Sandy contact info and more from Mary Pat Clarke

We received this from 14th District city council rep Mary Pat Clarke but people anywhere in Baltimore might find some of this useful, including BGE numbers:

If the storm called “Sandy” comes to town as predicted and you and yours need help, please let me know, preferably by email at


Or call me at 410-294-3022 cell this weekend and/or
410-396-4814 (o) after the weekend.

I will be in regular contact with the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) where BGE liaisons and City agency representatives gather to prioritize and address emergencies.

For power OUTAGES, first call BGE at 1-877-778-2222.

The more calls, the better BGE can pinpoint the problem.

As many affected neighbors as possible should call.

BGE’s number for EMERGENCIES is 1-800-685-0123

(for gas or downed power lines).

Call 311 (between 6am & 10pm) for backed-up storm drains, downed trees, traffic signal outages and road obstructions.

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