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Crime & Justiceby Brew Editors4:10 pmJun 7, 20180

Ringleader of Gun Trace Task Force sentenced to 25 years

Above: Wayne Jenkins ran the once elite police squad whose other members have been arrested and convicted of felony crimes.

A federal judge today sentenced Wayne Earl Jenkins to 25 years in prison for committing robberies, racketeering and overtime fraud while head of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force.

The once-hailed sergeant and 14-year BPD veteran was put in charge of the GTTF in June 2016.

Over the next eight months – as well as in prior years while on the police force – Jenkins admitted to stealing narcotics, cash and property by detaining victims, many of them alleged drug dealers, whom he encountered as part of his official duties.

To conceal his activities, he swore out false search warrants, doctored charging papers and submitted false arrest reports, including a report that resulted in the false conviction and imprisonment of two Baltimore men.

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As part of his plea agreement, Jenkins acknowledged that he also had routinely submitted fraudulent overtime reports, “thereby defrauding the Baltimore Police Department and the citizens of the State of Maryland,” federal prosecutors said.

“I made so many mistakes, your honor,” the 37-year-old told U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake today. “I’m so sorry to the citizens of Baltimore.”

Three other ex-GTTF members are set to be sentenced in federal court this week.

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