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The Dripby Brew Editors12:19 pmMar 12, 20140

Baltimore mayor confirms (reluctantly) she is seeking re-election

“I don’t know why this is news.”

Above: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at an event at City Hall in Nov. 2013.

Today’s Maryland Daily Record had a scoop: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake saying she is seeking re-election in two years.

The newspaper’s homepage had a catchy blurb for Adam Bednar’s piece: “Don’t read too much into Sunday political talk show appearances,” alluding to speculation that those mayoral Meet the Press gigs were all about plans to try for higher office.

The Brew’s Mark Reutter asked the mayor about this report at today’s press availability following the weekly Board of Estimates meeting.

Here’s our transcript of the rather strange back-and-forth that ensued:

Brew: You had an interview with the Daily Record in which you talked about your plans to seek re-election. Could you elaborate a little more on that?

SRB: Not really.

Brew: But you would confirm that you are seeking re-election?

SRB: You are extremely literate. I’m sure you read the article.

Brew: The article then is accurate in what you said?

SRB: (Long pause, during which the mayor points to the Daily Record reporter.)

SRB: Was it an accurate reflection of what I said?

Bednar: I believe so, yes.

Brew: And there’s no one else dissenting from that?

Sun’s Luke Broadwater: Mayor, in our conversations you’ve always indicated that you wanted to be mayor for, you didn’t have other plans to go to other jobs. Is this a decision you made this week, a year ago? Is it –

SRB: (interrupts) There was no decision! I don’t know why this is news!

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