEO: High school students march against South Baltimore incinerator

Links to the videos organizers posted today of the Dec. 18 protest

Above: Benjamin Franklin High School students left flowers behind at the end of a Dec.18 protest against a trash incinerator planned near their school.

Preventable deaths in Baltimore aren’t just the ones involving police tape and shell casings.

At this Dec. 18 protest march in Curtis Bay by Benjamin Franklin High School students – against a proposed trash incinerator less than a mile from their school – the anger was directed against the fact that air quality in the area is among the worst in the state and the nation.

“Curtis Bay has a long history of air pollution, but that doesn’t mean it’s right,” said Destiny Watford, one of the speakers at a rally before the march.

“We have the right to live lives that aren’t cut short by poisoned air,” said Watford, a Towson University student who grew up in the neighborhood and joined about 200 people in the walk to the site of the proposed 160-megawatt trash-to-energy plant that Albany based Energy Inc. wants to build.

Here are a couple of videos the group made from the protest and just posted today. There are also interviews with students where they talk about family members with asthma and their experience of what they say is already very dirty air.

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