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The Dripby Brew Editors3:55 pmOct 4, 20210

Mayor Scott tests positive for Covid, his office confirms

Asymptomatic and said to “feel fine,” he attended three public events over the weekend. The health department is conducting contact tracing of those he interacted with.

Above: A maskless Mayor Scott (in Under Armour t-shirt) at the Parade of Latino Nations yesterday. Also pictured: Councilmen Zeke Cohen and Mark Conway. (@MayorBMScott)

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott tested positive for Covid-19 this morning and is currently self-isolating at his home in Northeast Baltimore.

“The mayor is asymptomatic and currently feels fine. He will work remotely until he is officially cleared to return to City Hall,” spokesman Cal Harris said in an emailed statement.

“The mayor regularly gets tested for Covid-19 to safeguard the health of City Hall colleagues and Baltimoreans he meets in the community.” the statement continued. “His test results came back negative last Friday, however he received two positive tests today.”

Scott is now working with the health department’s contact tracing units to notify people with whom he had contact at events over the weekend, the statement added.

Weekend Events

On Sunday afternoon, Scott attended the Parade of Latino Nations on Eastern Avenue.

On Saturday, he was present at the opening of the St. Francis Neighborhood Center in Reservoir Hill and participated in the Parity Homes groundbreaking and block party in Harlem Park.

On Friday, his single public event was a press conference with Health Commissioner Letitia Dzirasa updating the media on his Covid response efforts.

Last week, Scott was in New York City for four days attending the opening sessions of a year-long leadership course for mayors sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Harvard School of Business.

He returned to Baltimore via Amtrak last Wednesday.

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