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    Is City Hall rolling the dice by moving ahead with a South Baltimore casino without a completed traffic study? Some readers think so. And how good will the casino jobs be – a question others debate as the NLRB accuses the Inner Harbor Hyatt Regency of unfair labor practices.

  • Fate of economic powerhouse Sparrows Point should become clearer this week

    Fate of economic powerhouse Sparrows Point should become clearer this week

    Even down on its knees, the Sparrows Point steel mill was an economic powerhouse for the Baltimore region. The sprawling mill on the southeast edge of Baltimore harbor produced $1,492,098,714 in sales in the 12 months prior to its bankruptcy filing on May 31, court records show. In addition to a direct payroll of 2,000 [...]

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    RG’s Wheeling assets sold at rock-bottom prices

    UPDATE: The bankruptcy court reports that Esmark Steel Group pledged $5.15 million in cash to buy the Yorkville mill from RG Steel Wheeling. Earlier reports in the local media put the pricetag at $4.7 million. A back-up bid of $4.9 million was made by demolition contractor Frontier Industrial Corp. It’s hard to believe that as [...]

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    Best of Brew Comments

    Hotel workers have their Norma Rae moment. Cell towers on school roofs raise eyebrows. Steelworkers lose their lunch over bankruptcy lawyers getting $1,090 an hour. Speaking of losing your lunch, how about those anti-abortion posters at Artscape?

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    Several groups emerge as potential buyers of Sparrows Point

    Steelworkers who had pinned their hopes on a “white knight” swooping down to restart Sparrows Point may get their wish. The Brew has learned that two foreign companies and one domestic steelmaker have filed papers as potential buyers of the mill. (UPDATE: name of domestic steelmaker revealed by sources.)

  • sparrows point last year

    With no buyers in sight, lenders aim to liquidate Sparrows Point

    Hopes for Sparrows Point to resume steelmaking are dwindling, as a new filing reveals that no buyer has stepped forward and bank lenders are planning to liquidate the company’s mills under a planned auction. Also revealed in court papers: RG Steel lost more than $440 million over the last year. ((UPDATED))

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    Sparrows Point owes Baltimore $5.4 million in unpaid water bills

    The mayor says the city can’t maintain the current number of fire companies and recreation centers because of budget shortfalls. If only she had insisted that the big steel mill at Sparrows Point pay its water bill. Then the city would have plenty to pay for both firefighters and rec centers.

  • Sparrows Point furnaces

    Sparrows Point was set for a tax sale before bankruptcy filing

    Psst – want to buy a steel mill on the cheap? The opportunity almost presented itself on Monday. Baltimore County had planned to place the entire Sparrows Point steel mill on sale, due to nonpayment of taxes, county official confirmed today. The process stopped when RG Steel filed for bankruptcy protection last Thursday.

  • ira-rennert

    Six reasons why the Sparrows Point steel mill collapsed

    It takes a lot to cripple a century-old industrial powerhouse like Sparrows Point, but when you mix inept managers with antique equipment, a union in la-la land, a lousy market and a skinflint owner, you can do it. Here is an analysis of what went wrong.

  • RG Steel said to be in talks with Brazil’s CSN

    RG Steel said to be in talks with Brazil’s CSN

    May 19 UPDATE: RG Steel’s Jerry Nelson says “everything’s on the table” and “people have expressed interest” in buying RG Steel plants, according to Wheeling, W.Va., newspaper. Also, scrap dealers reluctant to sell to Sparrows Point and Warren, says American Metal Market. [See AMM story below in Comments.] Industry newsletter Steel Market Update reports that [...]

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    Best of Brew Comments

    More jobs melting away at the local steel mill! Councilmen chastising kids for the state of city schools! Vacancies at City Hall as one top official resigns under a cloud, another to move to greener pastures! Our commenters respond to this and more.

  • Some good news: Sparrows Point will restart an operation next month

    Some good news: Sparrows Point will restart an operation next month

    Amid an otherwise dismal week in which steelworkers learned that the sprawling tinplate mill will be idled, RG Steel announced last night that it will reopen an operation at Sparrows Point that makes rust-resistant steel for the building trades. The company is counting on a rebirth of sales of Galvalume, one of the most successful [...]

