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The Dripby Mark Reutter4:52 pmJan 3, 20220

Salary increase puts Mayor Scott’s annual pay at nearly $200,000

The annual ritual of elected Baltimore officials quietly accepting a pay raise – thrust upon them automatically by law – is again upon us.

The mayor, comptroller, City Council president and the 14 members of the Council will all get a salary boost based on rules set back in 2007 by a compensation commission established after city voters approved a charter amendment.

The commission’s recommendations were then approved by the City Council and authorized by the state legislature.

They stipulate that if at least one city union or employee group receives a pay increase during the current fiscal year, elected officials are entitled to a raise equal to 2.5% of their respective salaries.

While police, firefighters and blue-collar workers got no such increase, the Managerial and Professional Society (MAPS), which represents salaried employees, got a 2% cost of living adjustment last July, according to the Department of Human Resources.

There has been no known example of a city official rejecting a pay hike.

As a result, the following salaries will be adjusted, effective January 1, 2022, after they are “noted” as part of the Board of Estimates record this Wednesday:

(NOTE: So far, there has been no known public example of a city official rejecting a pay hike.)

• Mayor Brandon Scott – $199,044, up from $194,189.

• City Council President Nick Mosby – $131,798, up from $128,583.

• Comptroller Bill Henry – $131,798, up from $128,583.

• Council Vice President Sharon Green Middleton – $84,729, up from $82,662.

• City Council members (there are 14) – $76,660 each, up from $74,790.

$400,000 for Visit Baltimore CEO

The mayor’s salary is not the highest in city government.

That distinction goes to Al Hutchinson, CEO of Visit Baltimore, the quasi-public promotional organization, who was paid $401,411 in 2020, according to federal tax documents.

Among public employees, top earners include Police Commissioner Michael S. Harrison, who makes $275,000 a year; City Administrator Christopher Shorter, who gets $255,000 a year; Public Works Director Jason W. Mitchell, who is paid $245,000 a year; and State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who earned $247,956 in FY21, according to online records.

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