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Overtime abuse at the BPD

The Dripby Fern Shen6:30 pmFeb 23, 20180

Baltimore Police overtime data – two spreadsheets

Above: Salary data for the Baltimore Police Department, which has about 2,500 sworn officers, indicates more than 900 of them make $100,000 or above. Many of the highest earners (at left of graph) derive more than half of their earnings from overtime, shown in red. (Baltimore Brew graphic, using data from Open Baltimore)

As part of Baltimore Brew’s three-part series on Overtime Abuse at the BPD, we reviewed publicly available city employee salary data on the Open Baltimore website. Using it, we made:

• This spreadsheet that shows the yearly earnings of 60 police officers with some of the biggest overtime pay between fiscal years 2012 and 2017.

60 Officers with High Overtime FY 2012-17

• And this spreadsheet of the pay of the more than 900 BPD employees who received $100,000 or more in fiscal 2017.

BPD salaries $100,000 or more FY2017 Baltimore Brew

The $100,000 and above data include the command staff, who do not receive overtime, and the five acquitted officers from the Freddie Gray case (Brian Rice, Alicia White, Edward Nero, Garrett Miller, William Porter and Caesar Goodson Jr.), who received back pay from the city last year. To calculate an individual officer’s overtime pay, subtract the figure in the gross pay column from the annual salary figure.

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