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The Dripby Brew Editors9:16 amMar 25, 20110

Brew reporting makes the news in Ohio

Above: USW Local 1223 president Jerry Conners responding to uproar following Brew reports.

Seems like this blog has become sensational in Steubenville!

A television station broadcasting from this Ohio Valley town is reporting that steelworkers from the local mill, Severstal Wheeling, are “fired up and firing off” in the Brew about the contract agreement between the union and new owner RG Steel.

“An Internet blog has been blowing up with comments the new contract is full of changes that will affect worker duties, seniority and salary,” says the report, which aired Wednesday night on WTOV9.

They’re referring to the hundreds of comments that have been pouring in to Brew stories like this one and that one, disclosing the terms of the proposed agreement between the United Steelworkers and RG Steel, which is purchasing Sparrows Point and the Wheeling and Warren mills from Russian-owned Severstal.

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