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Full video of City Council disrupted by NACA’s CEO

The head of the Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America insults Mayor Scott and Councilwoman Ramos and low-key threatens a riot, prompting two council members to walk out

Above: “Sir, you can’t accuse me of that,” Councilwoman Odette Ramos says to Bruce Marks, of NACA. Council colleague Antonio Glover listens, as does Danielle McCray, who later walked out of the City Council chambers. (CharmTV)

It took more than a week, but CharmTV has finally released the video of the April 26 City Council meeting where a nonprofit CEO – brought in by City Council President Nick Mosby to support his Dollar House legislation – caused an uproar.

At the “committee of the whole” meeting called by Mosby to rally support for his stalled legislation, he ushered in Bruce Marks, founder of Boston-based Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America.

A January 6 moment at Baltimore’s City Hall as Mosby recruits a housing firebrand from Boston (4/25/22)

Marks can be seen in the video (entering at about 42 minutes in) leading a group of cheering, chanting people – many from outside the city and some out of state – up the center aisle of the Council chambers.

“I want to make sure there’s not a riot outside,” Marks says at one point, repeatedly demanding that the body take heed to his words because he had “700 people” with him. (In reality, the Baltimore Inspector General later said, there were approximately 500 people there.)

Marks goes on to declare that Mayor Brandon Scott, who opposes the Mosby legislation, was “bought and paid for by developers.”

Councilwoman Odette Ramos begins questioning him (at about 48 minutes in) and he makes a similar allegation to her.

Marks’ attack on Ramos came after she began questioning him (at about 56 minutes in) about her discovery of Better Business Bureau and other complaints about NACA’s business practices.

After viewing another video of an earlier press conference/pep rally held by Mosby and Marks, The Brew wrote this account of the run-up to the turbulent meeting:

Crowd inside City Hall was riled up by Mosby and his bill-booster from Boston (4/27/22)

Six Council members, including Ramos, later wrote an op-ed criticizing Mosby for his handling of the matter.

“I was trying to educate you!” Bruce Marks, of NACA, says to Councilwoman Odette Ramos at one point. (CharmTV)

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