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The Dripby Brew Editors9:47 amMay 5, 20150

Historical Society wants your photos and video from Freddie Gray protests and aftermath

Above: Baltimore protester after being pepper-sprayed by State Police near Camden Yards, April 25.

The Maryland Historical Society has issued a public call for images from professional and amateur photographers to document the recent Freddie Gray protests, civil unrest and cleanup efforts in Baltimore City.

“We believe this is an important topic for public history,” said historical society president Burt Kummerow in a release.

Images and video may be submitted to the Maryland Historical Society through Dropbox online file sharing at Remembrance@mdhs.org.

Submissions should include the photographer’s name, email address, date and location that images were taken, and camera type/model.

The images will become part of a digital collection to be housed on a website maintained by the society. The group also hopes to make the images available for viewing by the general public, the Maryland State Archives, and the National Archives.

“By submitting images to the society, photographers should be assured that they are not waiving their rights to these images,” the release stated.

Laura Rodini, historical society spokeswoman, said the museum plans to launch the web site within the next month.


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