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Politicsby Ian Round5:37 pmJun 3, 20200

Incumbents are comfortably ahead in City Council races

Four years ago, Baltimore’s City Council saw upstarts and surprises. This year not so much, judging by the early primary results.

Above: Councilman Kris Burnett has breezed to victory in the far westside’s 8th District. (Fern Shen)

Preliminary results are in for the Baltimore City Council races – and they portend no upsets or major surprises.

Incumbents hold solid leads in their respective districts, while candidates with the most campaign cash are ahead in the open-seat races.

After a progressive wave in 2016, which saw many seats turned over to younger leaders, Democratic Party voters stuck with the status quo in yesterday’s primary.

In the closely watched 12th District race, incumbent Robert Stokes Sr. holds a preliminary 46%-34% lead over Phillip Westry. Four other candidates split the remainder of the vote.

Westry had raised and spent far more than Stokes, who had no social media presence during an online-only campaign. Yesterday, The Brew reported that residents of a Remington apartment building in the district were given ballots for the 14th District.

The Only Nail-biter

The tightest race is for the open seat in the northside’s 4th District where Mark Conway currently leads Logan Endow by only 47 votes.

Nicole Harris-Crest, who works for State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, closely trails Conway and Endow.

Now both 4th District candidates for City Council, Mark Conway (left) and Tim Goldsby (right) had a parting of the ways. (Ian Round)

Mark Conway (center) at a 4th District candidates’ forum earlier this year. (Ian Round)

Mosby Ally Likely to Win

On the Eastside’s 13th District, Antonio Glover leads Jackie Addison.

People affiliated with the Turning Point methadone clinic and mental health business gave Glover $30,000, the vast majority of the money he raised.

Glover works as a community liaison for State’s Attorney Mosby. If he’s certified as the winner, he will be a close ally of Nick Mosby, the state’s attorney’s husband who has a solid lead as the next City Council President.

Large Lead for Ramos

Odette Ramos (65%) holds a commanding lead in North Baltimore’s 14th District, the seat being vacated by retiring Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.

With Ramos’ endorsement by Clarke, her primary campaign had a powerful tailwind.

Ramos’s top competitor, community advocate Joe Kane, has only 15% of the vote. Ramos, a no-nonsense organizer with a well-funded campaign, says she wants to end the “pay-to-play” city spending system.

14th District council candidate Odette Ramos at her campaign headquarters. (Ian Round)

14th District Council candidate Odette Ramos at her campaign headquarters. (Ian Round)

Establishment Choice Leads

In southwest Baltimore, where Councilman Ed Reisinger is retiring, one of the more competitive races seemed to be shaping up.

But the early results haven’t been close. Phylicia Porter (30%), the choice of many establishment figures, leads community activist Keisha Allen (16%). Five other candidates received around 10% each.

Phylicia Porter at a campaign event, with retiring incumbent Councilman Ed Reisinger behind her. (Ian Round)

Phylicia Porter at a campaign event with retiring Councilman Ed Reisinger behind her. (Ian Round)

The Rest

Facing her first election, 2nd District Councilwoman Danielle McCray (62%) leads Tamira Dunn (25%) and Melissa “Mel B.” Bagley (13%).

The younger sister of state Senator Cory McCray (45th), she was appointed a year ago in a post-Healthy Holly shakeup when her political patron, Brandon M. Scott, gave up his seat to become City Council president.

In the hard-fought race in West Baltimore’s 7th District to replace Leon Pinkett, James Torrence is ahead of Brian Sims, Tori Rose and Rodney Hudson with 36% of the vote.

Despite a campaign funding controversy earlier this year, 3rd District Councilman Ryan Dorsey (59%) has breezed past opponent Rain Pryor (36%).

In Northwest Baltimore, 5th District Councilman Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer (66%) is far ahead of challenger Chris Ervin (34%).

Schleifer possessed more campaign cash than any other Council candidate and, despite being one of the Council’s most conservative members, he is a Scott ally and a member of Scott’s Baltimore City Forward Slate.

A huge campaign sign behind Pimlico RaceCcourse for 5th District Councilman Yitzy Schleifer. (Fern Shen)

A huge campaign sign near the Pimlico Race Course boasts Yitzy Schleifer. (Fern Shen)

Council Vice President Sharon Middleton (67%) leads Taurus Barksdale (26%) in northwest’s 6th District.

Councilman Kristerfer Burnett (63%) trounced Anthony Greene (37%) in the far westside 8th District.

Councilman John Bullock is a runaway in the 9th District, while Councilman Eric Costello won the 11th District, covering midtown, downtown and South Baltimore, unopposed.

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