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The Dripby Fern Shen3:04 pmMar 1, 20140

Still more City Paper content censored

Amid consternation yesterday over censorship at Baltimore City Paper – a negative music review spiked under pressure by advertisers and a blog post discussing the incident also spiked – staff decided to do some reporting on their own operation.

Senior editor Baynard Woods called up Scott Lynett, CEO of Times-Shamrock Communications, CP’s outgoing owner, and asked him what was going on, why they were locked out of their site’s news blogs and social media.

“I find that I’m unable to work, that our web access has been shut down and thus our ability to write on news stories and this is a news story I’m trying to write on, so I’m trying to figure out what’s happening. And if you don’t mind if I record this,” Woods said to Lynett.

“We have found that [editor-in-chief] Evan [Serpick] today posted an unauthorized blogpost revealing inside information and so we stopped access,” Lynett replies.

There’s some more back and forth, which City Paper transcribed and put up on the website. Readers could peruse the whole thing – briefly. Not long after that, as insiders predicted, it too was taken down.

Here are links to text we’ve grabbed on all the censored material we know of so far:

A review of Jason Aldean’s 1/1/14 concert at the Baltimore Arena
The missing Mr. Wrong and other indiscretions
Times-Shamrock CEO discusses decision to control City Paper social media

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