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The Dripby Mark Reutter11:38 amJul 18, 20140

Turns out only 250 Pandora employees will be coming to Baltimore

The 600 employment figure touted yesterday was incorrect

Above: A Pandora charm bracelet by Lonnel Britain from Pinterest.

According to yesterday’s fanfare of press releases by both the city and company, Pandora Jewelry was moving 600 employees from Columbia to the Inner Harbor to occupy the 250 West Pratt Street building.

In a press release titled “Pandora Jewelry Plans Move to Charm City,” Pandora itself stated that the company would rent 87,862 square feet of the building, “quickly becoming one of the city’s largest employers with over 600 employees.”

A press release from the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) echoed the same employment figure, followed by remarks from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake lauding the move as a sign of Baltimore’s rejuvenation as a business center.

Turns out, though, that only 250 employees are scheduled to move to downtown Baltimore in the first quarter of 2015.

Chief operating officer Scott Burger confirmed that number to The Brew this morning, saying that 150 employees will stay behind in Columbia, where the company will turn its present space on Robert Fulton Drive into an operational center.

Burger said the company has more than 200 people in the field, accounting for its “over 600 employees” in the U.S.

This morning the mayor’s office acknowledged that the 250 employment figure was correct. Earlier, the mayor’s spokesman used the 600 number.

Given the Danish company’s rapid expansion in the U.S., Burger said he hoped that employment will increase in Baltimore.

“We see over time a lot of growth, especially in downtown,” he said. “And we now have the space [at 250 West Pratt] to support that.”

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