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Marilyn and Nick Mosby

Crime & Justiceby Fern Shen6:11 amMay 23, 20240

Scheduled today for Marilyn Mosby’s sentencing hearing: Friends, former co-workers and her children

Before witnesses speak on her behalf, prosecutors will make the case for forfeiture of one of the two Florida properties she purchased

Above: The Tree House condominium on Longboat Key, near Sarasota, Florida, purchased by Marilyn Mosby in 2021 with money from her city retirement account, (zillow.com)

Ahead of today’s sentencing of Marilyn Mosby for mortgage fraud and perjury, the court released a list of 19 people that her lawyers say will “offer brief remarks” in a Greenbelt courtroom on the former Baltimore state’s attorney’s behalf.

The long list of speakers suggests that the presentation will last into the afternoon and the sentencing hearing may stretch into Friday.

Among those scheduled:

Two former top deputies, Janice Bledsoe and Michael Schatzow; former spokeswoman Lindsay “Zy” Richardson; Rev. Kevin Slayton, senior pastor of New Waverly United Methodist Church; and individuals released from prison after their convictions were reviewed by Mosby’s office.

The defense also plans to bring to the stand Mosby’s younger sister Brittany Johnson, her younger brother Alan Wright, and the two Mosby children. Each girl was identified on the list by her initials and described this way:

“Ms. Mosby’s daughter wishes to address the Court about her mother. We defer to the Court on how the Court would like to hear from Ms. Mosby’s daughter considering she is a minor.”

There may also be a request to play pre-recorded remarks and to allow “nationally recognized trial lawyer” Ben Crump to make remarks, according to the memo submitted by Mosby’s attorney, James Wyda.

Prosecutors are asking the court for a 20-month jail sentence.

Wyda proposes probation with no time in jail, while Mosby, proclaiming that she is innocent and a victim of prosecutorial misconduct and racial bias, says she should be given a full pardon by President Joe Biden.

Convicted of three felonies, Baltimore's former top prosecutor has sert up a website to proclaim her innocent. (justiceformarilynmosby.com)

Convicted of three felonies, Baltimore’s former top prosecutor has set up a website to proclaim her innocence. (justiceformarilynmosby.com)

House Forfeiture

Before sentencing, the first order of business, at 9 a.m. this morning before U.S. District Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby, is the prosecution’s long-shot request to seize Mosby’s Florida vacation condominium.

Mosby purchased the property at Longboat Key, near Sarasota, for $476,000 in February 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic.

She used $50,000 withdrawn from her city retirement account to buy that property and another $40,000 for a down payment on an eight-bedroom house in Kissimmee that was subsequently sold.

Under the penalty of perjury, Mosby said she had suffered a pandemic-related financial hardship, a requirement to qualify for the early withdrawal under the federal CARES Act.

Prosecutors said Mosby, whose state’s attorney salary had increased from $238,772 to $247,955 in 2020, lied about suffering hardship. The first jury agreed, convicting her of two counts of perjury.

At her second trial, Mosby was charged with lying on documents she filled out for mortgages on the Florida properties.

The jurors found her guilty on one of those charges, submitting a false “gift letter” to purchase the Longboat Key condo.

The gift letter claimed that her then-husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, would be sending her $5,000 to close on the property. In fact, Mosby sent her husband the money herself, which he then wired to an escrow agent.

Prosecutors seek to seize and ultimately sell the Longboat Key condo because its acquisition was a result of mortgage fraud.

“Ms. Mosby would not have obtained the mortgage she used to purchase the vacation condo but for the false statement to the lender, so the funds comprising the mortgage are the proceeds of the offense,” prosecutors wrote in a memo to Griggsby.

Mosby’s attorneys argue that the condo is the only real estate Mosby owns and is a vital source of income as she faces disbarment due to her criminal convictions.

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