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Helicopter contract: From infrared surveillance technology to $1,902 cup holders

Breakdown of spending for the Baltimore Police Department’s $18 million helicopter contract. Document obtained via a Maryland Freedom of Information (PIA) request.

Above: Among the optional items for each new BPD helicopter: full width instrument panel ($38,032), extra fourth color paint ($59,768), pilot seatback document holder ($2,169.83), Geneva pedestal replacing factory pedestal ($59,939) and dual cup holders ($1,902).

Here are the specifications for the Airbus helicopters acquired for the Baltimore’s Police Department by the Board of Estimates on December 22, 2021.

The first page gives the overall costs of each aircraft, projected delivery dates and other financial terms from the exclusive supplier, Davenport Aviation of Columbus, Ohio.

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The document then details the aircraft’s standard factory parts,  followed by three pages of customized equipment and requested options for law enforcement operations.

NOTE: The equipment prices are for a single helicopter. For the total cost, the listed items should be multiplied by three.

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