Winter strikes back: Snow, wind, cold coming tomorrow

It sure doesn’t feel like it now with temperatures in the 50s, but the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for snow, wind and very cold weather on Tuesday.

Accumulating between 4 and 6 inches, snow will start in the morning and be heaviest during the middle of the day before tapering off in the evening.

Temperatures, meanwhile, will plummet into the teens tomorrow night and into the single digits early Wednesday.

Below Zero Wind Chill

Winds, escalating to 15 mph tomorrow with gusts of 25 mph, will create wind chills in the single digits Tuesday, dropping to minus 10 overnight.

Falling, blowing, and drifting snow is expected to cause hazardous travel and walking conditions across the Baltimore region tomorrow, especially in the late afternoon and evening commutes. The extreme cold could cause frostbite, so dress appropriately.

To avoid broken water pipes, homeowners are advised to keep a small stream of tap water running overnight tomorrow.

Below-freezing temperatures will continue in the area through Friday, but no additional snow is forecast.

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  • davethesuave

    i am filled with hate at this forecast. Need a second home; in Spain. Southern France would do in a pinch.

  • Gerald Neily

    This climate change thing is getting really weird. This morning’s Channel 11 Weather graphic had tomorrow’s high temperature at 20 degrees, and the low temperature at 26 degrees.

  • ushanellore

    Snow Storm–Jan 21, 2014

    Suddenly it grows dark
    and when the quiet is profound
    the sky opens its moist mouth
    and slowly spits on the ground–

    flakes swirl as they fall,
    to their death they are sent,
    the directions they take
    determining their fate,

    on the trees when they cling
    they’re close to their birth,
    able to watch nests
    abandoned by birds
    that took flight for the winter
    to where it is warm,

    on the eaves when they land,
    their powdery forms
    thaw and freeze–
    as the temperature rises and dips
    they drift and they shift
    and the water they hold
    swept by arctic blasts,
    changes to ice
    that drips and slips
    or hangs precariously
    as stalactites– that chip
    and crash, that crack and rip
    from the lips of gutters clogged-
    with a sound peculiar
    to breaking glass.

    They separate from their sister flakes–
    each unique as a finger print,
    they choose adventurous trajectories
    that land them far from their families,
    on roofs by chimneys tall,
    they breathe the smoke from burning logs,
    stained black with soot,
    brown with sand,
    rolled into balls by eager hands,
    thrown at faces for the sheer pleasure–
    of indulging in feckless leisure,
    dragged by boots into corridors,
    forming puddles by the doors,
    marked by skis on restless feet
    that find a way to navigate,
    even when a blizzard roars,
    and the sea is frozen in its face,
    even when the rivers and lakes
    like mirrors on the surface shine,

    as the relentless chill– it penetrates
    and clamps its teeth on waterfalls,
    the dropping cascades decelerate
    and turn to sheets of water stopped-

    My friend she says she will inflate
    some inner tubes for her tiny tots,
    she will carry them out on a blustery day
    and poise them on a round hill top,
    she’ll place her bottom in one of those holes
    and heave herself down a slippery slope,
    life itself a slippery slope–
    she’ll swallow her fears
    and wipe her tears,
    then let out an uproarious laugh,
    hanging on for the bumpy ride,
    the sting of the wind boring
    through her sides,
    she’ll pretend once more
    she’s a hellion child,
    her body thrust forward
    she will fly–
    and at the bottom when she lands–
    victorious– she will whoop and stand,
    then climb up that hill to its very top,
    to the spontaneous loud applause
    of her admiring tiny tots–
    peering down at her
    like two snow-bots.

    Usha Nellore

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