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The Dripby Ian Round11:02 pmJun 7, 20200

Henry’s lead over Pratt widens; Westry gains on Stokes in the 12th

Mosby’s lead in the City Council President’s race remains strong

Above: The Incumbent and the Challenger: Six-term Comptroller Joan Pratt is falling farther behind Bill Henry.

In the latest returns posted in Baltimore’s primary, Councilman Bill Henry expanded his lead to almost 10,000 votes over Joan M. Pratt in the comptroller’s race.

Henry leads 53.9% to 46.1%, making his victory over the six-term incumbent a near certainty.

Delegate Nick Mosby moved closer to victory in the Council President’s race, as he kept a comfortable margin ahead of Councilwoman Shannon Sneed and former Councilman Carl Stokes.

Brandon Scott pulls ahead in Baltimore mayoral race

Mosby leads with 40.7% of the vote, more than 15,000 votes ahead of Sneed, who stands at 28.6%.

In the 12th District, incumbent Councilman Robert Stokes’s lead is shrinking. Friday’s results showed Phillip Westry trailing Stokes by about 10%; on Sunday it narrowed to less than 5%.

Westry now trails by 319 votes.

While the margin remains thin, Mark Conway’s lead over Logan Endow in the 4th District has grown. Conway leads by 231 votes, 28.1% to 26.0%.

About 15,000 Democratic Party ballots are yet to be counted by the board of elections. See latest results here.

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