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    RG Steel plans to idle tin mill at Sparrows Point due to plunging sales

    In another blow to struggling Sparrows Point, parent company RG Steel is weighing plans to close the mill’s tinplate operation and shift production to Ohio. The decision could lead to the loss of about 300 steelworker jobs.

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    Best of Brew Comments

    Was it the (Baltimore Grand) Prix Fixe? Or does no one really expect Charm City events (Ravens games, New Year’s fireworks displays) to deliver on “those dubious forecasts?” Did Jack Young flip-flop or learn from a mistake? Plus, the best poem ever written about Baltimore contracting shenanigans.

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    “We have no inkling on how it will turn out,” says steel union president

    What’s the future of the largest industrial employer in the Baltimore region? The president of the Sparrows Point union tells members he’s in the dark, except that hundreds will continue on layoff as RG Steel attempts to recapitalize. The meeting was closed to the media – but we have the details. (SEE UPDATE)

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    O’Malley asks GE to free up credit for Sparrows Point

    Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley steps into the Sparrows Point shutdown, calling on the CEO of General Electric to ease the credit terms of a loan by banking interests to RG Steel, the cash-strapped owner of the Baltimore County steel mill.

  • sparrows point blvd

    At Sparrows Point, a way of life under threat again

    Another body blow to blue-collar Baltimore, the layoff of Sparrows Point steelworkers two days before Christmas has spawned furious finger-pointing. Did the union sell out the workers? Is yet another billionaire owner ditching the iconic Baltimore County operation? The Brew’s Mark Reutter, who wrote the book on Sparrows Point, explains how things got to this point.

  • Text of message by Sparrows Point union to its members

    Text of message by Sparrows Point union to its members

    The acting president of the United Steelworkers union at Sparrows Point today told members that RG Steel is reducing operations over the next four to six weeks in order to conserve cash. The statement suggests that normal operations will resume once the mill achieves positive cash flow. RG Steel yesterday suspended operations at the sprawling [...]

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    Brew exclusive: Steelmaking has been suspended at Sparrows Point

    UPDATE 6 PM: Layoffs have begun at Sparrows Point, and steelworkers have been advised to file for unemployment benefits, according to a memo obtained by The Brew. This follows the suspension of steelmaking operations at the mill today by RG Steel. The company has not yet confirmed that operations were idled.

  • Some employees told not to come to work at Sparrows Point, operations reportedly suspended

    Some employees told not to come to work at Sparrows Point, operations reportedly suspended

    BREAKING NEWS – Steelworkers in some Sparrows Point departments were told not to come to work this morning and well-placed sources tell The Brew that operations at the troubled Baltimore County steel mill have been suspended by owner RG Steel. Attempts to confirm this information have so far been unsuccessful. There has been no response [...]

  • sinter plant

    Sparrows Point settles air pollution case documented by this website

    Our series of articles about untreated pollutants being released from the L blast furnace at the steel mill have resulted in a $135,000 fine against RG Steel Sparrows Point. A consent decree between the company and state outlines steps the mill will take to reduce harmful discharges into the Baltimore atmosphere.

  • Tin Mill Fire for drip

    Were fire hydrants working at Sparrows Point?

    The fire that damaged equipment at the Sparrows Point steel mill on Friday took longer than necessary to extinguish because hydrants in and around the mill did not work properly, sources tell The Brew. Water trucks were needed to supplement the water carried by Baltimore County firefighters who got the blaze under control.

  • Union annex pic

    Ex-union chief faulted by judge, new elections ordered at Sparrows Point

    A dispute between the U.S. Department of Labor and United Steelworkers Local 9477 has been decided in favor of the government – and a group of workers protesting “dirty tricks” during the last union election. Was the U.S. District Court ruling connected to the resignation of 9477 president John Cirri?

  • Sparrows Point union chief says he will step down

    John Cirri, who has played an outsized role at Sparrows Point as president of Local 9477 of the United Steelworkers (USW), announced today in an e-mail to union members that he will resign from his post next Monday. His decision was not unexpected. Under union bylaws he will be replaced by Jeff Mikula, the local’s [...]

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    Sparrows Point is back in business after setbacks

    The biggest industrial facility in the Baltimore region is again producing steel, but the aging mill, owned by newcomer RG Steel, faces many economic hurdles as it tries to win back customers in a weak market and faces stiff competition from modern start-up mills.

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