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The Dripby Brew Editors10:36 amMay 25, 20210

Bevins: “I’m not apologizing for doing my job”

The Middle River councilwoman goes online today to defend her criticism of Baltimore County’s inspector general

Above: Councilwoman Cathy Bevins questions IG Kelly Madigan at last week’s virtual budget hearing. (Webex)

Councilwoman Cathy Bevins has not responded to our questions about her interrogation of Baltimore County Inspector General Kelly Madigan, alleging that Madigan’s hiring of a deputy and use of two-sided business cards were improper.

Both charges appear to be unsupported by facts.

No response, likewise, to our questions about Bevins’ relationship with her campaign treasurer, William “Chris” McCollum, who was the target of two IG reports documenting wasteful spending while McCollum was director of the county’s Ag Center.

Today Bevins did speak out on the Baltimore County Politics Facebook page, responding to this comment:

Disgraceful behavior by Cathy Bevins! I wonder why there is so much push back on the IG doing her job? The $50 extra spent on business cards was a ridiculous waste of time – we’ve got bigger issues in Baltimore County – I would like to see the IG go after waste, fraud and abuse full force. If you’ve not participated in any of those things, fear not!

BEVINS: “Yes, I’m guessing we may have other issues to be investigated. My questioning was intentional! You can’t expect a certain behavior and value system from employees if your not following the rules yourself. My job is to pass a balanced budget and be accountable to the taxpayers. The business cards were just an example. . . of waste of $50.

“She didn’t follow procedure when she hired her (now deputy), she also claimed she doesn’t go through emails over 12-18 months, not true! You forget, I supported this position, and her budget last year and this year, and i also would like her to identify waste and fraud. It’s amazing that when I asked hard questions of other folks it wasn’t a problem however, seems this one budget hearing was problematic.

“And I welcome any investigation at any time, I’m an open book, I am who I am! And the only female on the council I can’t afford to be timid. And to address Mr. Plymer. . . trust me I’m not the Bully!! I’ve had 6 people contact my office stating that Madigan was a bully as well as intimidating, finger pointing, accusatory and made to feel like a criminal! And for the record no report ever filed or charges filed. I’m not apologizing for doing my job!”

Stands by her Statement

UPDATE: Patrick Taylor, legislative aide to Bevins, has issued this statement to The Brew on the councilwoman’s behalf:

“Since the beginning I have supported the Office of the Inspector General. I supported the initial legislation creating the office, and I have supported each subsequent budget that has come before the County Council.”

Regarding the Quisenberry appointment and the IG business cards, “she would not like to amend her previous statements,” Taylor said.

Below, VIDEO excerpts of Bevins and Chairman Julian Jones denouncing Madigan. The full two-hour hearing can be viewed here.

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