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  • ira and inga rennert

    Who owes $8 million in unpaid water bills? Yup, that billionaire ex-owner of Sparrows Point

    The clean-up of the defunct Sparrows Point steel mill is not just a matter for the EPA. The mill owes Baltimore City a huge amount of money in unpaid water bills. Will the money be recouped? And how did this happen in the first place?

  • IraRennert

    Former Sparrows Point owner agrees to pay some benefits owed to displaced steelworkers

    Some 2,000 local steelworkers lost their jobs when Sparrows Point closed in 2012. A legal battle has now been settled that will hand steelworkers a tiny fraction of owner Ira Rennert’s estimated $6 billion net worth.

  • tour du port mohawk helmet

    Once saturated with steel, Sparrows Point now a historic stop on a bike tour

    How to discover what’s happening along a waterfront that has given life to this city for the last 200 years? Hop on a bike and visit the ghosts of the past and the blueprints for the future.

  • L furnace comes down

    Symbol of Sparrows Point set to be imploded today

    UPDATED: It came down quickly, in a matter of seconds, at 1:17 p.m. today – what was once the largest iron-making structure in the Western Hemisphere. The longtime symbol of Sparrows Point was imploded by its new owners as part of a long-term remediation and redevelopment of the peninsula for industrial and port-related uses.

  • coke point w L furnace 2009

    New Sparrows Point owners agree to $48 million clean-up plan

    Big changes were announced today for Sparrows Point, the 3,000-acre waterfront property that once housed the world’s largest steel mill. The Jim Davis group will buy the property and has pledged $48 million for an environmental cleansing.

  • Reutter on the radio discusses future of Sparrows Point

    Reutter on the radio discusses future of Sparrows Point

    It’s had four operating steel companies in the last 11 years and an out-of-town liquidator. Could the sixth time be the charm for Sparrows Point? The latest of a half-dozen owners to take over the former mill site has emerged – Anne Arundel County businessman James C. (Jim) Davis. Today, The Brew’s Mark Reutter talked […]

  • spt RG Steel sign

    Jim Davis group identified as seeking to buy Sparrows Point

    Nothing is official yet, but no one is denying that Redwood Capital Investments is the party seeking to buy a large chunk of Sparrows Point. The group is headed by James C. (Jim) Davis, a longtime business partner of Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

  • sparrows pt mill in 70’s, mark reutter

    Who are the mystery buyers of Sparrows Point?

    A “local investment group” has agreed to buy a large chunk of the Sparrows Point peninsula south of Dundalk. A sale could breathe new life into plans for redeveloping the site of the world’s once-biggest steel mill. But who are the investors?

  • Sparrows Point workers tell their stories today at the Windup Space

    Their steel mill is gone, but their stories are still being told. Former Sparrows Point steelworkers Mike Lewis, Len Shindel, Chris MacLarion and Jerry Ernest will be sharing their stories of working “down the ‘Point,” at the Windup Space, 12 W. North Avenue from 5-7 p.m.. Organized by Roots of Steel author Deborah Rudacille, the […]

  • Judge approves wider study of pollution around Sparrows Point

    Environmentalists win an important victory that will permit testing for pollutants that may lurk in the water and bottom sediment around the former Sparrows Point steel mill. Judge Frederick Motz vacates his previous order to limit tests to no more than 50 feet into Bear Creek and the Patapsco River.

  • l furnace

    City agrees to cough up $236,000 more to Sparrows Point owners

    For years, it was an easy way for the city to meet its sewage discharge permit at the Back River Treatment Plant: divert a portion of its wastewater to the big steel mill at Sparrows Point. But now there is no steel mill – and the city is stuck with paying big bucks to get rid of the effluent.

  • City given month to work out dispute with Sparrows Point

    City given month to work out dispute with Sparrows Point

    A Baltimore judge told the city and the owners of Sparrows Point to resolve their differences over the discharge of municipal sewage by mid-November. Until then, the city can continue to discharge as much as 40 million gallons of treated sewage a day from its Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant through a pipeline owned by […]

  • sparrows point mill closed

    City granted temporary order against sewage shutdown by Sparrows Point owners

    In a haunting (and smelly) reminder of the past glories of Sparrows Point, a system for the reuse and discharge of wastewater from Baltimore city comes under fire by the new owners. A legacy of famed sanitary engineer Abel Wolman.

