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The Dripby Mark Reutter11:43 amNov 5, 20140

Del. Frank Conaway, of rambling videos fame, resigns from city post

Made videos, since removed, on the premises of the Municipal Post Office. Re-elected to third-term in General Assembly.

Above: Frank M. Conway Jr. resigned today from the municipal mail room. He will remain as a state delegate, re-elected to a third-term yesterday.

State Delegate Frank M. Conaway Jr., whose bizarre videos about talking horses, Rubik’s Cube, canned chicken and cryptograms in ancient Egypt attracted widespread attention, resigned this morning from his job at City Hall.

Conaway was hired as a clerk at the Municipal Post Office by Comptroller Joan Pratt in 2006. Today Pratt said that Conaway, a member of a prominent political family, tendered his resignation. The job paid him $29,375 in 2013, according to on-line records.

“Mr. Conaway performed his duties and responsibilities in an honorable way. He really held the position he had in high esteem,” Pratt told The Brew, adding, “I guess he realized he made a mistake.”

Last month – after the delegate’s more than 50 rambling videos uploaded onto YouTube became publicly known – Pratt said she conducted an investigation.

She had determined that Conaway had filmed the videos on city property (in the mail room) but, she said, “he did not use city time or city equipment” to make them.

Conaway originally defended the videos as part of his duties as a Christian, but later removed the films, which included such titles as “is that you me,” “what rabbits eggs” and “conaway globe.”

Retains State Elected Job

The video flap did not make a dent in his political support in West Baltimore.

Yesterday, Conaway breezed, despite robust pre-election mockery, to a third term as a 40th District delegate to the General Assembly, winning 12,846 votes. (The write-in challenge by Shawn Z. Tarrant fizzled with under 3,000 votes.)

At the same time, his father, Frank D. Conaway Sr., was reelected to his longtime position as Clerk of the Circuit Court and his sister, Belinda, was elected Registrar of Wills.

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