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The Dripby Brew Editors4:00 pmJun 3, 20200

“In gratitude,” Sheila Dixon writes to her supporters

Ex-mayor pledges to bring “values and principles” back to City Hall

Above: Outside of the Northwood Elementary School polling station, Sheila Dixon hydrates. (Louis Krauss)

Sheila Dixon, leading in returns that would pivot her to her former perch as Baltimore’s mayor, the position she resigned from in 2010 following a corruption conviction, wrote this “in gratitude” to her supporters this afternoon:

“We are finally here today, not knowing the results of yesterday’s election but feeling very upbeat and positive.

“First, I must thank God who is my guidance. Next, I am so grateful to all of the people, including you, who have been a part of this campaign for the last six months. I humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart for remaining vigilant in your support of the values and principles that you and I want to bring back to City Hall.

“You gave unconditional love and commitment, not because of me, but because of your dedication to Baltimore and making a difference in the city we call home.

“Believe it or not, the lines I saw at the polls yesterday gave me renewed hope. I saw people who, in the midst of a global health pandemic, stood in long lines all day, with masks on, staying six feet apart to make sure they could vote. To witness people’s drive, to see them fighting for change, and investing their time and raising their voice with their vote for Baltimore made my heart soar.

“Like my mother used to always tell me: It’s better to be slow and right than fast and wrong. So as we await yesterday’s results, please remember that elections are not just a once-every-four-year process. When we know the final outcome and it is clear who will represent us moving forward, I encourage you to get involved, stay engaged and help that person lead this city forward in a manner that can make all our communities proud.”

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