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The Dripby Brew Editors6:30 pmMar 3, 20160

Mckesson raising mayor’s race money in Manhattan

The March 9 event for the activist is being held at the home of Teach for America board member Ted Dreyfus.

Above: Activist DeRay McKesson in Mt. Vernon for a mayoral candidate’s forum. (Fern Shen)

Activist and Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay Mckesson will hold a fundraiser at the Manhattan home of a former Citibank executive next week, BuzzFeed reports.

The March 9 event is taking place at the Upper West Side home of Ted Dreyfus.

“Dreyfus has also worked for the Clinton Foundation and serves on the board of Teach for America, an organization that placed Mckesson at a New York City public school from 2007 to 2009,” reports BuzzFeed’s Nicolás Medina Mora.

The fundraiser is hosted by the former president of Bowdoin College (Mckesson’s alma mater) and Daily Show writer Travon Free, according to the campaign website.

Online donations start at the $250 “Campaigner” level. At the top end, a $6,000 “Architect” level contribution gets the donor access to a “private event” with the candidate.

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