  • sparrows point vision plan

    A blue-collar future proposed for Sparrows Point

    Baltimore County’s executive is championing hard-hat occupations, like longshoremen, and “advanced” manufacturing as the best way to redevelop the site of the former steel mill. A far cry from the city’s strategy of turning its waterfront into tourist destinations and marinas.

  • sparrows point

    Possible uses of a steel-less Sparrows Point?

    Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said he will announce on Friday the findings of a committee that has looked into future uses of the 3,000-acre peninsula. Kamenetz formed the Sparrows Point Partnership Business Advisory Board last May, just days before RG Steel, the parent of the steel facility, went into bankruptcy. The committee’s charge was […]

  • local 9477 building

    International takes over Sparrows Point union, ousts its president

    More intrigue at Sparrows Point: The International USW has removed the elected union officers at the defunct steel mill in anticipation of liquidating the union’s property and assets. Local President Joe Rosel is escorted out of the union hall by city police. A BREW EXCLUSIVE.

  • hydraulic cranes

    Thousands of items to be auctioned at Sparrows Point today

    Everything from office furniture to giant 32-wheel, 200-ton “torpedo” cars are up for grabs. Starting this morning, the company that purchased the Sparrows Point steel mill is holding an auction to sell off specialized equipment as part of the wholesale scrapping of the one-time largest steel facility on the globe. Hilco Industrial has put up […]

  • Robert Jennings and his daughter  Jeanne Jennings

    Emotions run high after Sparrows Point worker kills himself

    Steelworkers struggling with the loss of their jobs – and to many, a way of life – mourn the passing of a well-liked union member who committed suicide over the weekend. “The end result of corporate greed runs deep,” writes a laid-off Sparrows Point employee on Facebook. (UPDATE: Daughter speaks out.)

  • Sparrows Point 1954

    Key part of Sparrows Point to be sold and moved

    The purchase of the cold mill complex at Sparrows Point is a huge blow to attempts by the local union to restart operations. The equipment is expected to be dismantled and shipped to Nucor Corp.’s southern steel operations.

  • steelworkers

    Promised health benefits fall short for Sparrows Point workers

    The United Steelworkers union admits that the fund it set up last summer with bankrupt RG Steel to pay medical benefits for steelworkers who lost their jobs at Sparrows Point was not enough to cover the claims. Some families are now facing big medical bills and potential financial ruin.

  • steelworkers at hall

    Hilco mum on the status of Sparrows Point mill

    Sparrows Point, once the world’s largest steel mill, has been idle since June. Whether there is any possibility the mill might return to some level of production is still unclear, as a deadline for “indications of interest” by potential buyers passes without comment by Hilco, the current owner.

  • New Sparrows Point owners suggest (once again) most of mill will be scrapped

    New Sparrows Point owners suggest (once again) most of mill will be scrapped

    Chicago liquidator Hilco Trading and St. Louis property redeveloper Environmental Liability Transfer announced today the completion of their $72.5 million purchase of the Sparrows Point steel mill – and strongly suggested that only a sliver of the present mill will ever be used for steel manufacturing. Today’s sale marks both the end of RG Steel […]

  • mccall

    USW chief quietly agrees to terminate Sparrows Point contract, benefits

    Last week, the Steelworkers union did not appear at the Wilmington, Delaware, bankruptcy court hearing in which Sparrows Point was officially sold to a liquidating group. Maybe that was because the union’s chief negotiator, David McCall, was busy negotiating the end of the current union contract.

  • bankruptcy court hearing

    When will Sparrows Point be sold? And what happens before then?

    It was a climatic close to a long day that saw the demise of the region’s biggest industrial employer as we’ve known it across 120 years of steelmaking. Here are some key points about the sale of Sparrows Point to a liquidating and redevelopment group – and its ramifications for the workforce.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Judge approves sale of Sparrows Point

    BREAKING NEWS: Judge approves sale of Sparrows Point

    WILMINGTON, DEL. – A U.S. bankruptcy judge this evening approved the sale of the venerable Sparrows Point steel mill to a liquidating company and brownfield property developer. The agreement was reached after Hilco Industrial and Environmental Liability Transfer Inc. agreed to increase its purchase price from $72 million to $72.5 million. The added money will […]

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